Thoughts on ‘The Real Reason Why Women Drink’

Today a link popped up on my Facebook timeline and I went to give it a read and now I am just quietly sitting at my desk at work not knowing how to feel. It is a mix of emotions I cannot quite place in words as if my vocabulary is failing me, and these words somehow hurt like a slow numbing pain and leaves melancholy in its wake.

You should read it too:

Giving up alcohol opened my eyes to the infuriating truth about why women drink” by Kristi Coulter

It leaves me feeling hollow and sad and also leaves ripples of realisation because I start to think about my own life; reevaluating my actions and trying to reassess the meaning behind why I did them. For all the glasses, cans and bottles of alcohol I’ve reached for in the past and will probably continue to crave for.

“But knives and booze, yoga and booze, 13 mile runs and booze? What’s next to be liquored up: CPR training? Puppy ballet class? (Not really a thing, but someone should get on it.) Is there nothing so inherently absorbing or high-stakes or pleasurable that we won’t try to alter our natural response to it?


Maybe women are so busy faking it — to be more like a man at work, more like a porn star in bed, more like 30 at 50 — that we don’t trust our natural responses anymore. Maybe all that wine is an Instagram filter for our own lives, so we don’t see how sallow and cracked they’ve become.”

How many times have I thought Damn I need a drink! in hopes of ignoring the root of the problem but instead using getting drunk as a means to forget and escape from it? As if plying ourselves with alcohol takes away from the realities of life where we are mistreated at work, feel that we are deserving of less (be it due to gender or age or experience) or any bad situation, when instead all it does it throw on a filter that makes it seem less bad than it really is. Throwing on a filter that masks the injustices, thinking that ignoring it is better in the long run, thinking that using booze can make us happy, even temporarily so that we can somehow feel better about ourselves?

The magazines telling me strong is the new sexy and smart is the new beautiful, as though strong and smart are just paths to hot. The Facebook memes: muscles are beautiful. No, wait: fat is beautiful. No, wait: thin is beautiful, too, as long as you don’t work for it. No, wait: All women are beautiful! As though we are toddlers who must be given exactly equal shares of princess dust, or we’ll lose our shit.


And then I start to get angry at women, too. Not for being born wrong, or for failing to dismantle a thousand years of patriarchy on my personal timetable. But for being so easily mollified by a bottle. For thinking that the right to get as trashed as a man means anything but the right to be as useless.

And it just makes me think of all the times when I have been told to accept I cannot do something because I am a woman, being told I to accept that something happened because of my gender. In Japan, I was told I have to accept that men will treat me a certain way because of how I act. That I cannot judge them for how they behave, cannot criticize them because it is a product, a consequence, of who I am.

I was told off for calling an ex-boyfriend too clingy by an older Japanese man. “He is just being protective of you.”, and later he went on to say that “You are a strong woman so only weaker men will like you.” and I felt so offended but I could say nothing – he was a student at where I was working, the customer is always right, so all I could do was try and change the topic of conversation. (Supposedly, it is no different here in Singapore. Me being fat, opinionated and non-submissive throws me down into the dredges of the dating pool’s unwanted.)

Another time – I was told off for my appearance by an elderly Japanese man. It was again, at work, at an international party type thing with free flow booze and light snacks. I had dyed hair then and was wearing coloured contacts and had been feeling happy and pretty until he came over and decided to stomp all over and criticize my appearance. He sneered at my coloured hair tips, calling them terrible. “Your hair looks so dry and unhealthy.” before giving his look of approval at the ‘typically Asian looking’ staff next to me, praising her non-dyed black hair, her brown eyes, and asked why I was hiding my real eye colour, scoffing before he proclaimed that “Natural is best.”

Again, there was nothing I could say. So I took another swig of the can of chu-hai to try and remind myself that what he said didn’t matter. Like how I always had a can open, or a bottle ready for that day when I felt upset and needed something to nullify the pain.

I wish I could present my thoughts to this article in a better way, but I can’t because it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. There is so much more to mull over.

I will need to let the words sink in, read them another few times, and then, perhaps, I will have something better articulated that I can write about it.

So till next time,

Playing Pokemon Go in Singapore!

IT FINALLY RELEASED IN SINGAPORE! Somehow, even though I am usually terrible at waking up in the mornings, I woke up at 9am on 6 August – the exact time Pokemon Go released in Singapore. After frantically downloading and logging into my account, my first Pokemon (after the starter which I’d set up almost a month ago) was an Exeggcute, which was caught…in my toilet.

I remember that first morning as I scrambled to change and get into gear and rushed out of the house to explore. It’s here, it’s here! And as I wandered around the neighbourhood finding Pokestops, I can never forget that first time I ran into another trainer at a Pokestop and our eyes met; in that moment we shared a look of acknowledgment, we both knew we were playing Pokemon Go.

Fast forward to 10 days later and Singapore has been completely taken over by PoGo Fever. In 3 days I had made it to level 16, but have since slowed down the pace and somewhat plateaued at level 21. Friends in Japan and the US were a bit baffled by how fast I, and other Singaporean players, had progressed. Aided by how Singapore is a small city state and there are only a few truly rural places, most areas are peppered with PokeStops and Gyms and Pokemon spawn at a decent frequency that allow players to surge through and level up quickly.

beanmylife Pokemon Go Status

Current Pokemon Go status – my nicknames are terribly unoriginal

Not to mention how every single business has seemed to jump onto the bandwagon and capitalize on this craze by providing unlimited lures at malls and restaurants, or some PoGo tie in promotion. ‘Show a screenshot of a Pokemon you’ve caught in our mall/restaurant/cafe (with AR on) and get a free voucher!’ is now the norm and we’ve seen a PoGo Dating Event (Dating Go!) and even a supposed ‘Pokemon Master’ job up for grabs. Ahh, capitalism.

Pokemon Go Singapore Lures Pokestops

Malls dropping ‘unlimited lures’ to attract players: Vivocity (left), Orchard area (right)

Plus just knowing how behind we are due to the late release of PoGo in Southeast Asia only adds more fuel to the flames and drives up our levels of kiasuism to the peak. Kiasu, literally “afraid to lose”, is one of the characteristics that defines Singaporeans – we hate losing, and therefore become competitive to catch up with and surpass others. In other words we have no chill and just want to be the very best like no one ever was.

But the best part of the game is how it’s become a form of bonding activity – for the young and old, for all walks of life and in the crazy hordes of people rushing for that rare Pokemon spawn, you somehow feel like ‘yes, I’m a part of something bigger’. It’s probably just how everyone just wants to be a part of the hype, though for a lot of us it’s also about reliving our childhood dreams.

Pokemon Go Singapore with Starmie

“Am I standing next to it?” Even my mom now knows about Pokemon Go and gamely wanted to pose next to this Starmie I found.

My colleagues play PoGo with their children, I see aunties and uncles in the neighbourhood playing, and now going Pokemon Hunting has become a legitimate activity among friends. Last Saturday I spent half a day at Vivocity catching Magikarps in order to reach the 400 candies needed to evolve it into Gyarados.

Pokemon Go Gyarados Evolved

We both evolved our Magikarps after farming candies! We named them “Joseph” and “Schooling” respectively after Singapore’s Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling 😀

And just our luck, a rare Vaporeon spawn took place that night and sent us scrambling onto the rooftop terrace to try and catch it. A horde of people had gathered in that one spot where it spawned and we rushed over to try our luck before the Pokemon disappeared off the map, and I almost tripped over a plank in my hurry to get there. Oops.

“Eh eh you got it? Vaporeon! Vaporeon!” came the cries from the crowd and we excitedly searched our screens for it, tapping in a frenzy at the spot where it spawned and felt the adrenaline and anxiety as we threw Pokeball after Pokeball, Berry after Berry to catch it. Nearby, a solemn cry of “NOOOOOO” erupted from a group of guys and we felt their sorrow as we imagined how painful it was to have the Pokemon run away.

After the victory of catching our own Vaporeon, suddenly the flurry erupted again as cries of “Dragonair!” echoed in the crowd and the frenzy intensified. That day was my first sighting of the elusive dragon Pokemon and I was beyond ecstatic to have added a Dragonair and quite a few Dratini to my collection.

Pokemon Go Singapore Vivocity

We ended the day watching the sunset in the distance and just basking in the atmosphere – around us phones were alight and trainers were busy catching as many as they could or just showing friends what they got, and there was this sense of satisfaction and joy. The whole day I had been buzzing and running on adrenaline, excited beyond means at every spawn, every rare Pokemon caught and every moment spent pretending to be a trainer just like in the games I’d played as a child.

While there are people who have been dismissive of the game and who have been closed minded twats who make remarks such as “so old already still playing” and someone who told me I need to “grow up”, the general response to the game has been rather warm and welcoming.

Pokemon Go has been such great fun – creating community, a way for people to bond and to get out and explore parts of Singapore we would have never thought of or wanted to. And for me, it’s also an excuse to get out there and walk lots more. I went out in the afternoon to take a walk around the neighbourhood after hearing a tip off about a rare Pokemon spawn. While the tip off had led to nothing but a lie, when I returned, my mom asked me “So how many did you catch?”. I never thought I’d experience a day when my mom would even know about one of my interests, let alone my love for Pokemon.

In the words of the show’s catchy opening theme, Gotta catch em all! by travelling across the land, searching far and wide indeed.

Now excuse me if the posts start getting even more infrequent, I’m probably out hunting to fill my Pokedex.

Till next time,

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita Review

Let me just say I am a makeup noob. My makeup is terrible. My eyebrows are uneven, I can’t seem to replicate eyeshadow on the other lid properly and I only started wearing lipsticks a month or so ago. I do like makeup but it’s going to take some practice to get good. So I’ve been using the extra time I have to get ready for work to experiment a bit more with everyday makeup looks that go a bit beyond just foundation and drawing my brows.

Recently I’ve jumped on the trend of matte lipsticks and decided I needed more.

I feel in love at Sephora with the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. I had gone in with the intention of getting some matte shades from Nyx that wouldn’t destroy my wallet, and I was hoping to find a perfect purple lipstick as well. But after doing swatches of both the Kat Von D and Nyx liquid lipsticks, I decided that I couldn’t find a Nyx shade I didn’t already have something very similar to, or they weren’t exactly what I was looking for.

I picked up the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shades Lolita and Susperia, the latter of which I am excited to try out soon!

The look:

beanmylife kat von d liquid lipstick lolita

The iPhone camera isn’t great at picking up eyeshadow unless it’s reaaaally dark so you can’t see it well, and yes, I have a zit on my chin and it’s terrible too but the lipstick was the real MVP today I was so excited and happy to try it out. I decided to wear what makes me happy – which includes wearing whatever makeup makes me happy.

Makeup Revolution’s Fortune Favours The Brave Palette (Creme, Buffer, Caffeine Fix, Sunset Hour and Golden Coins)
Brown Eyeliner by dodo

Eyebrow pencil from DAISO

Missha Magic Cushion Moisture
Kate Mineral Loose Foundation
Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette (for Bronzer)

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

I generally don’t wear blush nor mascara because my skin is pretty red, and mascara just gets in the way when I wear spectacles which is almost all the time.


Ease of Application & Comfort, 8/10:
It’s a wand applicator and glides so smoothly on my lips it’s amazing. A little goes quite a long way! It dries and goes matte pretty fast – you can kind of feel it drying initially but after that you barely feel it on at all.

Staying Power, 7/10:
It does have pretty great staying power – I ate Duck Rice for lunch, and that was greasy and fatty but only the inner parts of the lip were gone after lunch so I only needed to reapply that. After which, it lasted all the way till dinner before it disappeared as I devoured my food. It’s not really a lip stain so it doesn’t stain my lips (unlike the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Passion which stains my lips the entire day and then some) plus it’s more on the nude shades spectrum so I wouldn’t expect it to do that.

Staining, 7/10:
It barely stained my straws or cups. Barely, but there were specks. You know how like paint when it dries sometimes a few specks flick/flake off? It was something like that so there were some small stain spots on the white styrofoam cup I used but nothing like actually full on lip stains so that was great.

Price, 6/10:
It retails at SGD$31 at Sephora, kind of ouch, but not too big of a hole to burn in the wallet. But I didn’t mind parting with the $$, especially for Susperia which I hope I’ll have a look for soon. In comparison, Nyx costs $13 and Revlon is $20. You can probably get Colorpop and others online for cheaper but there’s always more satisfaction walking into a store and swatching it on your hand…

Overall, I really like it!! It’s not too light, and not too dark yet still stands out nicely when I decide I want a more neutral/natural brown look. I was on cloud 9 after my purchase and couldn’t stop gushing over it with Tea. Ahh, makeup and retail therapy.

I know it’s kind of random to suddenly see a makeup post on this blog but it’s such a mish mash of everything and I just had to talk about the lipstick. My life has pretty much been work, sleep, work…and now it’s also filled with POKEMON GO. YES, IT FINALLY REACHED SINGAPORE’S SHORES ON SATURDAY AND I HAVE BEEN HOOKED. I’m Level 16 and in Team Mystic! There will probably be a post on that soon, as well as on Singapore’s 51st Birthday!

Till next time,

Control (and an ode to a friend)

Last night I was hit by a wave of melancholy that lasted a good 15? 20 minutes? and I lay down as I stared at the blank ceiling and felt confusion as the hot tears flowed and flowed and flowed. I questioned why why why was this happening and wiped them away as another few slid down my cheeks. I watched food videos, scrolled Facebook, twitter, but it made me increasingly empty and the sadness echoed ever more so.

I googled a shouting into the void phrase that popped up in my head which made me feel even more terrible and I just let the feeling wash over me as I sunk deeper into the melancholy.

why why why

Somehow I managed to sleep – a nothingness and when I awoke the lethargy crashed all over me again and the sluggish day began. “Good morning :)” read a text and a faint smile. Maybe today will get better. I still wanted to know why why why. I felt drained, physically and emotionally.

Friday saw me down with a 38.3 degree fever and my first “sleep paralysis” and hypochondriac induced panic. I had been flung into a hysteria upon experiencing something like sleep paralysis when I tried to sleep after taking my cold/flu meds. My limbs felt numb, like I was losing feeling in them and if I feel asleep I feared losing any control over them at all. It felt like my consciousness was being concentrated only in my torso and I had to keep physically moving my limbs to remind myself they were still there and I flew into the panic and started crying and crying and crying Will I Be Okay I Need To Be Okay I Will Be Okay and crying and crying. I had to sit up and force myself to fight the drowsiness for fears sleep would rob me of something.

I calmed down eventually until yesterday’s sadness attack possibly triggered by a vast variety of emotionally draining issues, on top of how being ill was draining me physically. I barely ate and even when my body was sending me pangs of hunger I couldn’t bring myself to eat, I was getting used to the feeling of being hungry and in the back of my mind I was hearing this small voice echo how I could get used to this constant hunger.

On another note:


Unofficially saying goodbye yesterday could have been a trigger. Could have. Maybe that was it. Sherilyn is JET-ting off at the end of this week and it is saying bye bye to a Makan-kaki, to a best friend, to someone who understands me and someone who knows the best things to say.

We ate at Dian Xiao Er, shared the roast duck, kai lan and hot plate tofu. Laughed ourselves silly with conversation and ended up sitting at an open rooftop area by a library. Just lepaking, as we’d say in Singlish, and I didn’t know when I’d last felt such unbridled joy.

“Isn’t it nice that you can just lepak at a place like this? I’m going to miss this in Japan.”

It was fun catching up, with people who know you, who you can be yourself around.

“Are you sure you want to post that on snapchat with that terrible laughter?” and Sherilyn chimed in with a “OH I have an audio recording of an even worse laugh!” and I vaguely remembered when it was recorded.

Sherilyn and I became friends due to our mutual love of Japan, via a Facebook message she’d sent me seemingly out of the blue. She saw a comment a mutual friend posted either about me or on a post I made and said hi. We began chatting and met at the Fall Out Boy meet and greet, which turned out to be way more eventful than we could have imagined.

Two? years later and it’s hard to imagine that there was a life, a time, before I knew Sherilyn with how seamlessly she’s been integrated into the routine of my life. Isn’t it also crazy how now I’m back in SG from Japan now she’s off on her own journey in Japan, the land that connected the two of us?

It’s going to be a whirlwind of a journey and it’s going to be great, and you’re gonna be great.

I’ll miss you Sherilyn!!

All my love, live long and prosper.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of the Seasons 2016 in Singapore

Long post ahead!

RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016 Opening Number

BOTS in Singapore, 10 July 2016, was my first ever drag show and also my first experience with BOTS. I’m also really glad that on a whim I decided to start watching RPDR from Season 7 earlier this year (while Season 8 was screening since friends kept tweeting about it) and soon after spiraling into fandom they announced BOTS would be coming to Singapore! The only Asian stop no less!

The only thing I knew about BOTS was the opening number (“This is the battle of the seasons~” and “Off of TV~” to the tune of ‘Under The Sea’) and that there would be Snatch Game. I am terrible at the names of the songs the queens perform to so read this reddit post , this second one and this article for more details.

The day got off to a terrible start – Pandora couldn’t make it due to her passport having less than 6 months validity and they announced about 5 hours before the show that Alaska wouldn’t be there because of immigration issues. My heart broke because she’s my favourite and I had been looking forward to meeting her (like tons of others) but we knew the show would be terrific regardless but there was still that small part of our hearts that longed for what it could have been…like hearing Anus or Your Makeup Is Terrible live, or having Alaska’s Lady Bunny for Snatch Game…or just being graced by her presence….

Please bring in Alaska to Singapore one day? Please? 

purse first excitement

Pre-show excitement! Queuing for registration PURSE FIRST!


M&G was great (but expensive af? At SGD$350 & SGD$450 can you imagine how upset they were at the lineup changes? The more expensive Superstar VIP package got a post show photo with all the queens and a signed poster, while the cheaper Shantay You Stay ticket only got preshow M&G. Both got a RPDR BOTS tote). The queens came into a small room next to the entrance to the circle seats at different times, Ivy first and Violet last of all. Most of the fans were mainly there for Violet since Alaska wasn’t there so while I was queuing to wait to talk to Detox, Violet came in and half the people ran to wait for Violet instead.

PEARL was super Flazeda and barely bothered with any conversation and just posed for photos, but looked stunningggggg.

bernie and pearl liaison

Phi Phi, Ginger and Detox were my favourites because they were so sweet to everyone and took time to chat a bit with each fan and Phi Phi was offering hugs to everyone.


Bernie and Phi Phi Ohara

Phi Phi Ohara Eevee Tote

Chatted with Phi Phi about Pokemon Go, and since Singapore was (and still is) region locked, she talked about how she was so behind and needed to catch up. Gave her an eeveelutions tote I got from Japan’s Pokemon Center and she said she’s going to do Eeveelutions for 365 Days of Drag, and to look out for it maybe sometime in November!


Ginger is just full of wonderful quotes and just very entertaining. “It’s mother daughter day!”, “Take photos from a higher angle or I’ll look fat!” and she was just very, very nice. The ‘Black Girls Rock’ necklace was given to her by a fan and she let them put it on her just before I got to say hi.

Ginger: Hi, whats your name!
Me: Bernie
Ginger: Like Bernie Sanders?
Me: It’s short for Bernadette
(another fan chimes in) “Like Bernie Sanders!”
Ginger: If he’d used his full name, maybe he’d have won. Bernadette Sanders!

bernie and ginger minj


bernie and detox

I WAS GAGGING FOR DETOX’S OUTFIT those black earring dangling things look and are heavy af and when she turned around and bent over to put stuff aside…you can imagine all the cameras clamouring to get a shot. All she would say about AS2 was that it’s wasn’t really like a Rolaskatox “reunion” and that we would love the season (“I can’t say anything else, I don’t want to be sued!”). Ginger also echoed the same sentiments that the season would be crazy and to look forward to it.


bernie and ivy winters

ivy winters RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016

Ivy’s queue ended the fastest and she was the first queen to enter so she lounged around and you could talk to her multiple times. She had on these barbie doll head earrings with red tendril blood things hanging off and it was GLORIOUS. She was really sweet and liked to high five a lot, and said she went to the Night Safari!


bernie and manila luzon

Manilla was really nice, I bought the Ovahness album and she signed it for me! Look at that blurry excitement in the selfie haha! She went down to the main area and I heard from my friend that she stopped for quick photos with fans before going back up.

violet chachki

I didn’t get a pic with her during the M&G due to time issues and her line constantly being very long. But her outfit! 😀

My loots from the show!

RPDR BOTS Merchandise

Detox T-shirt, Manila’s album and autographs from Ginger, Detox, Ivy and Phi Phi!


pearl RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016

DJ set was…just Pearl playing music and kind of bored because no one was actually around to listen since most of the crowd was still mingling outside. The organizers didn’t say Pearl was playing before the show started so most didn’t come in till 3/4 of her set. She got more lively when some fans ran down to the stage to snap photos and selfies but the Staff ran over and STOPPED EVERYONE. They did this the ENTIRE NIGHT which was really annoying because the screen kept playing the video cue to snap, share and tweet etc. So Pearl just like was kinda grinding waving her hands/arms around in the air for a bit then left at 6:55pm, the show only started some 20 – 30min later.

RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016 Opening Number 2

Phi Phi let one rip as part of the opening number – the look on Ginger’s face is priceless.

After the opening song, Manila and Ginger came out to do a short . I wasn’t a huge Ginger fan before the show but she really really really held the whole show since it was missing 2 performers and Michelle.

The order of performances was:

Phi Phi – ?? (video background was pop art Phi Phi looks)

Ginger – Adele’s Hello/mash up
I was doubled over laughing because it was so, so, so brilliant! Included mash up with Lionel Richie’s Hello, Justin Bieber and Drake’s Hotline Bling! Ginger ended it by ROLLING DOWN THE STAIRS.

Manila – ??
Ivy – I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Violet – Cut The Jazz
Detox – Mannequin and ??

RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016 DETOX

The crowd went wild whenever a queen walked into the aisles. They somehow only went to the left side….(you can kind of see me watching from my seat all the way at the other end)

Ivy – Overcome (on stilts!)
Manila – I’m Every Woman
Phi Phi – Jessie J’s Who You Are

Ginger – I Am What I Am

MY GOODNESS DAMN PHI PHI, GINGER AND IVY HAVE SOME AMAZING PIPES ON THEM. I was quite floored because somehow I’d forgotten how good Ivy was at singing, and never realised Ginger and Phi Phi had such powerful voices! That one note where Phi Phi was squatting down and just belting it out during Who You Are sent chills down my spine.

Closing Number

RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016 Closing Number

RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016 Closing


Ginger hosted Snatch Game AS Michelle Visage, with Phi Phi as Rickey Rat (for Copyright Reasons), Manila as Imelda Marcos and special guest (audience member Lukman who won an online contest) as Laganja Estranga. Lukman did a very commendable job, complete with death drops and splits.

Ginger-Michelle: I don’t know what trainwreck is waiting around the corner, kind of like season 7
Rickey Rat: At least people watch my season!

RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016 Snatch Game Rickey Rat

RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016 Snatch Game Laganja
Ginger-Michelle: Ugly Edna is so ugly that when she goes to Mac they beat her face with _____
Audience Guest Participant (Andy): Eggs!
Ginger starts singing Eggs and high fives him for the brilliant cue.

I was kinda disappointed with Manila’s Imelda Marcos because it wasn’t that funny and I mean the shoes thing was cool and all but it’s gotten really old fast. “Ricky Rat” was throwing all sorts of shade everywhere, and couldn’t properly sit because of the tuck? or corset? or something.

Rickey Rat: They glue down her brows and draw them up to her wig line and call her Derrick Berry
Ginger-Michelle: You’re toxic (and other Britney references)
Manila: What do they beat your face with Michelle?
Ginger-Michelle: I wipe the residue off RuPaul’s asshole….that’s not brown contour you’re looking at.


Another audience participation game. 3 lucky VIP ticket holders were chosen to come on stage and have the queens make them a couture outfit from…trashbags. Ginger hosted, still as Michelle. “If only Alaska was here, she’d win this challenge”. Oh, don’t remind us 🙁

RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016 Trash to Fashion Game 4
Detox kind of didn’t get the memo or something because she gave her outfit (and wig) to her partner and instead made a dress for herself. No complains though! Phi Phi also gave her wig to her partner and look at that crazy mop of blue hair.

RPDR BOTS Singapore 2016 Trash to Fashion Game



Waited around to see the queens leave the venue. They were really chill and asked if we enjoyed it and took photos. When Detox came over, I said “Hi Detox!” and she replied “I’m not Detox, I’m Chad Michaels!” Manila didn’t come out with the rest and Pearl had supposedly already left and gone back to the hotel.

Overall it was an amazing first BOTS for me (since I haven’t watched anything on YouTube plus also my first drag show ever) and they all put on great performances. I laughed so much, had so much fun, and was all hungover from the excitement the next day. I’m still in shock sometimes to think that I managed to meet some of the people I watched and admired from TV.

The funniest part really is that I had a dream about BOTS, where Alaska was performing and standing at the left side of the stage, and would later come down into the left side of the audience. I planned to buy a seat in the left side but the moment I clicked ‘Buy’, the seat was no longer available. So I had no choice but to buy my second choice, a seat at the right side, in the exact same spot. And cruelly enough…ALL THE QUEENS only went to the left side of the audience. There was no love, none at all for the right side so I could feel the sadness radiating off the others around me when the queens sashayed past us back to the stage. Oh well.

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to catch BOTS again, or have the $$ to travel where BOTS will be held. It was such a rush of adrenaline, just like how I felt when attending a concert and getting lost in the atmosphere and music.

You can find more photos on LA Comedy Live’s Facebook Page.

In the mean time, I’ve just been binge watching past seasons of RPDR (again) after work and getting emotional over Untucked episodes. My current earworm is “Can I Get An Amen?” and can I tell you how much that Untucked episode killed me because of how upset Alaska was? One day, Alaska, one day I will finally see you live.

I’m #TeamAlaska for AS2! Can’t wait for it to air in August.

Till the next post,

It’s Time to Live to Eat with Selections from Eatbook

I loooooove food – and I always believe that food is something that cannot betray me willingly, and it has always been a great pick me up and something that excites me greatly. Don’t know what gift to get me? Treat me to a good meal. That’s all I ask.

So it’s a great thing that I’m Singaporean – we have some amazing food all over our tiny island and Singaporeans are some of the most hardcore foodies I know. We will queue for however long it takes for that perfect bowl of laksa, or that fragrant chicken rice or for the whole day just to get into a new pop up themed Character Cafe. We are serious about our food and getting into arguments over which stall has the best Rojak or the best Wantan Mee isn’t unusual.

Food is an integral part of our lives so unsurprisingly there are lots of websites just dedicated to where you can get the best things to delight your tastebuds, and they pull in high traffic too. Some of my favourites are HungryGoWhere and DanielFoodDiary (okay I’ll read anything as long as you have photos of the food and tell me if the food is worth my time and money). is a website dedicated to providing honest food reviews. Most of time I end up googling a cafe/restaurant and checking reviews before dining there. Or when in an unfamiliar area or somewhere you’re kind of sick of eating at the same few restaurants, a quick google becomes the go-to to find where to get a bite.

orchard eats
So Eatbook has Area Guides, Restaurant/Cafe Guides and Reviews and I found this one that I was initially quite excited about. 10 Hidden Eats in Orchard Under $20 and for non-Singaporeans, to fill you in, Orchard Road is like this upscale shopping street packed with mall after mall that caters to the shopping needs of tourists and locals alike and infamous for being unforgiving on your wallet. But truthfully, under $20 isn’t too difficult as long as you stray away from restaurants and find places that don’t charge GST and service charge. But 10 places with good food under $10 in Orchard? Now that is something I want to read – having worked in the area as a broke student on a $5 hourly wage, articles like that would have been more welcome.

Speaking of area guides, since I live nearby, I checked out their Best of Paya Lebar article and…I don’t know most of these places. WHICH IS GOOD! Because now I have an excuse to try them.

Ok but I have to say something about number 6, Arnold’s Fried Chicken.


THIS IS THE BEST FAST FOOD FRIED CHICKEN I HAVE HAD. Ever. So good I had to put it in all caps. I found out about this place because we frequent the mall for hair/nail appointments and the famous Poon Nah City Homemade Noodles is there (spoiler: the quality has dropped so much! back when they were on the 4th floor? and the hype was real it was terrific. Still good but not as great as it used to be)

But back to Arnolds – it is reaaaaaaalllly gooood. The smell wafts into your nose when you’re in the vicinity and there’s always a queue on weekends. Plus also always people eating fried chicken! So here are my 2 cents worth as a regular (you’ll never go back to KFC again, it’s THAT good). But don’t bother with the 2 Person Combo, it’s way more expensive than ordering 2 half spring chickens or a spring chicken set and I personally love the chicken enough to not care about mash potatoes and coleslaw.

That said, is a good addition to all the other food centric websites. There’s not as much content as some of the older, more veteran names in the scene but when it comes to food I’m glad to read as many reviews and compare and contrast the various guides. There are so many places to eat in Singapore it would be difficult to cover everything so…the more the merrier right?

(But that can’t also be said for my expanding waistline….??)


What is ‘beanmylife’?

I was reading another blog, and also remembered what Sherilyn said to me the other day, about how she misses how I used to write about life in Japan in general. How I used to blog about outings and things that happened.

Then today it struck me that why I enjoy reading some blogs so much is because it’s like a personal record of what life is – what you did, what you achieved, how you felt at that point in time, and reading back about it is the best kind of nostalgia. Because you can see what you’ve written and reflect on it, remember what Bernie of 6 months ago or 2 years ago wrote, and where you are now. Is it for better or worse? Have you grown?

A lot of my posts in 2012 were filled with angst and sadness. Sometimes 2016 me is very, very sad or angry too but it feels like I am in a better place to handle things hopefully more maturely. Because it is true that everything that has happened is just experience points that go to helping you figure out the best way for you to live life.

I still like writing more informative posts but I feel like somewhere along the way maybe I lost what it meant to have this blog, what ‘beanmylife’ meant. I wanted to write ‘articles’ so people would come and read, wanted to focus on things that would bring in page views…but then along the way I just never felt like writing sometimes. It was a drag, and so many posts remain as drafts for months and months.

I felt disheartened that no one was reading any personal ‘update’ posts, but I realised then when I went back to read the blog I felt sad that I hadn’t written more. How so many memories just remained in my head and weren’t in words so I could remember them better. That maybe I should be writing for myself. I’ll read these posts and remember again the happy times. The sad times. The boring times. Being honest in words to help myself grow and be honest to myself too. And also so that next time when I go back and read my old posts I can smile and think hey, I remember this. Oh yes, this was great too! Well, at least now you know better and won’t make this mistake again. You know, things like that.

So I am just going to write now.

In March I graduated from university. I had a ‘graduation trip’ from Osaka up to Tokyo. Typical graduation trip stuff, moving up from Osaka to Kyoto to Nagoya to Tokyo. It was fun, but it wasn’t the graduation trip I wanted. Travelling with family creates so many restrictions. It was difficult to meet up with friends, difficult to schedule things I wanted. Having to compromise what you want to do with what the group wants to do. Never got to say goodbye properly to a band I like and wish I could have supported more, been a better fan of. I did get to attend GACKT’s Last Visualive of which I am very grateful. It was a wonderful show.

But it was also this trip that cemented the end of my relationship. I was tired and I didn’t want to work at ‘fixing’ things. Didn’t see a future together, I lost all tolerance and just wanted it to be over. I was done with our differences, frustrated (angry even) in certain actions and behaviours. I decided it would be too much work and I didn’t think it would be worth it. They say travelling with someone reveals their true colours and it’s true. So a while after getting back to Singapore it was time to say goodbye. That’s the end of that chapter, but even bigger so, the more heart breaking part was having to say goodbye to Japan.

I hated Singapore so much for the month or so after being back. I hated being back. Hated being stuck with obligations. Hated not being able to choose what I wanted to do freely. Hated having to be responsible and having to stay here when I was happier in Japan. Sure, I had troubles in Japan but they were my troubles. They weren’t coming from obligation, from responsibility. I felt like there were shackles and anchors forcing me to stay in this country when all I wanted to do was stay in Japan for longer, so I could be free. So now I’m back, still trying to get my mind around staying in Singapore for the next couple of years. It’s not so much hating the country, but what staying here represented. I can’t live the way I want to anymore, I have to live for others, have to think about family, can’t just live for myself and do what I want to do. I hate it so much because I couldn’t just stay at home and be a shut in without being screamed at, threatened, humiliated or crying, crying, crying. My social media feeds were engulfed in a horribly emotionally anguish state filled with angry post after post.

Not everyone has the privilege of pursuing happiness because of our responsibilities and obligations.

People ask me if I’m happy to be back, or when they say, oh that’s good that you decided to stay. It’s better. But better for who? So being an adult means sacrificing bits of yourself for the ‘greater good’.

I’m very unhappy with the state of a lot of things. My Japanese has plateaued so badly, I have no motivation to study for N1, nor believe I will ever reach that. I see my peers in their new jobs, it looks like they’re improving but I’m doing nothing but slide back, back, back. I haven’t been able to successfully do things properly or see things through. So many failed ventures, ideas, thoughts. Friendships that never came to fruition because I didn’t put in enough effort, because I didn’t try, because I didn’t see the need to, didn’t want to. So I just resign myself to just never being a good friend, to everyone eventually forgetting me. Blaming others when really I’m probably just a bad friend. I can’t keep up conversations, I’m probably not great to talk to. How come I can talk to some people everyday without fail yet with others I can’t even keep a conversation going for 10 minutes?

When I just want to do nothing but then get bored of doing nothing. I am a boring person.

Maybe finally, time for happy things? I finally started watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and I love it. Binged watched it, got spoiled for the Season 8 winner (so angry). Got to go to the Pokemon Cafe opening event. Starting the new part time job on Monday.

But I feel like I’m just stuck in a limbo of inertia. Some friends seem to just have so many people to talk to, is so well liked, has such a great love life. But it’s okay. I count the close friends I have with my hands and just feel like I’m stranded and doing nothing nothing nothing all day. I want to make new close friends, but I don’t even talk to the people I used to be close to, the people I already know. So what’s the point.

I guess I’ll try and look back at my photos and write about the happy times I remember. So that I won’t forget and can read back and smile. Recall when things were happy.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pre-opening Party! Menu Preview + Photos with Pikachu!

Singapore’s very own Pokemon Cafe is set to open tomorrow, 27 May, and will run for a limited time only till 31 July 2016. I was one of 5 lucky winners to get VIP passes into the media event/pre opening party one day before their official open!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore by EwF

We were allowed to enter and buy merchandise, preview the food on the menu and Pikachu even made a special appearance!


Pokemon Cafe Singapore Menu Pokemon Cafe Singapore Menu 2

The food looks a tad pricier than normal cafe fare, especially the latte at $8 a cup? We weren’t able to try any of their menu items, but they were on display for us to take photos of. Needless to say everyone was crowded over the food displays and snapping lots of pictures!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food Saffron Rice

The Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce! $25.00

On their Facebook page, it states that you’re allowed to keep the Pokeball mug that the magma sauce is held in. No wonder it was the priciest item at $25. Not too bad if you can keep the mug but it looks pretty plain. Probably looks better than it tastes, but then again, you don’t really expect great food at themed cafes anyway.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food 2

Battle On Pikachu! Level Up With Rare Candy! $20.00

I find this cuter than the Pikachu rice omelette and looks like it would be tastier to eat too. I’d probably order this if I decided to come down and try the cafe.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food Primal Groudon Bologniese

Special Move “Fire Blast”! Primal Groudon’s Bologniese. $20.00

This looks pretty simple but could taste good…unless the sauce is bland then it’ll just be really jelak and you’ll get sick of eating it halfway through.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food Truffle Fries

Pokemon Cafe’s Truffle Fries. $12.00

Sadly the Mudkip stamp on the potato wasn’t successful (neither was part of the Torchic one) but it would look pretty cute if done right. The three starters from Gen 3 are almost too cute to eat with the Pokeball ketchup and mayonaise. $12 is a bit expensive for Truffle Fries but hopefully they deliver on taste. There is nothing worse than a soggy french fry….


Pokemon Cafe Singapore Primal Kyogre Dessert Plate

Special Move “Hydro Pump”! Primal Kyogre’s Dessert Plate. $15

I am going to be honest – this looks terrible. It just looks like lumps of jelly thrown onto the plate and is very unappetizing. I would not pay $15 for this.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Dessert Pokeball Cream Puff

Pokeball Cream Puff! $20.00

For display purposes, they used cotton wool instead of whipped cream (or maybe it is cotton candy?) but the Pokeball just looks sloppily done and not too appealing. The rest of the plate looks decent enough but I would think twice about spending $20 when I could just buy a really nice tasting cream puff from Beard Papa for a fraction of the cost. Well, I suppose having instagram worthy food comes at a steep price….

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Dessert Thundershock Parfait

Pikachu’s “Thunder Shock” Parfait. $15.00

The cotton wool is supposed to be the cotton candy and it looks like that’s a Pikachu macaron? It is pretty tiny for a $15 parfait….

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Dessert Pikachu Pancake

Pikachu’s Sweeeet Pancake. $20.00

Cute but pretty basic pancakes to spend $20 on…but you know, cute food comes at a price…I think I would stick to ordering a main dish instead of a dessert.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pikachu Latte

Pikachu Latte, Iced. $9.00

Just a latte but with a picture of Pikachu on it. For $9? Will it come with a free coaster you can take home? There were 5 or 6 designs of coasters which would be a good incentive to buy otherwise overpriced drinks. It’s even more expensive than Starbucks!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pikachu Hot Latte

Pikachu Latte, Hot. $8.00

Same latte, just hot instead of with ice, comes with Pikachu latte art. Cute, but is it cute enough to shell out the money for?

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pikachu Kigurumi

Another guest taking a photo of the Volt Tackle soda!

I didn’t get a picture of the other drinks, most unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo of the Wanna Get Tingling!? “Volt Tackle” Soda ($10.00) because the Pikachu head had kind of melted into a round blob (you can kind of see it in that photo) and didn’t look like anything when I went to take a photo. There are probably pictures the other attendees took.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food Pokeball Cookies

These aren’t on the menu but they brought out these Pokeball cookies as part of the light refreshments served. They tasted pretty good! Yum yum. Only got to eat one before the tray disappeared and others grabbed them.


The Pokemon Cafe boasts some exclusive merchandise and also sells some older merch from the Pokemon Centers in Japan. They also sell plushies, comics and figurines so it’s not too bad if you find something that catches your eye.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Exclusive Merchandise

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Exclusive Merchandise!

The keyholders were the cutest, and I was contemplating buying one but I have too many already at home. I would have bought a sticker but at the exorbitant price of $4.90, I rather not. It’s a decent selection but nothing I would say screams BUY ME!!!! NOW!!! and since I had the luxury of expanding my collection of Pokemon merch from the actual PokeCenters in Japan, it’s nothing to shout about.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Merchandise
Lots of Pikachu plushies on sale at $25 each. A preview of the Pokemon keyholders and can badges you can buy at random and that black thing with the pop art style Pikachu is a coin purse. That line of Pikachu merchandise was sold agesssss ago. I remember because I was buying a planner for my friend in that exact design.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Merchandise keyrings

Close up look at the designs available – really cute! I miiiiiight buy maybe one to pin on a bag. Miiiiiiight.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Merchandise 2

More merchandise from past and also more recent collections sold at the PokeCenter. Really cute but at that price it really hurts my wallet…..


I think the highlight for Planet and myself was getting to take photos with Pikachu! Since there really wasn’t much else to do.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Photo with Pikachu
Pikachu came out to their photobooth and we all lined up for photos! The lighting was really quite terrible so all our pictures ended up pretty grainy and dark so I had to edit them and greatly increase the exposure.  Pikachu was so cute, though! The DJ played some of Pokemon’s BGM and the adorable electric mouse was grooving to the music.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Photo with Pikachu

We took another photo when the crowd thinned and Planet put on the Pikachu hoodie they had as a prop! Props to the staff who became the permanent cameraman for everyone and helped take pictures. The staff were wearing Pikachu ear headbands and tails! I wonder why they only sell Pikachu tails ($10) but not the ear headbands? Wouldn’t those sell better?

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pikachu

Photo taken by the official cameraman that night!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore_Selfie

I tried the hoodie on too – haha you can see my improvised Pikachu necklace! It’s actually a keychain I had. My Pikachu T-shirt is from the monochrome 8 bit series! It’s sold randomly and I just so happened to get Pikachu! I wish I had bought another one….it was only 1,080yen.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Polaroids

Polaroids we took tonight!



The space EwF occupies in Bugis Junction is terribly tiny. I’d never actually been there before so I didn’t know it was so small! It probably won’t be able to accommodate a lot of people at once so the wait would be quite long come opening day (and for as long as Singaporeans decide the hype is worth it…which will be for a while). I mean, if people are willing to queue 2 hours for Bake Cheese Tarts and the Hello Kitty Cafe, what more this limited time only Pokemon Cafe???

The food EwF served as refreshments (meatballs, popcorn chicken, bacon bits?, cookies) were decent and tasted pretty good actually. I don’t doubt that as a cafe their food tastes quite good but now with this new menu and food that looks more aesthetically pleasing than tasty….it’s going to be a hit or miss. We didn’t get to try anything so I can’t say for certain but based on looks alone there are some dishes that are not value for money and I wouldn’t bother ordering.

I guess for the novelty of it all, sure, give it a try, but as with all themed cafes, don’t expect too much.

Maybe when the queues aren’t ridiculously long, I might pop in to give the food a try. Also because they’re giving out an exclusive Pokemon Cafe Pikachu download code for ORAS on the 3DS. But I’ll wait till the initial rush goes to give it a try, and stalk food reviews online before I decide.

The Pokemon Cafe Singapore
200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #04-05
Open from 11am to 10pm (Last order at 9:30pm)

Where To Buy Plus Size Clothes in Japan

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten about living in Japan is about how difficult it is to find Plus Size Clothes there. Here is my experience with plus size shopping in Japan.

I am a size UK 14 – 16 (US 10 -12), 154cm tall (5″1) and shoe size EU 40/41, Japan 25.0-25.5/LL (though I barely fit most of their shoes as I have very wide feet). My main problem areas are chest (~40 inches), thighs and waist because most stores seem to not take into account that women have chests and butts….!? Unfortunately this guide will mainly be for women of similar size to me, but some of the places listed below do stock much larger sizes as well!

There are two main options – retail stores and online, of which the latter has been my main source, but in the recent years there are more options for plus size women in Japan.


Are not as completely impossible to find, but it will get very frustrating after you exhaust store after store of clothes that will never fit you.

Of course large Western clothing lines (H&M, F21, Stradivarius, ZARA etc) are the bulk of my retail shopping as I know they stock sizes, however, most of their clothes stop at UK 14 sizes (or at 40, sometimes 42) and even then some don’t fit me. I’ve gotten almost all of my winter coats and sweaters from H&M and F21, though their largest sizes are a bit of a tight fit, especially since you’ll be wearing lots of layers underneath! Their off/end of season sales are AMAZING, especially H&M in Japan – clothes I’ve bought for 200yen there I’ve found back in Singapore retailing at $20 (2400yen).

beanmylife h&m dresses

Dresses from H&M in Japan
Left: Ice cream summer dress, 600yen, Size L
Right: ‘Kawaii’ long sleeve sweater dress, 1500yen, Size M
Necklace from Tuxessories

Japanese brands such as WEGO and SPINNS cater to youth fashion and do carry oversized large jackets, clothing and have skirts with elastic bands that can fit up to UK 14. Their skirts tend to be very short (as most skirts in Japan are) so someone taller than me might not be comfortable exposing that much leg. Their style is rather hip-hop, street fashion, so if you want something sweeter and more demure you can try Honeys but their LL sizes fit up to UK 12 to small UK 14, though most are best fit for UK 10 – 12 max.

beanmylife plus size clothes in Japan

Left: Purple Denim Jacket from Harajuku, 4000yen
Skirt from H&M, Size L
Shoes from YRU via asos
Right: Dress from Honeys (Cinema Club), Tagged L

This purple denim jacket is my favorite buy in Harajuku, and while I’ve forgotten the shop name, it’s basically a used oversized denim jacket that has been dyed. The store I went to had done this in many other colours, and in a whole range of sizes from S to XXL. Mine is specifically a Georges Marciano for Guess jacket tagged M that was dyed purple. And I love it. I can’t actually button it up all the way to the top, but I prefer it worn open anyway. I spotted similar both in WEGO and SPINNS, and they also have lots of oversized bomber jackets and sweaters.

I’ve also managed to buy clothes from some nondescript stores in Harajuku, though Takeshita Street changes every few months or so with large chain stores replacing the smaller quirky ones I loved back in 2012, so something you saw your last trip may not even exist there anymore.

UNIQLO and GU (aka the younger, more hip cousin to Uniqlo) stock sizes up to XL which fit a UK 12 to UK 14 for women (sometimes till UK16 for t-shirts), but don’t forget about the MEN’S SECTION. I get jackets and graphic t-shirts from there since the cut is bigger, roomier and also very comfy. Especially during the sales when pullover hoodies go for 1,500yen! I also wear Uniqlo’s XL size heat tech, which is a life saver during the cold seasons.

uniqlo japan beanmylife

Purikura with a friend and a photo with Takumi-senpai at Camui Gakuen Event/Concert in 2015
Left: Jacket from Uniqlo, 3000yen, Size XL
Dress from Forever 21, Size L
Right: Knit cardigan from GU Men’s, 700yen, Size XL
Skirt (part of seifuku set) from Bodyline, Size 3L

Japan recently launched plus size fashion magazine la farfa in April 2015, and more plus size tie ups as well as a plus size line PUNYUS was also launched. PUNYUS has a few retail stores, one notably in Shibuya 109 and stocks clothes up to 3 and 4L size. Their online store also ships internationally via tenso. I’ve never personally bought from them because their clothes, averaging upwards of 4000yen, have always been a bit too expensive for my budget.

Another Japanese line with an online store is Plumprino, the plus size brand under Yumetembo. Which while I haven’t personally purchased from, has mixed reviews and the sizes seem to fit up to a (smaller) UK16 or 3L size. They do have physical stores, but I never personally entered to check if Plumprino was stocked on the shelves. Their clothes are sweet, with frills and most notably popular among lolita fashion enthusiasts.

Other retail stores to try your luck at are Thrift Stores such as THANK YOU MART, JUMBLE STORE and MODE OFF/BOOK OFF HOME/PLUS. Japan has loads of thrift stores so if you’re keen on browsing through the racks then you’ll be able to find something!

Shimamura is known for having cheap and fashionable clothing and also has a plus size section! Somehow I never actually went and shopped at a store before, so I’ll definitely have to look for one when I’m next in Japan.

Don Quijote stores in Japan not only sell food, cosmetics, electronics (almost everything really) but they also have a clothing section! I’ve scored ridiculously cheap shoes there at 100yen a pair and they sell Halloween outfits, t-shirts, jackets, loungewear, kigurumi and even lingerie. Give them a try if you want something cheap, but don’t expect to find cocktail dresses there.


Online Japanese shopping portals such as Rakuten and Qoo10 do have plus size stores but you will have to look through and check the measurements very carefully.

I have purchased online from which has a category for large size clothes, back in 2012. Then I bought some winter coats and items which were a bit of a hit and miss. They were a bit smaller than I’d hoped (even at the largest size) and the quality wasn’t great. The only plus is that they were relatively cheap. A quick search for 大きいサイズ (ookii saizu – large sizes) pulls up a list of Japanese websites that sell plus size clothes but their definition of large sizes usually aren’t very big at all so I got pretty frustrated quickly.

Another Japanese brand I shop from both online and at their retail store is Bodyline. It’s basically a store for cheap lolita and cosplay clothing and sizes go up to 4L. Their quality is decent and while I have never purchased a JSK/OP etc from them, it is my go-to store for Halloween outfits. I’ve also bought a pair of black and white Creepers from them. I’ve ended up using the skirt from the seifuku (school uniform) set as a regular skirt so with simple pieces like that they could just fit into your regular wardrobe.

halloween outfits from bodyline

Halloween outfits all bought from Bodyline’s online store

beanmylife outfit_uniqlo bodyline

Skirt from Bodyline (part of seifuku set), Size 3L
Pullover hoodie from Uniqlo, 1500yen, Size L (Men’s)
Jacket from Primark, 20 Euros, Size 16

The best option is to purchase from online retailers that ship internationally. My favourite for many years has been UK based asos that ship internationally free if you spend £20. They have a plus size category, Curve (UK 18 and up), and while it takes 2 to 3 weeks for your items to arrive, the items can be worth the wait. However, as with all online retailers there have been mixed reviews, including my own bad experience with them, but generally my experience has been positive.

Similarly, online stores such as F21 Plus and other plus size online stores that ship internationally would be a great choice, as long as you are willing to wait. I frequent tee-a-day sites for my fandom fixes, and it’s really all about being willing to source for items, scroll through and check measurements.

But the down side of online shopping is having items arrive and not fitting into them or the clothes end up being unflattering. This has happened too many times to count, especially when there are no specific measurements and the dress ends up being too tight at the chest or a different shade of colour. Ideally there would be more retail options but not just yet.


If you’re going to be staying in Japan semi long term, bring along your basics, essentials and favourite pieces of clothing from home. I brought my jeans, favourite dresses and shoes along. Especially shoes, because having wide feet made it very difficult to find anything in the largest Japanese size that fit. When I did find something, the soles got worn out terribly fast and then I had to search all over again.

If you are larger than a UK 16, you might have a harder time than I did finding clothes, so be prepared to have to rely more on online shopping or your clothes from home instead of retail stores. I developed a phobia of sorts of shopping in retail stores because I believed nothing would ever fit me, and I would get frustrated and angry quickly.

Be patient and you will find clothes! I know friends larger than I am who have bought clothes from stores in Japan.

Additionally, some people may have asked Japanese friends regarding large sized clothing and gotten scared at a “Oh no you are too fat to find clothes” response, pfft. If you are under UK 14 size, you should have no problems finding clothes in Japan. Most free-size clothes will most likely best fit a UK 8 – 10, up to a smaller UK 12. However, most clothing lines cater to the petite Asian frame so if you have wide shoulders, hips or a large chest, it may be more difficult. So if you’re smaller than me, even if it’s difficult to find clothes due to problem areas, there’s no excuse for having breakdowns or saying you can’t find anything because there generally is a much larger pool of options for you as compared to someone larger.

I’m big and I still managed to find clothes so you can too.

I hope this post helps address any concerns about buying plus size clothes in Japan! Do leave a comment if you know any stores I’ve left out!

I leave you with an amazing piece of advice from Queen Ru, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” 


Smart Travel Tips with TheSmartLocal

I realised that these past few years that I’ve been studying in Japan…I’ve barely traveled anywhere else. Always Japan-SG-Japan-SG and maybe once there was a short trip up to Penang. But that was it! You can ask me about travel tips to Japan and I could spew a whole long list but that’s the only thing I’m familiar with. Which is a shame since Singapore is so well connected to so many countries in the immediate vicinity with lots of cheap flights out thanks to budget airlines.

And while I haven’t explored much of Southeast Asia, it’s definitely on my list of places to go. Plus the best part is that there are loads of fun travel guides to help me plan my trips on so I can travel smart (plus you know, everyone wants the perfect pictures for instagram and vlogs for YouTube now and it’s good to have a site understand the needs of millenials, heh). TheSmartLocal is a lifestyle and travel portal chock full of activities to do both in and out of Singapore!

Who knew Bandung, Indonesia had such cool things – HORSE RIDING WHILE GAZING OVER A VOLCANO??????? What an experience perfect for showing off on social media (snapchat, instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube…every platform). And since it’s just neighboring Singapore I won’t have to empty the bank to head over.

I also really liked this post about Malaysia that helped dispel my preconceived notions that there is nothing exciting in this region. When I think of Malaysia I always think of JB, Malacca and Penang which is so been there done that; eat food, cheap shopping…and that’s it. But no, here are 20 Incredible Places in Malaysia to Discover With Your Best Friend.


This is my pick for where I’d like to go! 😀

And speaking of Besties, Planet has been bugging me to go on a trip with her to Bangkok, another popular destination that always seems to have cheap flights and everyone cannot stop gushing about. But I’ve never actually been to all the popular shopping places and the last time I was in Thailand was maybe 10 years ago???? Quite unbelievable and since I have no idea what things are like…at least there is this guide to the best shopping places in Bangkok!

Complete with Pros and Cons of each shopping spot…AND ALSO THE FOOD!

I mean really, you don’t just go to Bangkok just to shop…you need to eat to get the energy to shop plus food is everything. I think I live to eat rather than live to eat so it’s always important to find out about the food options.

Ok la, but if you really don’t have the spare cash to travel overseas there are lots of things to do in Singapore even though we may think it’s really small and boring, and they have a whole overflowing category of things to do in SG that are cheap or unusual. I need to go read up on some before I start complaining how boring Singapore is, oops.


Personally, I wish the content box was a bit wider, but the font and pictures are big enough so it doesn’t hamper reading!

The site is easy to navigate although I got a bit lost trying to navigate the tags and categories, plus all the drop down categories at the top…whew that is a lot of content. But even if there are a lot of articles on the website, it’s quick to read through since most are in a listicle format (which unfortunately comes off a bit gimmicky and click-bait at times). For someone like me who is trying to rediscover Singapore, or for someone who is here for the first time, I think TheSmartLocal has a plethora of articles to help us find activities to do.

Plus you know, support local mah. #SingaporePride