A list compiling the various media outlets in which beanmylife or myself have been featured. In reverse chronological order, with most recent first (YYYY/MM/DD):

YouTube Collaborations/Videos I’m in (Playlist):

2016.10.04: Learning Unspoken Rules In Japan  (ST Booking)

2016.03.18: Singaporeans left hanging when Asos orders fail to arrive
An article about an entire shipment of lost packages to Singapore, which features this post I wrote about the issue and additional comments provided via a phone interview.

2015.12.09: KGU SIS Student Message page feature:

beanmylife KGU Intl Student Message

2015.11.27: World Citizen Podcast 07: Superstar Phenomenon
I share my experiences as a Singaporean living in Japan with Lisle and Marta from the World Citizen Podcast, and discuss the prevalence of the ‘Superstar Phenomenon’ in Japan.

2012.12.12: 国際学部留学生2名がスピーチ大会で受賞!
An article on my school’s website about 2 foreign students from the school of international studies winning awards at the 15th Kawanishi Speech Contest. I won the Performance Prize for my speech titled ‘Furusato‘ (Hometown).