Learn Flower Hacks and Basic Floristry at A Better Florist’s Flower Jamming Session


Guess what came to surprise me at the office today?????????

It’s the Spring Breeze bouquet from A Better Florist 🙂

A Better Florist Spring Breeze 3

Don’t mind my messy office table, oops. The bouquet is a really pretty mix of pastels and comes in a mason jar so I can easily display it at home without having to scramble around for a jar (which I don’t have oops).

Such a pity that they don’t deliver past 6pm though, cause I had to protect it in the peak hour MRT crowd. But I still managed to get it home okay!

A Better Florist Spring Breeze Bouquet 2

Can you spot the cute pug? :3

Flower bouquets and fresh cut flowers are no longer just luxury purchases or limited to special occasions. They are now slowly being incorporated into interior designs and apartment living.  The good thing is there are lots of online florists in Singapore that makes getting flowers to brighten up your house even easier by catering to all your floral needs. There are also floral subscriptions, where you can get quality and in season flowers at affordable prices. Fresh flowers and succulents can lend a sense of the lush outdoors in our increasingly tech-saturated and artificial environment. Always good to have a nice pop of colour in our rooms!

A Better Florist Spring Breeze Bouquet

The bouquet on my table at home 🙂 Doesn’t it my desk look a little brighter?

You know sometimes flowers can seem very generic? Even Cold Storage sells bouquets but you can kind of tell that they are somewhat bland and very typical. So why not learn floristry hacks and professional flower arrangement so you can personalise bouquets for your loved ones!

The renewed interest in the flower industry has forced old-fashioned brick and mortar flower shops to keep up with the times not only in terms of cost but also the overall presentation and packaging. Up your floral game by learning the basics in floristry, including modern floral arrangements and flower care.

And you can do just that with FLOWER JAM SESSIONS!!

A Better Florist is opening its doors every Saturday for its weekly Flower Jam Session. Whether you’re looking for fun date activities, quality time with the family or searching for a new hobby—they’ve got you covered. This week’s jam session will focus on succulents and Australian wild flowers. The plump and hardy succulents are excellent alternatives to the usual filler flowers for their interesting texture and appearance.

By participating in their flower jam sessions, even cheap flowers can be transformed into classy décor and luxurious bouquets. Sounds like a perfect fun session for friends to learn from their talented team of florists on how to bring more beauty and more joy into this world. They have a special rate of only $40 per person (for the first 3 sign-ups).

So do think of signing up for the sessions. You can bring home the flowers you arrange/make yourself! Sign up here or contact Kate at kate@abetterflorist.com to secure your slots.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy looking at the flowers every morning before I go to work and every night when I get home.

Thanks A Better Florist!

Till next time,

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  1. Nicole says:

    The bouquet looks really beautiful! There’s always something about flowers that makes people feel good~ Haha flowers always makes a girl’s day! The Flower Jam session looks interesting as well! DIY is awesome! I recently got really into doing DIY stuff and was thinking of doing DIY floral arrangment! Came across an article here https://floralgaragesg.com/5-ways-to-choosing-fresh-flowers/ and thought it gave really good tips for choosing fresh flowers for floral arrangement ~

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