New (Overdue) Vlogs!

I finally stopped procrastinating and posted up two new vlogs on my YouTube Channel! Finally after six months of inactivity. I still haven’t edited the rest of the footage (plus years old footage) which hopefully I’ll get to sometime in this century.

This first one is of GRADUATION DAY!! I made a brief blog post about it (and the hakama) but the video was small snippets of the day itself. It was really quite hectic and I barely managed to meet all the friends I wanted to because it was the only day I had to print all the copies of my academic certs I needed from the machine in school that had a line snaking all the way outside of the school building.

It was also equally awkward because my Thesis Advisor/Seminar Tutor was overseas so I had to crash another Seminar so I could get my certificate. I had to sit in and listen to weepy graduates share their fondest moment in school with the rest of the group while I was awkwardly in the corner hoping to grab my things and RUN (also I knew the people in the room but more on an acquaintance level so really it was no place for me to hear all these weepy nostalgic anecdotes).

BUT YES it was indeed a fun day! I don’t really think it needs its own blog post any more but who knows.

Second vlog is of our one day in Nagoya which basically we did nothing but go to the castle due to Travel Fatigue. Travelling and moving all the heavy luggage to another place is no joke. Plus it was actually the second time we moved. Previously stayed in Osaka, then up to Kyoto then Nagoya before we moved to Tokyo. VERY TIRING.

Nagoya castle was nice! The bushotai/edo period warlord stage play? thing was cool, we didn’t go in and watch but did see the parade on grounds and their demachi which was CRAZY. Those fans man, those fans.

Had some awesome peppery chicken wings which were great.

So yeah, just a realllllly quick update on the new vlogs I finally got up!

I really miss Japan but I need to be back in Singapore plus I’m starting the new chapter in my life in January so….things are happening!!

Till next time,

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