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One of the things I’m thankful to technology about is


It makes life so much easier especially since it’s so difficult to find plus size clothes in stores….and online shopping now gives you access to stores all over the world that you can purchase from!!! I tend to find that the few local plus size retailers either don’t have styles I like or are a bit out of budget so I like splurging on overseas web stores!

But as a broke student who shops too much it hurts the wallet to keep spending although there are so many awesome things I want to buy….so how?

Get CASHBACK when shopping lor!

ShopBack contacted me to do a review of their site which…you guessed it…gives you cashback when you shop with their merchants. I actually heard about the site from my cousin when we were booking accommodation in Japan earlier this year but we booked via airbnb so I made an account but didn’t use it.

This time I went to look at what they have and I realised that they work with quite a few sites I shop at – ASOS, Zalora (sigh I just bought stuff from there a few days ago!!!!) and Taobao Singapore.

If you haven’t heard of Taobao…

Taobao is this wonderful online store directory in China which means everything is really cheap and there is almost anything you could want!! I used to do Taobao sprees with my friends and we bought shoes, accessories, plushies, clothes and a lot of things. It was a lot more troublesome because you had to use an agent so there were a lot of middleman fees.

Plus back then there was no ShopBack and part of me feels a bit sad to have only found out about it so late – cannot claim cashback on all previous purchases 🙁

But better late than never!

So how exactly does ShopBack work? (Step by step here if you don’t want to watch the video)

Quite simple!

And it’s not only online retailers that have worked with ShopBack. There is Honestbee where you can buy groceries from. I personally like walking in supermarket aisles (especially in the big ones like Fairprice Extra) cause it’s quite relaxing but not everyone has the luxury to spend so long walking or taking a trip there. Also admit it la, technology has made us some level of lazy so all these online conveniences are really spoiling us.

Like how we can order delivery from so many food places now, a few years ago there was only fast food delivery. So if you want to order food delivery you can also look for a FoodPanda voucher on ShopBack!

They also worked with sites like Booking.com and Groupon so you can get cashback when buying all sorts of things. I know quite a few people get credit cards with rebates but you need to spend a minimum sum before you get those rebates and not everyone can reach that so it’s good to have an alternate option.

Finally don’t say I bojio

Anyone who likes shopping will know the best word to hear or see is….


There are always flash sales, time sales, holiday sales, end of season sales…any reason under the sun is an excuse for a sale or some holiday (not that I’m complaining).

Like how 11.11 looks like two pocky sticks so it became Pocky Day but it also looks like two single people (??) and became Singles Day as well…and it’s also a nice day to find online shopping deals at the upcoming ShopBack 11.11 Sales.

shopback 11.11 sales

Easy enough to remember too.

So next time you’re shopping consider using ShopBack and using the $$$ rebates for more shopping!

Till next time,

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