I have weird dreams

I tend to dream rather frequently, and it’s usually quite vivid and while I love it sometimes it also terrifies me and I’ve woken up too scared to go back to sleep. I’ve only ever messaged my friends about these dreams but Sherilyn has been bugging me to keep a Dream Journal and because I’m too lazy to make a new one just for them, I thought I’d just chronicle them here.

Most of them verbatim from how I text my friends about it

30 June 2016:


Ok so last night I dreamt that I was rich (likely influenced by the reality tv show denise sent about rich Chinese girls and our conversation)

It starts like quite randomly like I can’t remember why but I came back from being away from home for quite a while and I have no idea why. So I’m at like a welcome back party or something? Then I think I’m at a counter or like bar or what when suddenly this guy (who is ripped for the GODS and super handsome af, Asian? possibly mixed?) comes up and puts his arm around me and then I am thinking like vaguely oh is this my bf HAHHAHAHAHA (like is more like oh I have a bf but i vaguely have forgotton who it is)

But ya ok is the bf can. so he welcome me back la, and for some reason when first see him his shirt was pulled up and can see the six pack which weirdly looked a bit too fakely sculpted on HAHAHAHA

Ok then go another place and it was like super atas af yet we had to climb the stairs to get to the apartment on the 30 floor and he offer to carry me and i am like is ok la dun need hehe

Then reach already the door unlocks (some woman who was at party w us? unlocked it) then we go in and it is HUGE and has it’s own concierge and everything is like a hotel inside that floor itself and supposedly is either owned by me or the bf or both of us?? So then we go and play in the fountain in the lobby or what

And there are those water spouts that can shoot things up if they are on top of it. Then i accidentally am on top and it shoots me up into the sky and I am like OMG! and then tell the guy “TAKE PHOTO!!! TAKE PHOTO!!!” Dream Bernie still desperate for that instagram shot wtf

So he take photo and it turns out to be like those jump shot in mid air kind except I posing with water and stuff

Then it changes to me being SINGLE AND KICKED OUT (? or parallel universe?) so I have to bunk with 2 couples (all my friends) then suddenly like our relatives brings a kid for us to take care of in the cabin or what.

Then the kid is scared the place is haunted and we see the panels on the doors start shaking and gonna come of and hands sticking through the doors and the boy screamssss but turns out is his relatives hiding behind the barsto pretend to scare him

Then I wake up…..

24 May 2015:


(Verbatim from my Facebook post) Woke up from a nightmare all shaken. Here goes:

Ok so there is this psycho serial killer on the loose and the first part of my dream I witness her getting away from the police because she plastic surgery and then she very brutally killed her hostages and I witnessed it. Like she cut open the stomach and sliced the neck open and all the blood flow out. Then second part of the dream I was escaping home but still scared so had people accompany me back to the house and then turns out the police were there and we all had to stand around with hands up as they rounded up and caught some criminals who where the gang mates of that psycho killer. Then after they catch le The policeman said don’t worry we catch all of them liao… Well all except the leader psycho lady then I got DAMN SCARED. Then I noticed a lady in a stewardess outfit walk into the room and I noticed her FACE that she is the psycho lady and I knew she was going to kill all of us so I panic and tell the police who said I am talking rubbish so I run out and tell the other policeman but he take a syringe and inject sedatives into my shoulder so all I can do is CRAWL away and I see people screaming and panicking and I’m like OHNO I AM GOING TO DIE!!! Then someone drags my body away on the floor and I am shouting “HELP ME” and crying then the person drag me to a corner and I am hiding and panicking (this is where I wake up)

Ok but the best part was that one of the detectives was MatsuJun!! And he was talking in English that was very weird so I couldn’t help sniggering. Then he had this very ornate jacket that had all the medals and badges from successful cases. So I went to talk to him. I addressed him by a name he wasn’t too fond of so I then said “Yappari MatsuJun (de yonda) hou ga ii ka na” (I guess calling you MatsuJun is better!) and then he started talking to me. Which was when the Bad Thing happened……

5 November 2014:


I wake up in my dream in the exact same apartment that I lived in in Nishinomiya except I know it is my room, but it isn’t the same room. It’s a lot darker and it feels like my skin is crawling and I’m generally really scared and it doesn’t help the curtains are drawn and there is this extremely ominous atmosphere. I reach for my phone on instinct and it’s MY PHONE and I see my face staring back at me but it’s not me. It’s another version of me that somehow I’ve woken up into this reality of and the room just feels so cold and I’m so scared.

And then I remember feeling like something is SO VERY WRONG and it terrifies me and it feels like I shouldn’t be there and I remember kind of just shaking and then realising there was something on the ground. It was either a body or blood but it was a big vague blur then and now


I just had the worst nightmare
It freaked me out so bad
So like I was sleeping then suddenly there were like these weird noises like you know the type of machine noise like sounds or whatever like the static etx
Then like I couldn’t move
Like my whole body was paralysed and felt like got pins and needles all over
Then the sounds kept getting louder in my head and freaking me out
Then finally I could move my hands
Then I was desperately panicking and trying to wake up. Like I would see this ugly scary face thing forming in my mind and to push it away I focus v hard on friends faces
Then I finally wake up. It’s in the same room but the furniture is different and I have a lot more plushies. Like giant Pokemon plushies that cover the window/ keep the light out like they were all pushed against the wall by some psychic force
So then I’m like wait what is this this is not my room etx I don’t have these plushies
Then I’m freaking out and want to call someone
So I reach for my phone
like it’s pictures of me but different pictures I don’t remember ever taking
And different places
I’m freaking out like mad and can’t swipe properly
Then I find the contacts/phone and start calling
Then there is more light in the room and I can see what is going on
I am fuckinh freaking out like mad
Then I turn to look toward the bathroom
And I panic
And I’m so freaked out
And like I really very very shaken now
Like it felt so real wtf

like I was so scared
To reach for my phone
Like when I opened my eyes for real I was damn scared it would be that room
Like that reality
I looked toward (the toilet)
Like I killed someone

Friend: OMG i was thinking maybe alternate bernie got killed

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