Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita Review

Let me just say I am a makeup noob. My makeup is terrible. My eyebrows are uneven, I can’t seem to replicate eyeshadow on the other lid properly and I only started wearing lipsticks a month or so ago. I do like makeup but it’s going to take some practice to get good. So I’ve been using the extra time I have to get ready for work to experiment a bit more with everyday makeup looks that go a bit beyond just foundation and drawing my brows.

Recently I’ve jumped on the trend of matte lipsticks and decided I needed more.

I feel in love at Sephora with the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. I had gone in with the intention of getting some matte shades from Nyx that wouldn’t destroy my wallet, and I was hoping to find a perfect purple lipstick as well. But after doing swatches of both the Kat Von D and Nyx liquid lipsticks, I decided that I couldn’t find a Nyx shade I didn’t already have something very similar to, or they weren’t exactly what I was looking for.

I picked up the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shades Lolita and Susperia, the latter of which I am excited to try out soon!

The look:

beanmylife kat von d liquid lipstick lolita

The iPhone camera isn’t great at picking up eyeshadow unless it’s reaaaally dark so you can’t see it well, and yes, I have a zit on my chin and it’s terrible too but the lipstick was the real MVP today I was so excited and happy to try it out. I decided to wear what makes me happy – which includes wearing whatever makeup makes me happy.

Makeup Revolution’s Fortune Favours The Brave Palette (Creme, Buffer, Caffeine Fix, Sunset Hour and Golden Coins)
Brown Eyeliner by dodo

Eyebrow pencil from DAISO

Missha Magic Cushion Moisture
Kate Mineral Loose Foundation
Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette (for Bronzer)

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

I generally don’t wear blush nor mascara because my skin is pretty red, and mascara just gets in the way when I wear spectacles which is almost all the time.


Ease of Application & Comfort, 8/10:
It’s a wand applicator and glides so smoothly on my lips it’s amazing. A little goes quite a long way! It dries and goes matte pretty fast – you can kind of feel it drying initially but after that you barely feel it on at all.

Staying Power, 7/10:
It does have pretty great staying power – I ate Duck Rice for lunch, and that was greasy and fatty but only the inner parts of the lip were gone after lunch so I only needed to reapply that. After which, it lasted all the way till dinner before it disappeared as I devoured my food. It’s not really a lip stain so it doesn’t stain my lips (unlike the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Passion which stains my lips the entire day and then some) plus it’s more on the nude shades spectrum so I wouldn’t expect it to do that.

Staining, 7/10:
It barely stained my straws or cups. Barely, but there were specks. You know how like paint when it dries sometimes a few specks flick/flake off? It was something like that so there were some small stain spots on the white styrofoam cup I used but nothing like actually full on lip stains so that was great.

Price, 6/10:
It retails at SGD$31 at Sephora, kind of ouch, but not too big of a hole to burn in the wallet. But I didn’t mind parting with the $$, especially for Susperia which I hope I’ll have a look for soon. In comparison, Nyx costs $13 and Revlon is $20. You can probably get Colorpop and others online for cheaper but there’s always more satisfaction walking into a store and swatching it on your hand…

Overall, I really like it!! It’s not too light, and not too dark yet still stands out nicely when I decide I want a more neutral/natural brown look. I was on cloud 9 after my purchase and couldn’t stop gushing over it with Tea. Ahh, makeup and retail therapy.

I know it’s kind of random to suddenly see a makeup post on this blog but it’s such a mish mash of everything and I just had to talk about the lipstick. My life has pretty much been work, sleep, work…and now it’s also filled with POKEMON GO. YES, IT FINALLY REACHED SINGAPORE’S SHORES ON SATURDAY AND I HAVE BEEN HOOKED. I’m Level 16 and in Team Mystic! There will probably be a post on that soon, as well as on Singapore’s 51st Birthday!

Till next time,

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