It’s Time to Live to Eat with Selections from Eatbook

I loooooove food – and I always believe that food is something that cannot betray me willingly, and it has always been a great pick me up and something that excites me greatly. Don’t know what gift to get me? Treat me to a good meal. That’s all I ask.

So it’s a great thing that I’m Singaporean – we have some amazing food all over our tiny island and Singaporeans are some of the most hardcore foodies I know. We will queue for however long it takes for that perfect bowl of laksa, or that fragrant chicken rice or for the whole day just to get into a new pop up themed Character Cafe. We are serious about our food and getting into arguments over which stall has the best Rojak or the best Wantan Mee isn’t unusual.

Food is an integral part of our lives so unsurprisingly there are lots of websites just dedicated to where you can get the best things to delight your tastebuds, and they pull in high traffic too. Some of my favourites are HungryGoWhere and DanielFoodDiary (okay I’ll read anything as long as you have photos of the food and tell me if the food is worth my time and money). is a website dedicated to providing honest food reviews. Most of time I end up googling a cafe/restaurant and checking reviews before dining there. Or when in an unfamiliar area or somewhere you’re kind of sick of eating at the same few restaurants, a quick google becomes the go-to to find where to get a bite.

orchard eats
So Eatbook has Area Guides, Restaurant/Cafe Guides and Reviews and I found this one that I was initially quite excited about. 10 Hidden Eats in Orchard Under $20 and for non-Singaporeans, to fill you in, Orchard Road is like this upscale shopping street packed with mall after mall that caters to the shopping needs of tourists and locals alike and infamous for being unforgiving on your wallet. But truthfully, under $20 isn’t too difficult as long as you stray away from restaurants and find places that don’t charge GST and service charge. But 10 places with good food under $10 in Orchard? Now that is something I want to read – having worked in the area as a broke student on a $5 hourly wage, articles like that would have been more welcome.

Speaking of area guides, since I live nearby, I checked out their Best of Paya Lebar article and…I don’t know most of these places. WHICH IS GOOD! Because now I have an excuse to try them.

Ok but I have to say something about number 6, Arnold’s Fried Chicken.


THIS IS THE BEST FAST FOOD FRIED CHICKEN I HAVE HAD. Ever. So good I had to put it in all caps. I found out about this place because we frequent the mall for hair/nail appointments and the famous Poon Nah City Homemade Noodles is there (spoiler: the quality has dropped so much! back when they were on the 4th floor? and the hype was real it was terrific. Still good but not as great as it used to be)

But back to Arnolds – it is reaaaaaaalllly gooood. The smell wafts into your nose when you’re in the vicinity and there’s always a queue on weekends. Plus also always people eating fried chicken! So here are my 2 cents worth as a regular (you’ll never go back to KFC again, it’s THAT good). But don’t bother with the 2 Person Combo, it’s way more expensive than ordering 2 half spring chickens or a spring chicken set and I personally love the chicken enough to not care about mash potatoes and coleslaw.

That said, is a good addition to all the other food centric websites. There’s not as much content as some of the older, more veteran names in the scene but when it comes to food I’m glad to read as many reviews and compare and contrast the various guides. There are so many places to eat in Singapore it would be difficult to cover everything so…the more the merrier right?

(But that can’t also be said for my expanding waistline….??)


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