Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pre-opening Party! Menu Preview + Photos with Pikachu!

Singapore’s very own Pokemon Cafe is set to open tomorrow, 27 May, and will run for a limited time only till 31 July 2016. I was one of 5 lucky winners to get VIP passes into the media event/pre opening party one day before their official open!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore by EwF

We were allowed to enter and buy merchandise, preview the food on the menu and Pikachu even made a special appearance!


Pokemon Cafe Singapore Menu Pokemon Cafe Singapore Menu 2

The food looks a tad pricier than normal cafe fare, especially the latte at $8 a cup? We weren’t able to try any of their menu items, but they were on display for us to take photos of. Needless to say everyone was crowded over the food displays and snapping lots of pictures!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food Saffron Rice

The Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce! $25.00

On their Facebook page, it states that you’re allowed to keep the Pokeball mug that the magma sauce is held in. No wonder it was the priciest item at $25. Not too bad if you can keep the mug but it looks pretty plain. Probably looks better than it tastes, but then again, you don’t really expect great food at themed cafes anyway.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food 2

Battle On Pikachu! Level Up With Rare Candy! $20.00

I find this cuter than the Pikachu rice omelette and looks like it would be tastier to eat too. I’d probably order this if I decided to come down and try the cafe.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food Primal Groudon Bologniese

Special Move “Fire Blast”! Primal Groudon’s Bologniese. $20.00

This looks pretty simple but could taste good…unless the sauce is bland then it’ll just be really jelak and you’ll get sick of eating it halfway through.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food Truffle Fries

Pokemon Cafe’s Truffle Fries. $12.00

Sadly the Mudkip stamp on the potato wasn’t successful (neither was part of the Torchic one) but it would look pretty cute if done right. The three starters from Gen 3 are almost too cute to eat with the Pokeball ketchup and mayonaise. $12 is a bit expensive for Truffle Fries but hopefully they deliver on taste. There is nothing worse than a soggy french fry….


Pokemon Cafe Singapore Primal Kyogre Dessert Plate

Special Move “Hydro Pump”! Primal Kyogre’s Dessert Plate. $15

I am going to be honest – this looks terrible. It just looks like lumps of jelly thrown onto the plate and is very unappetizing. I would not pay $15 for this.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Dessert Pokeball Cream Puff

Pokeball Cream Puff! $20.00

For display purposes, they used cotton wool instead of whipped cream (or maybe it is cotton candy?) but the Pokeball just looks sloppily done and not too appealing. The rest of the plate looks decent enough but I would think twice about spending $20 when I could just buy a really nice tasting cream puff from Beard Papa for a fraction of the cost. Well, I suppose having instagram worthy food comes at a steep price….

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Dessert Thundershock Parfait

Pikachu’s “Thunder Shock” Parfait. $15.00

The cotton wool is supposed to be the cotton candy and it looks like that’s a Pikachu macaron? It is pretty tiny for a $15 parfait….

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Dessert Pikachu Pancake

Pikachu’s Sweeeet Pancake. $20.00

Cute but pretty basic pancakes to spend $20 on…but you know, cute food comes at a price…I think I would stick to ordering a main dish instead of a dessert.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pikachu Latte

Pikachu Latte, Iced. $9.00

Just a latte but with a picture of Pikachu on it. For $9? Will it come with a free coaster you can take home? There were 5 or 6 designs of coasters which would be a good incentive to buy otherwise overpriced drinks. It’s even more expensive than Starbucks!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pikachu Hot Latte

Pikachu Latte, Hot. $8.00

Same latte, just hot instead of with ice, comes with Pikachu latte art. Cute, but is it cute enough to shell out the money for?

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pikachu Kigurumi

Another guest taking a photo of the Volt Tackle soda!

I didn’t get a picture of the other drinks, most unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo of the Wanna Get Tingling!? “Volt Tackle” Soda ($10.00) because the Pikachu head had kind of melted into a round blob (you can kind of see it in that photo) and didn’t look like anything when I went to take a photo. There are probably pictures the other attendees took.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Food Pokeball Cookies

These aren’t on the menu but they brought out these Pokeball cookies as part of the light refreshments served. They tasted pretty good! Yum yum. Only got to eat one before the tray disappeared and others grabbed them.


The Pokemon Cafe boasts some exclusive merchandise and also sells some older merch from the Pokemon Centers in Japan. They also sell plushies, comics and figurines so it’s not too bad if you find something that catches your eye.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Exclusive Merchandise

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Exclusive Merchandise!

The keyholders were the cutest, and I was contemplating buying one but I have too many already at home. I would have bought a sticker but at the exorbitant price of $4.90, I rather not. It’s a decent selection but nothing I would say screams BUY ME!!!! NOW!!! and since I had the luxury of expanding my collection of Pokemon merch from the actual PokeCenters in Japan, it’s nothing to shout about.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Merchandise
Lots of Pikachu plushies on sale at $25 each. A preview of the Pokemon keyholders and can badges you can buy at random and that black thing with the pop art style Pikachu is a coin purse. That line of Pikachu merchandise was sold agesssss ago. I remember because I was buying a planner for my friend in that exact design.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Merchandise keyrings

Close up look at the designs available – really cute! I miiiiiight buy maybe one to pin on a bag. Miiiiiiight.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Merchandise 2

More merchandise from past and also more recent collections sold at the PokeCenter. Really cute but at that price it really hurts my wallet…..


I think the highlight for Planet and myself was getting to take photos with Pikachu! Since there really wasn’t much else to do.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Photo with Pikachu
Pikachu came out to their photobooth and we all lined up for photos! The lighting was really quite terrible so all our pictures ended up pretty grainy and dark so I had to edit them and greatly increase the exposure.  Pikachu was so cute, though! The DJ played some of Pokemon’s BGM and the adorable electric mouse was grooving to the music.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Photo with Pikachu

We took another photo when the crowd thinned and Planet put on the Pikachu hoodie they had as a prop! Props to the staff who became the permanent cameraman for everyone and helped take pictures. The staff were wearing Pikachu ear headbands and tails! I wonder why they only sell Pikachu tails ($10) but not the ear headbands? Wouldn’t those sell better?

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Pikachu

Photo taken by the official cameraman that night!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore_Selfie

I tried the hoodie on too – haha you can see my improvised Pikachu necklace! It’s actually a keychain I had. My Pikachu T-shirt is from the monochrome 8 bit series! It’s sold randomly and I just so happened to get Pikachu! I wish I had bought another one….it was only 1,080yen.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Polaroids

Polaroids we took tonight!



The space EwF occupies in Bugis Junction is terribly tiny. I’d never actually been there before so I didn’t know it was so small! It probably won’t be able to accommodate a lot of people at once so the wait would be quite long come opening day (and for as long as Singaporeans decide the hype is worth it…which will be for a while). I mean, if people are willing to queue 2 hours for Bake Cheese Tarts and the Hello Kitty Cafe, what more this limited time only Pokemon Cafe???

The food EwF served as refreshments (meatballs, popcorn chicken, bacon bits?, cookies) were decent and tasted pretty good actually. I don’t doubt that as a cafe their food tastes quite good but now with this new menu and food that looks more aesthetically pleasing than tasty….it’s going to be a hit or miss. We didn’t get to try anything so I can’t say for certain but based on looks alone there are some dishes that are not value for money and I wouldn’t bother ordering.

I guess for the novelty of it all, sure, give it a try, but as with all themed cafes, don’t expect too much.

Maybe when the queues aren’t ridiculously long, I might pop in to give the food a try. Also because they’re giving out an exclusive Pokemon Cafe Pikachu download code for ORAS on the 3DS. But I’ll wait till the initial rush goes to give it a try, and stalk food reviews online before I decide.

The Pokemon Cafe Singapore
200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #04-05
Open from 11am to 10pm (Last order at 9:30pm)


  1. XiangBei says:

    Hello~ awesome post, I enjoyed reading it. Would you mind telling me where do you get your Pokemon center merchandise~? The ones sold at the cafe are so freaking overpriced as compared to Japan.. 🙁 Your shirt is soooo cute, I want one so bad.

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Xiang Bei!
      Apologies for the late reply. Actually most of my Pokemon merchandise were bought in Japan itself. My t-shirt was from the airport Pokemon center in Kansai International Airport. Unfortunately most people end up buying online from resellers so the prices end up being similarly jacked up 🙁

      I do sometimes buy bootleg fan merch etc from places such as Taobao and Teefury.

      Hope that helps!

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