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I realised that these past few years that I’ve been studying in Japan…I’ve barely traveled anywhere else. Always Japan-SG-Japan-SG and maybe once there was a short trip up to Penang. But that was it! You can ask me about travel tips to Japan and I could spew a whole long list but that’s the only thing I’m familiar with. Which is a shame since Singapore is so well connected to so many countries in the immediate vicinity with lots of cheap flights out thanks to budget airlines.

And while I haven’t explored much of Southeast Asia, it’s definitely on my list of places to go. Plus the best part is that there are loads of fun travel guides to help me plan my trips on so I can travel smart (plus you know, everyone wants the perfect pictures for instagram and vlogs for YouTube now and it’s good to have a site understand the needs of millenials, heh). TheSmartLocal is a lifestyle and travel portal chock full of activities to do both in and out of Singapore!

Who knew Bandung, Indonesia had such cool things – HORSE RIDING WHILE GAZING OVER A VOLCANO??????? What an experience perfect for showing off on social media (snapchat, instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube…every platform). And since it’s just neighboring Singapore I won’t have to empty the bank to head over.

I also really liked this post about Malaysia that helped dispel my preconceived notions that there is nothing exciting in this region. When I think of Malaysia I always think of JB, Malacca and Penang which is so been there done that; eat food, cheap shopping…and that’s it. But no, here are 20 Incredible Places in Malaysia to Discover With Your Best Friend.


This is my pick for where I’d like to go! 😀

And speaking of Besties, Planet has been bugging me to go on a trip with her to Bangkok, another popular destination that always seems to have cheap flights and everyone cannot stop gushing about. But I’ve never actually been to all the popular shopping places and the last time I was in Thailand was maybe 10 years ago???? Quite unbelievable and since I have no idea what things are like…at least there is this guide to the best shopping places in Bangkok!

Complete with Pros and Cons of each shopping spot…AND ALSO THE FOOD!

I mean really, you don’t just go to Bangkok just to shop…you need to eat to get the energy to shop plus food is everything. I think I live to eat rather than live to eat so it’s always important to find out about the food options.

Ok la, but if you really don’t have the spare cash to travel overseas there are lots of things to do in Singapore even though we may think it’s really small and boring, and they have a whole overflowing category of things to do in SG that are cheap or unusual. I need to go read up on some before I start complaining how boring Singapore is, oops.


Personally, I wish the content box was a bit wider, but the font and pictures are big enough so it doesn’t hamper reading!

The site is easy to navigate although I got a bit lost trying to navigate the tags and categories, plus all the drop down categories at the top…whew that is a lot of content. But even if there are a lot of articles on the website, it’s quick to read through since most are in a listicle format (which unfortunately comes off a bit gimmicky and click-bait at times). For someone like me who is trying to rediscover Singapore, or for someone who is here for the first time, I think TheSmartLocal has a plethora of articles to help us find activities to do.

Plus you know, support local mah. #SingaporePride 


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