“This too shall pass”

…and come out as vomit. Jk, but I’ve been having so many tummy troubles recently and every time I’m back in Singapore that I am so done. I experienced my worst bout of food poisoning earlier in Feb, on Day 3 of Chinese New Year no less. At 5:30AM I was in a taxi headed to the nearest hospital and I got 2 injections before I felt better.

Today I woke up with a headache, and heaved until I puked a bit. But it was more indigestion/possible flu than actual food poisoning so after a rest and taking sips of warm water, I felt better enough for some food. The timing though – this couldn’t have come at a worst time.

Sometimes I wonder if the tummy troubles are because of different diets? I can’t recall getting food poisoning in Japan and generally I haven’t gotten sick so much until last and this year. Either I’m getting old, my system needs some rebooting detox thing or the changing diets and general bad eating habits back here in SG is being rejected by my body.

I really want to write, I’ve tried, but no words flow.

The past week or so left me with a lot of time to pass in the hospital while visiting, so I’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. Finished Season 7, and now caught up on Season 8. #TEAMKIMCHI, also #TeamNaomi but KIM CHI ALL THE WAY.

I also hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube earlier this month – yay! I haven’t got a time to get a proper 1000 subs celebration video up yet, so hopefully that soon too.


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