Best Horumon Don: Kitsuneya in Tsukiji Market

Horumon Don, Kitsuneya (2)
This is my second time to Kitsuneya in Tsukiji Market, and this time I did it right. I finally tried their Horumon Don and it finally washed the taste of regret out of my mouth. Horumon is offal, which may not sound appealing to most, but if you do try it once, make it this dish.

The way Kitsuneya does it is to stew the offal in a large pot and scoop the thick stew onto steaming hot rice and top it with a generous mountain of spring onions. I’m not a food blogger so I can’t quite describe how they cooked it, but it really was a lovely thick stew.

Everything inside was tender and the offal bits and konnyaku went wonderful with the rice and spring onions. The konnyaku (konjac) added an extra texture to each mouthful so it wasn’t just the soft tender offal bits bit also a bit of bite. Yum.

Sometimes with offal there is that organ-y taste and smell that tends to be a bit off putting, but while there was a slight taste to it, that’s where the spring onions and togarashi (chili pepper flakes) come in. I sprinkled togarashi over and in each bite had some spring onions as topping and it was perfect. It made me so happy.

The previous time I had come to Kitsuneya, following the recommendations of a Singaporean blogger, Denise and I tried their gyuudon (beef bowl) which was supposed to be the “best beef bowl in my life” but it left us with nothing but the taste of regret as everyone else ordered the horumon don while we watched and cursed our lack of research and my over reliance in that one blog post.

I found posts from other local bloggers proclaiming their love for Kitsuneya’s gyuudon to almighty levels of worship but personally I found theirs barely average.


It’s not the typical beef bowl – the beef slices and bits fall apart and soft of crumble into bits. It’s cooked for so long that it breaks apart instantly but doesn’t have that bite a la the beef bowls from Yoshinoya, Sukiya and the like. There isn’t much texture to it but mush, and it’s definitely not something we liked. I’d give it a miss and go for cheap gyuudon from Sukiya any day.

But I’d come back for their Horumon Don, and do go early before the queue snakes till forever. Which is a general tip for all of Tsukiji, and any tourist attraction in Japan. Go early to beat the queues and grab the fresh seafood. Later in the day, the oysters and uni have been sat out for a while and aren’t as tasty.

Kitsuneya, Tsukiji

Horumon Don, Kitsuneya

I’ll be back for you one day.


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