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Sherilyn commented it looks like the album art on a band’s CD and she’s right. Fresh off the press our new single: Dakota Crescent. Featuring 2 tracks, 01: Filters and 02: Photographs.

Notice the height symmetry. Unplanned, okay. Swee boh. Photo taken on an A7R via shutter and edited all by YS Photography, but genius idea thanks to one awesome friend Silver (@onceuponasong). Said awesome friend, Silver, also organized the mini instagram meet which was basically just a take nice photos and hang out with other photographers/instagram enthusiasts in a cool neighbourhood.

Dakota Crescent is one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates which is slated to be demolished for redevelopment end 2016. It also houses the Pigeon Playground (pictured in the link) and is home to some architecture you probably cannot find anywhere else in Singapore. The elevators are ancient, and creak and jerk and become your very own mini thrill ride. It’s a quaint neighborhood which also houses many roaming stray cats and now the wild photographers who want to capture this step back into the past before it is gone.

Which is where we come in – photography enthusiasts on a mission! All photos not credited were taken by me.

WARNING: well, it’s just loads of photos of…me.

dakota crescent_bernie_2



This is my “I don’t know how to pose WHAT DO I DO?????” pose.


There, that’s better – double chin, don’t care.


Am I smiling wide enough?


Top: taobao
Skirt: Japan (bought online for 600yen wtf – it’s basically a uniform skirt, lol)
Shoes: cute to the core by YRU
Bag: Present from my Mom

This is the first in a series of awkward #OOTD photos in which I learn that trying to pose like a fashion blogger is not very easy at all. ANGLES, ANGLES, ANGLES.


Like this is not a very good angle – look at how horribly fat my arm is in the photo! Well it is in real life but this isn’t a flattering photo!!! I’m still posting it anyway because I wanted to show off how adorable my bag and unicorn keychain is.

The theme for the day was supposed to be preppy/school then changed to minimalist (black/white) so I kinda tried to incorporate both though my top was more off-white/beige. I would wear this to school though.


This was the best shot of the….8? 9? 10? or so we took and seriously, look at this more flattering angle!

We tried a few shots where I attempted to look fierce but they all failed so we all gave up and settled for that kind of smile-smirk thing I do for selfies. Speaking of which…..


I was too amused by the sun rays (that were PURPLE!!!!) while everyone else was taking pictures of the architecture


Then I tried to look like I was having fun using the exercise corner facilities but was too much of a derrrrrrrp.

We now take a break from regular programming to present my beyond adorable friend, Silver.


There was a hopscotch game drawn on in chalk that had faded but you could still see the marks enough to have a quick jump or two. I captured these shots and they were so cute!! She looks so happy!!

Not only did she organize the mini meet, she also took photos of me:


Entering aforementioned rickety old lift. (Photo taken by Silver)


Bernie in her natural habitat aka ON HER PHONE (Photo taken by Silver)

dakota crescent_bernie_1

All candid photos taken by Silver which I loveeee – I have no idea she even took this photo of me!!! I’m actually taking a photo of Tian Kee & Co., the cafe across the street! Which is where we ate…..

dakotacrescent_tian kee & co cafe

CAKE!!!!!!!! The rainbow cheesecake was kinda meh, but the drinks were great! I had the Ice Snag (it’s like coffee? with rose syrup, and was really refreshing) and we all had a side of watch-other-people-be-hipster-too



But one of the highlights was definitely witnessing a wedding photoshoot taking place at the playground!

It was really fun taking photos and just hanging out with everyone…plus not being judged too much when standing up to take that flatlay of the food or hunting high and low for angles.

And I even got a mini photoshoot of sorts out of it, heh. Would have liked to shoot more at the playground but the wedding entourage came along so we let them have full reign over the area. There’s always another time to head over before it is unfortunately demolished 🙁


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