asos, You Disappoint Me With Your Bad Customer Service (CNY Orders to Singapore lost?)

Final Update:  Got refunded for all the items eventually

UPDATE (6 Mar 2016): Received this email from asos saying they received my returned parcel? Paperwork was incomplete???? ?????? ???????????????????? I NEVER RECEIVED MY PARCEL SO I COULDN’T RETURN IT???
asos lost parcel returned package


Update (26 Feb 2016): Contacted asos again, via twitter. They said I will be refunded.

Update: It seems other Singaporeans also face the same problem. Screenshot below if the link is broken. Time stamp included in screenshot.

asos singpost lost parcels 16 feb 2016
Update 2: Another thread about more lost parcels to Singapore. Yet another one, also about packages ordered for the CNY period. Oh, and yet another.

more asos delays sg cny parcels

Look, there has to be something that is wrong since so many orders to Singapore have all gone missing, most likely all from the same batch and shipped together. They keep asking us to send in more details to verify the order and everyone gets told to wait even longer. We have all been waiting, these were supposed to be CHINESE NEW YEAR CLOTHES. They were supposed to be new clothes bought for an auspicious occasion to be worn during the festive period. Some people may have been depending on these clothes to tide them by for all the visiting and events yet they never arrived. I read a post saying people had to frantically scramble to buy new clothes because the order never arrived. It’s a really big inconvenience.

Plus many, many, many other Singaporeans have faced this problem yet no one is getting a proper response. We see the exact same responses copy pasted for every single dispute. It is very frustrating.

If it is a problem with wrong/incomplete addresses and the parcels are being returned to asos, hopefully they can officially address this instead of just telling us it is backlog and to wait.


I have ordered from asos since 2012 a total of 19 times, of which 18 were very pleasant and I received all my items on time and without complaint. I wouldn’t have bought from them had they not delivered what was promised.

Yet, the latest and 19th time spelled disaster for my order has still yet to arrive and trying to actually get through to someone in hopes of getting my package has been a trying experience. This is a disappointing tale I have to tell, but the anger that boils in my veins will not be quelled by standing down quietly into the night.

It started on 10 Jan 2016, where I placed my order for 5 items, totaling over SGD$130, of which it contained some items I hoped to wear for the Lunar New Year/CNY in February. The estimated delivery date was emailed to me as 28 January 2016.

Order Confirmation

On the same day, I told Sherilyn about my purchase and she excitedly purchased from them as well, finalizing her order that night and receiving the same expected delivery date. She took MY WORD that asos is a reputable store and why yes, it is, since I’d ordered so many times before it would surely live up to it’s reputation and nothing awry would happen.

So we waited, and waited but the parcels never arrived. As CNY day 1 of 8 Feb drew closer, we were both increasingly worried about the status of our parcels. Mine said it had been dispatched on 12 January. So I took to their live customer service to enquire and was told to wait. I don’t have a screenshot for this since I was still keeping the faith in them, but Sherilyn too wrote in and this was the response she got:

Sher ASOS inquiry screenshot
So it is now 16 Feb and STILL NO PARCELS so I took to their live customer service yet again….and surprise, surprise, was told to wait even longer.

ASOS RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE SCREENSHOT1Ahhh, but here is where things get more complicated. A second package, ordered in Feb and dispatched 8th Feb, arrived today, 16 Feb. (Technically the delivery failure notice from Singapore Post arrived, but I know it is the second order since it was addressed to “Bernie Lows”. If you check my confirmation email, all my parcels are usually addressed to “Bernadette Low”)

I am told it is due to Chinese New Year backlog that my parcel has not arrived via local post service so I must wait till 24 Feb. But wait! I was told if I waited till now and it still did not arrive to contact immediately! So I did! Now why am I told to wait even longer?

The anger erupts.


ASOS RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE SCREENSHOT 3(Click image to expand, browser included to show it is indeed their live chat service)

When being told I have to wait and wait and wait what is to say I won’t be told to WAIT EVEN LONGER the next time I contact asos again? The exact same response the previous representative gave, the exact same response Sherilyn received in the email and probably the exact same response we will receive in future?

Now if they had just apologized perhaps I would have just resigned myself to having to wait. Nothing they can do about it, hmm?

But oh no, this representative had the audacity to CUT ME OFF. IMMEDIATELY.

“Bye!” she typed chirpily while rolling her eyes (or I assume she did so, since I am not her) before pressing enter and then promptly disconnecting our chat session.

Also, what is that atrocity of such an elementary grammar mistake – ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’. (edit: ok sure this is petulant of me but I am quite upset, I wish they could have a better answer than just wait and wait and wait)

By the way, the Chinese New Year public holidays in Singapore were on 8 and 9 February. On Wednesday, 10 February, all services resumed as per normal. It has been close to a week since. How can a new parcel arriving only recently (if estimated that it took a week or so to arrive in Singapore after being dispatched from the UK on the 8th and now arrived on the 16th) already reach and yet something that should have arrived ages ago not reach yet?

Surely the backlog has been cleared before any new parcels were dispatched?

How have TWO PARCELS, most likely shipped in the same batch have both been lost?

If only you knew the anger and disappointment that courses through my veins. Why, asos, why?

I patter away on my keyboard as the words fly furious off my fingertips onto this digital paper. I press the enter key. Publish.

I suppose only time will tell now? The aftertaste of disappointment lingers like when you bite into a delightfully rich red strawberry only to find it sour like a lemon.


  1. m says:

    Hi, I have the same problem as you.

    I ordered twice. My 1st order dispatched on 13 Jan, and 2nd on 25 Jan.
    However, my 2nd parcel has arrived on 5 Feb (i was shock), while my 1st parcel is still not here >=(
    Same as you, I contacted the customer service. They ask me to wait for 2 weeks and if still yet to arrive, contact them again. Now, they told me to wait till 24 feb. PLEASE. I AM SURE THE PARCEL HAS GONE MISSING. so furious.

  2. First and last time says:

    Mine too 🙁
    Ordered 14 Jan, supposed to deliver on 3 Feb.
    Told to wait till 21 Feb in case of delays, then told to wait again till 26 Feb.
    Mine was for CNY no doubt, but more importantly, these were maternity clothes bought for CNY. If I don’t receive the goods soon, I will probably give birth before the goods arrive and I will have absolutely no need for it after that.

  3. Jason says:

    Frustrated having watched my wife navigate what has turned into a reficulous ordeal.

    Owning a business where customer service counts, and after now reading COUNTLESS reviews stating similar frustrated customer experiences, I don’t understand how they are still in business.

    Hopefully these reviews catch your eye before spending your money with ASOS. Word to the wise, DON’T!!!

    They are BRUTAL!

  4. Joelle says:

    Hi, I know this post s old, but I thought I’d leave a comment. As someone who frequently ships to Singapore from the USA, the Singaporean post is FAMOUS for putting “address incomplete” and returning packages that were shipped with the full and correct address that we even photo copy and provide to the Singaporean post as PROOF that it was shipped to the correct address. This is a problem for many companies that ship to Singapore and no one can seem to figure out if it’s the Singaporean Post, Singaporean customs or customers. It is very odd, and many companies wish they knew how to fix it. Just thought I’d make mention of this to you as the problem seems to be quite complicated!

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