Chinese New Year 2016 Outfits!

Buying new clothes for Chinese New Year can either be a wonderful experience or a complete nightmare which was an apt way to describe this year’s experience. I had the most difficult time trying to find clothes that would

1. fit my mom’s criteria of NO BLACKS AND DULL COLOURS
2. actually fit me.

One week before CNY and I still didn’t have a proper outfit – cue panic mode. The stuff I’d bought from ASOS still hadn’t arrived (although it was pass the expected delivery date) but had they arrived, they were mostly black anyway so that wouldn’t help much. I can’t stop buying black coloured clothes because it’s the colour that reflects my soul that actually makes me look decent.

I went clothes hunting for 3 to 4 days in a row, all my usual Western chain stores failing me (damn you H&M and F21!!!) and I was almost desperate enough to buy a $160 dress from Robinsons that was large enough but I would never wear again. Last resort, I told myself, last resort.

You know, shopping wouldn’t be this difficult if there were ACTUALLY STORES THAT SOLD PLUS SIZE CLOTHES IN SINGAPORE OK. Technically there are but a lot of places sell “Auntie fashion” aka things my Mom would wear! I was so desperate I was about to resign myself to buy anything that fit over me (even a potato sack) as long as it was bright red and colourful enough. Or wear something from a year or so ago….though I’d gained weight so they might not even fit or worse, what if someone recognized me in that dress from 2013!??! GASP SHOCK HORROR – NO!!!

But I somehow managed to scrape things together so here are my outfits for Chinese New Year 2016!! I’m no fashion blogger so don’t mind the awkward poses, heh.

CNY Eve Outfit:

Romper: ASOS | Top: City Plaza? | Shoes: Neckermann

Romper: ASOS | Top: City Plaza? | Shoes: Neckermann

This one I kind of cheated since I did wear this romper on CNY Day 2 a year or so ago – haha. But it was just for CNY Eve Thanksgiving Service at Church aka people who didn’t see me in this so it is okay. I looted the top from my mom’s wardrobe and the shoes? Just something I threw on for the photo. My mom was actually going to water the plants (those orchids are her babies, not counting me her overgrown baby) but I made her snap ootd photos for me. #instagramparent lulz

Day 1’s Outfit:

Photo 8-2-16, 2 41 35 PM EDITED

Top: factorie | Skirt: The Curve Cult | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Acessorize

Love the skirt! Everyone else seems to really love it as well and it’s the first of two pieces I bought from The Curve Cult that saved me for CNY (I’ll introduce the store later so keep reading…or just scroll to the end cause you’re not interested in me, lol). A tip for girls like me with big hips and thighs – pull the skirt on from the top! Instead of struggling to pull it up past your thighs and butt, opt for the easier option to pull it over then down onto your waist. Works like a charm. Thanks Rani!

The top was a STEAL at $15 from factorie – it was on sale! I grabbed the last one in XL which fits perfectly! When I saw the skirt I knew it would be a good match for this top so I grabbed it (last piece too, boy was I lucky). The general reaction from my relatives was “WAH, you dress until so nice ah?” which I’ll take as a compliment.

Day 2’s Outfit:

Dress: The Curve Cult, Shoes: H&M, Belt: New Look

Dress: The Curve Cult | Shoes: H&M | Belt: New Look
Photo taken by: YS Photography

This dress is so sweet and sometimes I feel like it is so not me but hey, I look quite nice in it! I added the belt to give it a bit more shape and would have wanted a different belt to match better with the flower prints but NAH. My shoes weren’t dainty or anything so why not throw in a bit of contrast and edge? (Ok actually I just couldn’t find a different belt and I had no other heels so this would have to do – hah)

I like how you can wear this dress differently! This is my favourite way to wear it, and although my mom scoffed because according to her ruffles make you look very big, but I thought I looked fabulous so that was that. I usually shy away from wearing white as it makes me look even bigger but this wasn’t too bad.

More photos from Day 2 thanks to YS Photography

CNY day 2-3

With long suffering bestie, Tea, who has to deal with all my “act cute” ways. Am I k-k-k-kawaii yet?


I announced proudly the other day to my mom that my motto for the year is: “I may be fatter but my makeup skills are better” HAHAHAHA, ah, how I amuse myself sometimes.

And finally what all of you are probably waiting for or scrolled down to read about: I bought my clothes from The Curve Cult! They are a plus size clothing store located in Far East Plaza! Trying on clothes is a must must must so it is great whenever I find a store where I can physically try clothes and not have to be afraid that nothing will fit. I really cannot remember how I found out about them a couple months back (possibly from instagram?) but I am glad I did 🙂 They stock clothes from size UK 14 to UK 22 (update: now till 26!), though sizes vary per item so you can always drop them a message on Facebook.

When I headed over co-owner Rani (she models their clothes and looks gorgeous in them!) was there attending to another customer so I browsed the racks (which was when I grabbed the skirt pictured earlier). I’m veryyyyy awkward around people and not used to actually having help when buying clothes since I’ve only shopped online and in large chain stores where customer service is practically Z-E-R-O. She was so nice and got out lots of things for me to try so I felt very glad to purchase from them.

Can you spot Rani in the background hehehe

A happy me after successful shopping!
Dress: H&M | Top: taobao | Shoes: YRU via ASOS

Some of the clothes were a tad mature for me in the sense that I probably can’t pull them off (no matter how pretty they are) since I also somehow have this cutesy in-denial-that-I’m-going-to-be-mid-twenties-soon look going but their collections do cater to a wide age range.

The Curve Cult
#05-126a Far East Plaza 
Open on Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 8pm 

Not sponsored ok! The 3 pieces I purchased came up to less than $160. Cheaper than that Robinsons dress I almost bought – hah, take that!

This is also my first post on my BRAND NEW DOMAIN! Say hello to, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now and I finally have. Importing data was relatively painless too, still some kinks to work out but so far so good.



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