Star Wars: The Force Awakens (No Spoilers)


I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens today! All I will say about it is that I liked the movie and wouldn’t mind watching it again. I watched Episodes 3 – 6 again to refresh my memory but you don’t really need to rewatch them, just know what happened thus far. My friend who isn’t a huge fan and only vaguely remembers the previous movies enjoyed it just fine.

My only recommendation is to not bother with 3D. We watched it in 3D and I didn’t see much point in doing so as I think there really wouldn’t be much difference with the 2D version.

We had lots of fun taking photos before and after the movie! Those lightsabers definitely draw a lot of attention!


FUNNY STORY: While we were taking pictures a random black guy joined in and went “I’m Finn!” before running away. It caught us all by surprise.


Princess Leia has TWO Lightsabers!?!?


Bernie + Ewok + Lightsaber = YASSSSS




If only watching movies in Japan wasn’t so expensive….it cost us 1900yen each (SGD$22!?!) to watch it in 3D, and movies for students cost about 1500yen (SGD$17), late night movies are 1300yen (SGD$15) and on Wednesdays it is 1000yen (SGD$11.60) for Ladies. In Singapore it typically costs only $8 to $10 for a normal movie ticket!

Not to mention movie releases are usually delayed for AGESSSS in Japan… we’re talking MONTHS. 6 months or more sometimes, and for Pitch Perfect it was like a 2 year delay since it originally wasn’t released in Japan but Pitch Perfect 2 had come out in other countries so they released it. Pfft.

Before I go here’s Part 1 of the awesome shenanigans I got up to sometime last week with Mel (Nippon Culture Quest) and Sam (Hide in Osaka) at Expo City! Sam did a great job getting the footage up so quick while my video will probably be agesssssss later, oops.

YOU NEED TO GO TO EXPOCITY OKAY? It’s an amazingggggg wonderland that has brought together so many epic things.

Why is this time of year always so hectic? THESIS IS STILL NOT PROGRESSING AHHHHHHHHHH

Wishing all of you a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

May the force be with you. 

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