Short Hiatus & Recent Updates

Hi! It’s just about a week till Christmas, do you have plans? Mine are basically to do nothing but finish my graduation thesis which is giving me a headache thus I am procrastinating by writing this instead. So I will be taking a short hiatus from posting on the blog till it’s done and submitted, some time in the first week of January.

It’s not like I post extremely regularly here (though I do want to!) and my drafts folder is always filled with half written posts from aeons ago, but just in case anyone is wondering what happened to me. I’ll still be on twitter, though, so follow me there if you want to catch up on what life is.

In the meantime, here are some recent updates!

The lovely World Citizens Storycast featured me in Episode 07, “Superstar Phenomenon”, of their podcast! Lisle and Marcia contacted me to ask if I would be interested to appear on their podcast to talk about life in Japan and any cultural difficulties or shocks I faced. Of course the whole Not All Foreigners Are Treated Equal thing came up, and some other anecdotes on my experiences (falling in and out of love in Japan, dating a Japanese guy etc).

Do give it a listen and let me know what you think!

On the YouTube side, I’ll be taking a break from editing videos as well (I’m not a regular uploader in any case but oops) but here are some recent ones!

The YouTube Gathering in Kyoto where I got to meet some new J-vlogger friends as well as reconnect with others, plus, I FREAK OUT OVER A DOUBLE RAINBOW. And get this, Yosemitebear62, the original poster of that viral Double Rainbow video commented.

My first time at Nakano Broadway, with my wonderful friends from TabiEats:

First time at Tokyo SkyTree! I also visited Tokyo Tower in that same trip but the footage remains unedited……oops

And finally, for some entertainment, I was in amadofu’s video along some other amazing people! It’s such a funny video you should watch it ok!!!!

Now it’s time to go back to the thesis, blargh, at least I’ve filtered out some of the books and texts I will be using from this big stack:


You can probably figure out what my thesis is about!

I’m really quite annoyed with how Japanese students like to SLEEP ON THE ONLY TABLES THAT HAVE POWER SOCKETS. Thus not allowing people to use those sockets. They’re individual cubicles so I guess that’s why they like sleeping there….but it’s also another problem altogether when the SCHOOL LACKS ENOUGH POWER SOCKETS. They’ve bolted up the ones on the walls in the library, there are usually only 2 in a class and generally it’s so difficult to find any!!!

The library, while stocked with tables and lights for studying, closes pretty early in comparison to the ones in my friend’s home universities and the school doesn’t seem to have 24 hour study rooms either. It’s also closed for like the entire winter holiday period (screams) which is the time I will be trying to complete the thesis in.

Blarrrrrgh. I should get back to the paper.

Good luck to everyone else who is writing their graduation thesis as well!

May the odds be ever in your favour. (Yes I watched Mockingjay Part 2! Loved it.)


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