Gudetama Cafe in Osaka!

Note: This post is about the pop-up Gudetama Cafe that ran from Summer to Fall 2015. The cafe was renovated and has now reopened as a permanent Gudetama Cafe.

I chanced upon the cafe in HEP FIVE on my way home after a session of UFO Catcher-ing and didn’t think of asking when the pop up concept cafe would remain open till. It first opened in July for summer only, but has been extended (shop info at the end of this post). Just my luck, two weeks later and they’re still running! This time I had to give it a try, and I just happened to have the perfect companion with me.

Gudetama, for those who have yet to be acquainted, is a Sanrio character that is essentially a pessimistic Lazy Egg that has zero motivation to do anything. You’ll often find it going “Leave me alone!”, “I don’t wanna…!” and “Don’t look at me!”. It has various forms from soft boiled, to eggs benedict, tamago sushi and even pudding and castella. Short episodic clips can be found online (like the one below) and its popularity has spawned lines of toys, keychains, t-shirts, bath bombs, utensils, LINE stickers and of course – plushies.

WELCOME TO GUDETAMA CAFE! I love the all the cute decor with stickers all over, special paper mats, pictures on the wall…everything to make it paradise for fans of the adorable egg.

It wasn’t too crowded when I first arrived, and even when lunch time rolled in the cafe remained that perfect ratio of empty to occupied so you could drink in the atmosphere while enjoying your drink. The menu was normal cafe fare but with a Gudetama twist – the lovable character appears as part of your food! Which makes it a bit of a sadistic meal, come to think of it, since you chomp chomp chomp down on the poor defenseless egg.

Taking a look at the menu and peeking at what other diners ordered, I settled on the Hayashi Omurice and a Matcha Latte! Every drink order came with a free coaster you could take home!

Joined by my companion – Gudetama itself! Kinda strange to have it watch me eat itself….so I put it away while I ate to prevent trauma. By pure coincidence I had just caught the lil fella from the UFO Catcher earlier that day, which caused a korette destiny!? (is this destiny!?moment.



“Ahhhhh don’t eat me!”

I saved the best for last – then popped it into my mouth and ate the last bits of egg. Yum.

As with all themed cafes, don’t expect the food to be spectacular. The rice was decent, quite good actually, similar to what you could probably find in another cafe. The matcha latte however, was horrible and downright the worst matcha latte I’ve had in my life, which was a shame. There was barely any matcha flavor and it had a very…artificial taste and was overly cloyingly sweet. Don’t order that.

The total cost of drink + meal came up to about 2,052yen ($21) which is a bit pricey, but that’s usually how much you’d pay at a cafe. The average cost will probably be about 1000yen ($10) or so if you only order a dessert or a drink.

I probably need to head back another day to try their desserts before they close on 8 November.

The cafe was under renovation (“renewal”) and reopned on 19 Dec 2015.

Shop Information:
Gudetama Cafe (Osaka), website
HEP FIVE Shopping Center, 7F
Open from 11:00 to 22:30 (Last order stated as 22:00 on website, was 21:30 based on someone’s experience)
Tel: 06-6366-3694
Access: 5 minutes walk from Hankyu Umeda Station or JR Osaka Station


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