Giant Floating Sushi Train in Osaka!

I woke up at 7:30AM on 17 October just so I could rush down to Shinsaibashi’s Ebisu Bridge to catch the last day of giant sushi plates floating down the river. Called “Rolling Sushi” the floating train was part of the Osaka Canvas Project 2015 and took place over two weekends. Festivities included photo taking with sushi themed props and even a dance performance.

Friends who saw my FB and instagram updates asked me how I found out about such events and well, it was all over RocketNews and even Singapore’s ladyironchef made a post about it. Turns out giant sushi is a big deal. Very big indeed.

The crowd in the morning was decent, including other bleary-eyed individuals and tourists ready to tackle a day of exploring ahead. Curious onlookers lined the bridge and the sides of the river bank, phones and cameras poised to snap photos. Of course I was trying to get my perfect instagram photo!

Reaching for that salmon sushi – my favourite – yum! Other poses spotted were trying to grab the sushi with one or both hands or biting into them!

Grabbed a photo while they were sitting at the side of the bank to try and demonstrate how big the sushi plates were. Humans by the side for comparison.

Was a lovely day out! The sunlight on my skin felt great too (don’t mind my messy hair) and I love my earrings! Got them from the Thank You Mart (cause everything is 390yen. Y’know san kyuu is thank you). Ignoring how the giant sushi isn’t very visible in the background…it’s fine, every blog post warrants a narcissistic selfie.

My favourite part of the day was the dance performance! Watch it in the video above – so much energy!! The best part is the song, though, which is an actual released track that can be bought on iTunes. It’s called….

“Sushi Tabetai feat. Soy Sauce” by ORANGE RANGE
(aka “I wanna eat sushi!”)

and you NEED to have this song in your life. I half couldn’t believe it was a real released track by a pretty famous band (they played the OP “Ikenai Taiyou” for the drama Hanazakarai no Kimitachi e!), but IT IS and thank you for bringing this into my life.

I bought it and have vowed to play it every time I eat sushi from now on. THE LYRICS ARE SPECTACULAR: “I wanna eat sushi to my heart’s content! Sometimes I want to cheat and eat pizza, but in the end I always go back to sushi” and Sherilyn and I have vowed to sing this at karaoke some time. I’m listening to it right now as I type.


Strangely enough I didn’t actually eat any sushi that day (gasp!) but what I did eat was…..

Charcoal grilled crab legs from you know, that iconic place by the bridge with the giant moving crab sign. Opposite Starbucks.

I admit while decent, it didn’t blow my socks off but it’s one of those foods you eat for your perfect “tourist experience”. If you do want something similar that will not disappoint, try Luke’s Lobster in Shinsaibashi (exit 5/6 from the subway, next to Journal Standard) for a delicious Lobster Roll.

As I drifted away from the bridge and down the street toward Namba, I watched the shops slowly coming to life around me and another day began in busy Shinsaibashi. I watched a group of hosts pose for a group photo after what I assume to be a company meal with their poofy brightly dyed hair and chuckled as they sauntered off. Tourists starting to fill the streets in starry eyed wonder and sales assistants peeking out of their stores to beckon to the growing crowd.

Ahh, Osaka. It’s nice to be back.


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