When Back In Japan…GO SHOPPING

It’s like I was unleashed in a candy store, except it’s BETTER than a candy store cause there is more than just candy. THERE IS EVERYTHING. I can’t believe how much I spent in under a week here in Japan. It’s not a crazy amount but it’s a lot more than I thought I would spend because I told myself I would save money.

Pssh!! How do you save money when you see everything and you want it because it looks so amazing and you have got to get your hands on it?

The answer is that you don’t.

My first stop upon landing in Japan was the Pokemon Center at the Kansai International Airport (“…I wouldn’t expect anything less from you lol” – Shannon, 2015).



So I had to get myself something, which I later wished I had got more of because when I went to the Osaka Pokemon Center a few days later….EVERYTHING WAS SOLD OUT THERE.

I wish I had bought more of the Mystery Mansion keystraps, sigh.

The next day I went 100yen store hopping and discovered that Daiso isn’t the best 100yen store – it’s Seria. The things there have a better design, wider variety and are more value for money than what Daiso has (and they have also been raising their prices recently. It is no longer everything for 108yen, bleh). I spent around $35 getting essentials such as cutlery, some food, a floor mat (in the shape of an apple – ADORABLE), some cushions for a makeshift pillow…y’know, important stuff.



They had the Pokemon lottery (ichiban kuji) on sale at my nearby Book 1st and I HAD to give it a try. Got a bath towel (which I actually need so yay), some socks and keychains. Also got myself some books while I’m at it and thank goodness for the children’s section cause ain’t nobody able to read all that kanji with no furigana. Obviously the books are cat-themed, and the Sherlock comic is just a graphic novelization of the first episode of the drama series. LOVE IT. (I’m cheating – it’s in English with Japanese translations at the side)

And then this happened:



To the disappointment of my friends and family back home who I made a “vow” that I would retire. Well. I see “retirement” is treating me good. I was also trying to catch it on video BUT whenever I filmed I couldn’t for the life of me catch them toys. Until I put the phone down and just had fun with it – caught Piglet, Pooh and that white thing on the first try. WHAT.

And then I had to go to Umeda to pick up stuff (the most important one I actually FORGOT TO BUY) so why not FULFILL THE NEED FOR RAMEN. What better place to go to than ICHIRAN RAMEN!?!?! It is so good seriously I can’t believe it’s not in Singapore WHY.



Try it with their vinegar (80yen extra) and if you love spicy food, get twice or more the amount of special sauce (see that red goodness?) YUM. And for all you antisocial people like me (high five), it’s great how the place has individual booths so you can enjoy your ramen in peace. Slurp.

Unfortunately being in Umeda also set off all the red flags my friends were trying to help me curb – UFO Catchers, Shopping….

I can't help myself

I can’t help myself

The Pokemon stuff I picked up for a friend, the Agumon head and Capachubabarachupa (bat thing) I won at a UFO Catcher, the tsum tsum keychains from playing the arcade game and Cardcaptor Sakura adorable gachapon!!! Not pictured are the Neko Atsume stickers I got – only 100yen a sheet!

AND THEN I FORGOT TO BUY MY N1 TEXTBOOKS, ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS I WAS THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. They don’t sell any in Takarazuka but I was so tired after being on my feet for over 5 hours that I just went home. Had to make a stop at H&M for some clothes (and got disappointed but still managed to find cute things to wear….also cat themed). Yodobashi Camera no longer sells the digital tuner to watch TV on your laptop!??! Which greatly saddens me because I’d left mine behind in the old place when I moved out in an act of folly.

Oh woe. But then I remember the amazing things I found at the THANK YOU MART (amazing place btw) called that because everything is 390yen (before tax) and 39 is san kyuu which sounds like Thank You. 39 very much, you have now been enlightened.


LOOK AT THOSE ADORABLE EARRINGS – (yes more cats, did I mention I love cats? No?) and those socks. Bacon & eggs and dinosaurs? Yup, I’m 22. And it’s also the best place to buy your iPhone cases because ain’t nobody got $15 to spend on an overpriced case in a store. Hah.

Oh and don’t get me started on Donki Hote (that’s how it’s pronounced, it’s spelt like Quixote!?!?) which I LEFT before I could get sucked into a world of cheap electronics and merchandise it’s like heaven. It’s like Singapore’s Mustafa. Open 24 Hours and got everything you need and more. Oh and it also has free wifi. You’ll never leave.

Random note on free wifi – now that I don’t have a mobile phone plan (hate you au UGH) I NEED all the free wifi I can get and more places in Japan are getting wifi access. FINALLY. They have a lot of annoying login pages which take ages to get through but it’s better than nothing. Even the train stations got wifi now! HEY THERE HANKYU-HANSHIN FREE WIFI. Only on the train platforms, which is kinda meh, and requires a THREE STEP login process of filling in your email and name, and agreeing to the t&c before you can use it. The train gonna leave before you even get through that. But still, it’s a step.

It’s good to be back, although my wallet is crying a little. I’ll try and take it easy.

But you know, famous last words.

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