SHIT HAPPENS (Back to Japan!)

Today I received a call from my university. On my home phone in Singapore, to the emergency number I’d listed. Confusion was my first reaction and then as I picked up and listened to what I was told on the phone, HORROR.

“You are missing a foundation course,” the SIS office staff told me, “if you don’t take it you have to stay back another semester.” and she directed me to the email she’d sent and as I opened it, my heart started beating all doki doki this can’t be happening to me OH NO.

If I didn’t cancel my internship early, fly back to Japan in two weeks and take that ONE course I was missing, I wouldn’t be able to graduate. My scholarship would have ended so the remainder of the period would have to be self funded – I can’t even afford the accommodation costs let alone the tuition fees. I became a reenactment of ‘The Scream’.

Panicked emails and messages sent, a flight booked and the incredulity of the situation began to sink in. I was going to be “stuck” for another semester. Which was great really, since I’d be enjoying Japan but the thought of having to attend school for that entire period just for that one course (and well, my thesis too) isn’t the most appealing. Time to find a baito again.

Thankfully the school has space for me in one of the dorms (which I’d lived at for a year previously) so that solves things. Back to a communal kitchen and hiding from humans most of the time but it’s a nice place, in a nice city, and it’s not too expensive.

I’ve already sent most of my things back home so that’s not a problem. I need to get a temporary phone line, sigh. I’ll be living out of a suitcase for a while too but yeah, that’s okay. Three and a half months before it might be goodbye forever. I need to cherish it.

It’s so weird how I made such a big deal about leaving Japan a while back and now circumstances force me back to when I should have originally planned for instead. No more internships in Singapore for me now, and maybe that’s also a good thing?

I realise I’ll also be spending Christmas and New Year’s alone in Japan again? This makes me sad.

Then again, there’s always the USJ annual pass and that BIOHAZARD ATTRACTION I SWEAR I HAVE TO TRY THIS YEAR OR REGRET IT FOREVER.


  1. kei says:

    Wow, that sounds crazy! On the plus side you get to go back to Japan, so I mean it’s really not all that bad, right? ^^ Good luck with your last semester!

  2. robertolddude says:

    Going back to hiding from people? Hearing that is concerning. It seems to me, from what I know of you that these people you’re hiding from will be missing out. That being said, 3OD will be glad to bore you with low brow humor over the holidays, you are most welcome to participate. I have a word of the day for you. Toastmasters. That is all. and Meow.

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