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#SAGURAIFU (aka #THUGLIFE in the wonderful lingo of KATAKANA-ish? lish? ism?)

#SAGURAIFU (aka #THUGLIFE in the wonderful lingo of KATAKANA-ish? lish? ism?)

I HAVE STARTED MY INTERNSHIP! And it’s only the first week but I am quite tired due to my lepak-ing for pretty much the most of the past 3.5 years, hah. You know how people have done multiple internships by the time they graduate? I’ve only started my first.

Technically I did have a part time job in Japan but teaching English conversation isn’t exactly very challenging unless you’re trying to get more that monosyllabic responses from students. Or trying to sustain conversation for close to an hour when you’re in general not the best at talking to people. I type easier than I speak words. Until I’m properly acquainted with you and then I can talk non-stop the whole day about myself.

AHEM. Anyway, here I am at this archaic age of 22 working with some people years younger than me (I AM SO OLD) and thinking WOW this is some really awesome talent right there ok WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE?

At least I’m doing something now, right? HAH. I AM LEARNING OKAYZ

It’s only the first week but work is so fast paced and there are always things to take note of and remember and many ongoing projects at once it’s a must to organize all the work haha. I’m a marketing intern in the sales team so there’s a lot of liasing with clients and doing up proposals, follow up reports and case studies…stuff like that.

Yesterday we were sprung with a last minute urgent proposal request which I took on and did from scratch all by myself haha. I don’t know how well done it was but I think I did a decent job! Will continue to work hard in the weeks and months ahead 🙂

I also really like the work culture, where it’s quite laid back and there’s no divide between the full-time staff and interns and they really do trust us to do quality work. Everyone’s also been really nice and friendly so that’s good! I’m always scared of being left out and lost but even though I’ve been quite quiet (in comparison) things have been okay.


Today was company bonding activity – cycling! We cycled from East Coast Parkway to Marina Bay Sands…and back. Supposedly 10km!? ;A; I am sunburnt, legs wobbly and aching. But it was definitely fun! Had lunch with the other interns after 🙂

Marina Bay Sands along the cycling trail! It was a really nice day out

Marina Bay Sands along the cycling trail! It was a really nice day out

Monday will bring more learning opportunities! I’m really quite glad how everything turned out because I was supposed to take a different internship but turned it down (really last minute) to join the present company instead. I’m a much better fit for this job instead of the other one….

I’ll also be posting my old articles from Cute-Pop because unfortunately, the site has been shut down. It was nice writing and working with the others!

Now I am off to tend to this horrible sunburn I have on both arms (and a bit on my thighs but it’s minor) that is starting to hurt. Mom is laughing at how badly I will be aching all over tomorrow.



    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      It’s till middle October! And yeah it’s been fun, had to learn on my feet and I’ve made some blunders but it’s my first proper venture into the working world (kinda) and it’s very eye opening.

      The sunburn is much better now!! I used almost the entire tube of aloe though >.>

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