Murphy’s law loves me (aka why you should go to the airport 3 hours early)

On 1 July I was to board a plane and leave Japan for Singapore. My flight was at 14:50, and I planned to take the airport limousine bus at 10:45, arriving at 12:00. I had 3 bags and couldn’t lug them all over myself so I enlisted the help of 2 friends…..but anything that could go wrong was going wrong and I WAS PANICKING SO MUCH.

So the bus was at 10:45 right? We left my house at 10:30am and best of all it was raining!?!?!? Superman Abu pulled both my big fat suitcases (WHICH WERE SO OVERWEIGHT I DONT I CANT EVEN) and QT dragged my little one and I tried to keep up D: (just keep running, running running). We somehow made it there at 10:40am and I caught my bus.

Superman Abu and QT(pie) who sent me off and lugged all my stuff!!

Superman Abu and QT(pie) who sent me off and lugged all my stuff!!

The bus trip was smooth sailing but once the guy who unloaded my bags said they were “mecha kucha omoi” (aka very very heavy) things all went downhill. There was already a queue formed more than 30min before the check in counter opened. I joined it. I spotted the two Japanese staff who gave Planet I and THE WORST SERVICE WE HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED IN ALL OUR EXPERIENCES IN JAPAN and I was hoping and praying they don’t serve me.

Ok seriously, I have to digress because they so were snobby and RUDE I just can’t believe it.

“Even with your laptop and electronics your hand carry cannot be more than 7kg.” (It was 9kg) wait wait wait what my friend brought on 15kg of all his camera equipment/laptop/electronics and no one said anything so WHAT WAS THIS NONSENSE.

And when we asked legitimate questions about the food being served in the plane (Planet had never traveled via budget airlines before so we weren’t sure about what would be sold on board – only snacks or proper meals too? Since it was two short flights with transit in between. We had had no time for lunch and were famished) but they didn’t fully understand our questions in English.

The first lady didn’t even bother trying to be nice or answer, and we tried again when Planet paid for excess baggage fees, and at first the second staff was polite when she replied but because she didn’t actually answer our question so we tried to clarify.

When she obviously didn’t understand our questions and we were all getting confused I switched to Japanese AND SHE GOT EVEN MORE GRUMPY AND GAVE US THE “BLACKEST FACE” I HAVE EVER SEEN. It was like SCOWLING at us and I was so confused!?? She then didn’t bother to say anything anymore and we had no idea why the staff seemed to be in such a horrible mood. Is it because I switched to Japanese? (´・ω・`)

Anyway, back to my story…..

When I reached the front my bags were 58kg total (HOW!?) a whopping 18kg over the max 40kg I bought. It would cost 27,000yen in overweight baggage charges to take back that much at 1,500yen a kilo. I almost cried and started pleading with the staff at the counter but she was apologetic and said there was nothing else I could do…..

I’M NOT MADE OF MONEY. All the previous shipping fees cleared my bank and I was so broke. The only solution was to ship a suitcase back via the post office on the first floor. I didn’t have enough cash and they didn’t accept payment by credit card. Thankfully there was an ATM right next to the post office! I tried to withdraw money with my foreign credit card. FAIL.

Freaking out, I tried calling my bank via pay phone THREE TIMES with the international call function wasting all my coins because it was a ROBOT ANSWERING MACHINE SERVICE THING. It took so long to get through the “Press 1 for ____, 2 for ____” that all my credit was GONE before I could even get to a HUMAN.

I was so desperate I almost called a friend in despair to ask for a monetary loan though they wouldn’t have made it to the airport in time.

Freaked out more then realised I have Internet. OH SWEET, SWEET WIFI. Tried to Skype call my bank. FAILED. Remembered of the existence of iBanking and decided to try activating my card that way.

Logged in. Tried to activate card, it required a 6 digit passcode from my iBanking device. I pressed the button. It didn’t seem to work. PANIC. Then it worked after another two tries. Activated card while fumbling around, withdrew money (“You may be charged for this withdrawal” it doesn’t matter at this point) and then I paid 11,000yen to ship a suitcase of 28kg home.

It was 1:35pm. My flight was at 2:50pm and check in would close at 2pm. I was on the first floor, while the check in counter is on the fourth. STARTS RUSHING.


But the guy/people in front of me DIDN’T WANT TO SUMIMASEN OUT OF MY WAY UGH. Accidentally hit guy trying to push through. He goes “Ugh” I go SUMIMASEN again loudly and just rush off as he slowly makes no effort to MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. I was angry and didn’t bother looking back and just ran to the lift with the trolley.

Made it out of the lift and pushed my stuff back to the check in counter.


I was so happy and so horrified how long the queue was....

I was so happy but also horrified how long the queue was….

So tired.

And then my wifi stops working and I am left complaining to the air about how horrendously slow the line is moving. Somehow I make it to the front of the line, but am told my hand carry even with laptop and electronics is overweight. It was really only just my laptop, DS etc and omiyage like kit kat and Hiroshima lemon biscuits…. I am annoyed but just tell them to check in my mini suitcase.

THEN FINALLY I AM DONE. I enter the departure gate, make it to the boarding gate in time to buy food, water and take a quick 5 min rest before I am up and on the plane and it is BYE BYE JAPAN. My only gripe is that the wifi at KIX was just so HORRIBLE that day it only seemed to actually work when I was on the first floor at the post office (when I needed it most SO AT LEAST THAT WORKED OUT). I’d cancelled my phone plan the night before (which is another nightmare for another post ugh).

I fell asleep even before the end of the life jacket demonstration. Arrived in Taiwan! Transit there was uneventful, the wifi actually worked (YES!!!1!!1) and soon I was back on the plane headed for Singapore.

Our flight got delayed. For like…..almost 2 hours. I was also seated next to a couple who was very unabashed about their public displays of affection hahahahhaha AWKWARD

The plane got into Singapore over an hour late and then baggage claim took another 78585977679 years before I WAS FINALLY HUGGING MY MOM and the boy and then all was right in the world and all I wanted to do was sleep some more (and complain about how hot Singapore is hah).



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