How I Made The News (Copyright Infringement by

Update: Nick Whigham responded to my tweet and has since taken my picture down. Offered his “sincerest apologies”, said he was “under the impression” that it was a “hikikomori vid on YouTube”. Yes, it is, but not what he was expecting since he never watched it. 

Thank you for all the shares, tweets, RTs, comments etc!! 


Completely by mistake.

In an article by Nick Whigham posted on titled “Around 1 million Japanese lock themselves in bedrooms and will not come out” (11 July 2015), writing about the phenomenon of ‘hikikomori‘, scrolling down leads to a familiar face.

hikikomori article screencap ME

Hey wait that looks like…..

….IT’S ME. What am I doing on an article about Japanese hikikomori. I’m neither Japanese nor a hikikomori so why is my face plastered on this article with the caption “Many post videos of themselves online” no less?

The screencap comes from this video of mine:

Though the author must not have actually watched it.

I also find it quite hilarious that there are photos in the background of me having fun with people outside my room but of course with photoshop you can fabricate anything these days. I suppose all the other videos of me being outside of my room were fabricated with very high levels of CGI or some other nifty technology I don’t even know how I managed to use.

As much as I admit to being a shut-in and don’t tend to leave the comfy confines of my room, I don’t think I’ve fully withdrawn from society like the other people mentioned in the article. I do get flak about not being a real hikikomori, that my video is a “lame ass parody” and that all I am is just an introvert but you know, look, here is a very legit article that has put my face there to be the poster child of hikikomori so I guess this counts as a stamp of approval on my part.

Whoopee. It’s been up for over a day now and for those many hours that my look of resignation has been up I shall count towards as my “finest”. How I somehow became famous (!?). What quality level journalism.

I’ve sent a tweet to the article’s author and other netizens have mentioned for me, but who takes heed of a random tweet by some random twitter user? Ah hah, perhaps an email shall have more traction, and I have, now waiting for a response. I am rather amused but it’s still copyright infringement and they have used my image without my permission.

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