Life in Japan: Sunday Funday

Edit: This post is SEVEN MONTHS OLD, originally written on 16 Nov 2014….

Weekends are precious days where schoolwork and deadlines can wait and fun becomes priority. This weekend a friend from Tokyo came to visit so we went out for some fun in Osaka!


After a heavy breakfast (THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS), we headed to The Pokemon Center!! It’s the second time I’ve been there in a week or so, and they changed the layout! We flailed like little kids in a candy store. Gotta catch ’em all!

Our next stop was Tower Records where I grabbed ALL OFF’s new album and a whole bunch of free music magazines and CDs – more flailing ensued.

Because my friend is a horror buff and I am a complete chicken, we took on the Sadako walk through attraction at Joypolis. It freaked me out just as badly as the first time I tried it about a year ago (they changed the format) but compared to screaming and running the entire way through having a friend joke and go “Shitsureishimasu!!” (Excuse me, coming through!) definitely helped me get through without panicking too much.

I SURVIVED to play some Taiko and fail miserably at it and then we headed over to Shinsaibashi for a big big lunch that consisted of stuffing our faces with pizza at Shakey’s.

I didn’t take pictures cause I was too hungry and ate till I couldn’t walk.

At 1410yen (1020yen + non-alcoholic drink bar 390yen) it’s not bad! The pizza is decent and there is pasta, salad, potatoes, sausages and meatballs for you to feast on. Though the dessert pizzas are a bit of a hit or miss. I usually stick to the savory ones. I’m so stuffed full of pizza that two hours later I’m still nursing a food coma.

More fun time ensued with arcade escapades. Look what we found!!



How old school and retro is that!?!?!? If you’ve heard of House of the Dead this one is similar but instead of guns you TYPE to defeat the monsters.



What does R-I-D-C-U-L-O-U-S spell? (Okay it was ridiculously hilarious, especially since the words had to be typed in Romaji)

There we were screaming and flailing to try and type “MUKIMUKIMAN” and “GURUGURU”. I think had the words been in English we might have fared better. Though we would still have been screaming more than typing, hah!

And the best way to end the day is to take PURIKURA!!!

10403043_10152598803724794_514630617904386599_n 10439487_10152598803684794_2902429906866693135_nI CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE PURIKURA!!!!! Because somehow I usually look prettier (there have been some horrible results but they’ve mostly been good). I have this urge to take purikura with everyone and have a bulging clear plastic sleeve of all the purikura I’ve taken since 2012.

How would you spend your Sunday in Osaka? Do you have any favourite places?

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