Nightbuses in Japan

I’m typing this on the nightbus back to Osaka from Tokyo right now because I just couldn’t help but want to quickly pen down my thoughts.

Also, cause I’m kinda frustrated. And tired. And a bit grumpy.

And disappointed at this bus’s services. Or should I say lack of.

The nightbus from Osaka to Tokyo was really good – it was from this company, さくら観光 (Sakura Kankou) and only cost us 2,300yen per person. Which is ridiculously cheap but admittedly because it was on sale and we were travelling on a Monday night (which seems to be when it’s the cheapest).

It was no frills – just a blanket and a CHARGE POINT FOR YOUR ELECTRONICS. Which is really the best part after a long day and your stuff running out of juice what better than a charge point so they’ll get all fully charged and ready for the next day. Since some people might have to hop off the bus and spend a full day out or something.

And then for the trip back we book with Willer Express who my friends and online reviews say nothing but good things about. First, their pick up points are hard to find. I remember trying to get to their pick up point in Osaka to get a bus to Nagoya and got lost finding it and missed the bus. This time, we were running around, asking for directions everywhere and made it in the nick of time.

Tired and sweaty after a long day out (and from all the running about to find the place) I was ready to hop on, plug my phone in (left with just about 40%) and relax. To my horror there was no charging point, no blanket, and the seats seemed narrower than the bus we’d taken previously. I did a quick google search and realised that only the premium seats (ours were standard ones) had those luxuries.

Meh, I thought, then decided to pen this post. Well, admittedly not all companies provide blankets or an electrical outlet to charge your stuff so the point of this post isn’t to say that Willer Express is a bad service. It’s okay, but it’s not the best. I had the impression from my friends who ONLY use Willer and sing their good praises all the time that they were really good. The only thing that makes them stand out is that they have a very good English website and reservation system.

Most bus companies don’t have an English site or reservation system, but if you know Japanese, please use BushiKaku to check up bus routes and compare prices easily. It’s great!!! I always use it.

Alright, time for me to catch some Zzzzzzs.

I’ll miss you Tokyo.


  1. kei says:

    Thanks for the review! It can be disappointing when you’ve heard nothing but good things and then your few expectations are not met. I admit having a site in English is helpful, but I’d prefer the charging point even if I have to go through the Japanese site.

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