TOKYO!!! (Part 1)

It’s been over a year since I’ve been to this part of Japan (GASP) but I’m back in Tokyo for a quick holiday with Planet and damn, the moment we entered Shinjuku station after getting off the night bus I wanted to head on right back home to Kansai and my small town.

There are SO MANY PEOPLE. And way more subway lines that complicate things more than I thought they could. Forget mastering navigating Osaka/Kobe. Tokyo is where the real test is. Though being here made me realise why a part of me always wanted to stay in Tokyo – the bright lights, the noises…just how crazily urban and upbeat and…busy everything is is just so quintessentially Tokyo. Everything seems to be happening here. Soooo many events! So many people! So many things to do!

But then after being shoved countless times, getting hopelessly confused changing trains (I’m getting better at this thanks to my handy dandy 乗換案内 app) and just…ALL THE PEOPLE, I’m glad I live in my smaller, quieter, less busy part of Japan.

That said, here’s what we’ve been up to so far: (forgive any format errors, I’m blogging on my phone!)



Tsukiji Fish Market!

We couldn’t check in till later so why not hop off the nightbus and head straight to Tsukiji? There are coin lockers at the subway to put our luggage away, phew! WHEN IN TSUKIJI EAT FRESH SEAFOOD – like the fresh oysters we had for 400yen each that were AMAZING. (And it wasn’t even the higher end ones!!) Though you should eat them in the morning. We had one later in the early afternoon and it wasn’t as fresh 🙁 The uni though, was kinda…meh. It was creamy but personally I just don’t quite like uni’s taste.

The grilled scallop was not bad, a tad too salty (shoyu and butter flavor) but really, the fresh seafood is where it’s at. We also got some piping hot tamagoyaki for 100yen, and shared Kitsuneya‘s gyuudon. Which we only then later found out that we should have eaten the horumondon instead.



This happens when you take someone’s word on Instagram and believed it would also be the best beef bowl of our life. (It was pretty good though)

There was ootoro and chutoro etc cuts of tuna being sold but damn, the prices were crazy!! So we decided to spend our $$ on the oysters. A good breakfast indeed.

Next stop: Akihabara!!!!




When in Akihabara one must go for the maid cafe experience.

1. Food with cute drawings on them
2. Saying the magical chant to make the food taste better (“Oishikunare moe moe kyun!!”)
3. Getting called Master/Mistress
4. Watch them do a special concert (singing & dancing)
5. Take a Polaroid with a maid of your choice

We took a long time to choose which cafe to go to since we didn’t want to spend too much on “hidden costs” though all maid cafés have them: Admission/hourly charge and a table charge. Usually 500yen each, it adds up considerably to the bill since the food and drinks are upwards of 500yen. Thankfully there are “courses” or sets you can get such as the food/dessert set for about 2500yen and includes a Polaroid.

We settled on Heart of Hearts mainly due to how friendly the girl touting on the street was to us. And it was fun! Another customer ordered the special concert so we got to enjoy it for free. I’ve been to 3 different maid cafés so far (well 4, if you count that I went to the Osaka branch of Mai Dreamin’ as a separate cafe) and they’ve all been very enjoyable!

Do look for the more “niche” concept types, like the Vampire Maid Bar or Sengoku-era Maid Cafe (where you are the lord of your castle!) for a more unique experience!

To end this blogpost….




Do spend your savings trying to rescue adorable plushies from the UFO machines. I’ve been quite lucky but…I guess you can say all the investments are finally paying off. We couldn’t help but get the Ace Attorney ones because LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE THEY ARE!!!!! (We tried like 3 or 4 different machines just to get this collection – the last one, pictured, was where we got the loot. Most of the others didn’t have Edgeworth or Phoenix and somehow the Steel Samurai just falls down when you don’t want it to/wasn’t aiming for it) This one is at Shibuya’s Club SEGA if anyone is interested 🙂

I also somehow got a Chansey. While breaking the ring it was hooked onto in the process. We screamed and jumped so loud I…. I’m sorry.

That’s all I have for this post, we had more adventures in Tokyo (and Kansai) that I haven’t shared yet!!!

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TTYL – time to go explore more!!


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