For the longest time I have argued that people can like cats and dogs equally and that you can be both a cat and dog person and I believed I loved both animals just as much but now I realise I am a cat person.

Only after being told by many many people and being in denial for the longest time now I accept and embrace being a huge cat person and accepting that sometimes dogs can sense that because THEY NEVER SEEM TO WARM UP TO ME. I have also scared a dog into peeing herself the instant I carried her which is not my finest moment (also not when I chased after her stomping like a monster – oops).

Cats seem to always like me enough to at least meow, rub up against me or if it doesn’t like humans glare at me then run away. The docile, human friendly ones let me give them belly rubs and nip my hand and let me be all cat paparazzi all over them. A lot of my camera roll is filled with snaps of cats. I like to pretend I am a photographer sometimes.


“Oh yes, pose for the camera”
“Lovely lovely, oh look at how amazing you look”
“Yes, yes, tilt that way now”
“10 more shots!”

It is ridiculous how much I have come to love cats but only gradually and now I love them so much I actually meow and pretend I am a cat sometimes. (My friends can vouch for me) But I used to own a dog!! Two dogs!! Ok one temporarily but I used to have a chihuahua!!!! Which somehow never took a liking to us so we rehomed him somewhere with someone who could take better care of him.

But I have expressed the desire to own a dog in future. Though I also want to have a cat. I want a dog because they can be so reliable and loyal and happy and bouncy and just provide you companionship but I also realise they are very reliant on their owners. They need just as much love and affection and energy to take care of them constantly. Which is why I then think I shall get a cat instead because cats are more independent than dogs. They have their own whims and fancies and are fine with just lounging around away from you (and then coming over to get your attention when they decide it is time to) but are also just as loving.

Then I realise after all this typing and thinking that I am probably much more similar to a cat than I’ll ever be to a dog because I fiercely love my friends but sometimes I also want to not be around them. Doesn’t mean I love them any less but I need my alone time to do the exact same things I do with friends except with myself. (I am also a bit annoying when I want attention from a specific person, hah)

Also I just get so lazy/tired/anti-social/whatever you can call it that I just don’t want to leave the house. Or if I have plans that day I want to change them to nua-ing (relaxing) at home. In fact, this may be somewhat embarrassing to admit but just yesterday I told the boyfriend that all I want to do for our first month anniversary is to just stay home/relax somewhere and watch sitcoms, then maybe go have dinner. (Yes, also a reason why I haven’t been updating and have writer’s block, okay the latter not really, is because of this unexpected development of finding someone new in my life. Hello.) His response was HAR!?  and then he shot me a very disapproving look to which I whined and then somehow got my way in the end.

Hey, isn’t that how cats get their way with humans and belly rubs?


Being Cat Paparazzi with @ingraleat 🐱🐾🐈

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I had to stop myself from running up to ALL THE CATS and taking ALL THE PHOTOS because ahem, we had other plans and the strays weren’t the most friendly so my friend wasn’t too keen on it.

Did I mention how when I found a store selling Purple Pusheen plushies in Singapore I flat out threw the boyfriend’s hand aside and ran to the new love of my life, knocking over a gigantic white teddy bear in the process. Oops.

Anyway, the point is I love cats, I am accepting how much more I love cats than dogs now, and well. Meow.

I also have decided I want to just blog about life and all the silly pointless things that entails as well as experiences I have had that I never wrote about. I thought I wanted more articles on the blog as well, but naw, I also need some posts when I can just write about anything I fancy because I want to write, not because I want someone to read it.

Thursday night (Friday morning, really) I FLY BACK TO JAPAN!!!!!! As much as I loved being back in Singapore (my waistline especially, seeing how it expanded ugh) and catching up with some of my friends, I can’t wait to go back. I MISSED YOU JAPAN. Also, CHERRY BLOSSOMS.

Now if only my writers block could go properly away and I can produce some decent articles.


CATdlmTUwAE4JScWhen I saved the pic off twitter the file name was CATblablarandomletters. HAH. A SIGN I TELL YOU!!!!
Also, this was the photo my mom looked at, scoffed then said: “I don’t know why you want to take a photo with the Meow! Want to check the resemblance ah?”


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