Getting concert tickets in Japan (& while overseas)

I was recently asked by a friend how to get concert tickets for a show in Japan and she wasn’t the first one who’s asked me for help buying tickets. The easiest of course is if you’re already in Japan itself, but if you’re coming to Japan and want to get tickets how can you do it? In this post I will address both ways as best I can, and if you’re interested in how the concert ‘system’ works in Japan (buying goods, how to enter etc), you can refer to  this post I wrote.

note: this guide was first posted in 2015 so some information may be outdated

So where to start? Here is some vocabulary you will need to know and look out for when navigating sites (usually only in Japanese) for tickets.

Japanese Term (Kanji) Romaji English Translation



Uketsuke chuu


Application currently open








Successful Ballot

Fail/Unsuccessful Ballot





(ticket) Sale (ie.  eg. チケット販売は6月12日から = ticket sales start on 12 June; with  6月= 6th month and 12日= 12th day)
支払い方法 Shiharai houhou Payment option
売り切れ urikire Sold out
発券 hakken Issuing of (the ticket)
mai counter for tickets. There is a max number of tickets each person can ballot for, listed as お一人様X枚まで ohitori-sama X mai made, with X being a number, on the site
予約 yoyaku reservation
期間 kikan period, eg. 受付期間 application period, 発券期間ticket collection period
先行 senkou usually 先行受付 = first round/preliminary application or FC先行受付 = Fanclub prelim. application
一般発売 Ippan hatsubai Public sales, usually comes after fanclub sales and any other special ‘member’ sales/lottery or ballot rounds
安心の紙チケット Anshin no kami chiketto Safe Paper ticket (usually seen on reselling sites, which means the seller has the actual paper ticket already)
指定席 Shitei seki Reserved seating (ie it’s a seat not all-standing/mosh pit)
連番 renban Consecutive number (ie the tickets are of consecutive numbers so you will be seated together)
名義なし Meigi nashi No name (printed on the ticket)

Websites you will be using: (they don’t exclusively sell concert tickets so plays, exhibits etc too!)
Ticket Pia
Lawson Ticket (l-tike)
The band’s official webpage

1. Find out where, and how tickets are being sold

If you don’t know any particular band you want to see, free music magazines at 7-11, HMV or any music store/livehouse will contain a list of bands and their upcoming shows. But you probably already have bands in mind so…live/concert information is usually written on the band’s official webpage, and can look like one of the following:


GACKT Live Schedule

AAA Live Schedule


ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D Live Schedule

The sites link to the ticketing services that you can use either to ballot or buy tickets. You will also notice that on the ROOKiEZ and GACKT site there are some “codes” listed next to ticket purchase details. These are conbini ticket codes – take the code to the corresponding convenience store and use the ticket purchase machine to buy your ticket directly.

L-code (L コード) = LAWSON (Refer to this video or this one)
P-code (P コード, Ticket Pia) = 7-11, Circle K Sunkus (This video)

Note: You will need a Japanese mobile phone number to purchase tickets via the conbini machine (it can be ‘expired’ or temporary, but it must be the same one used when you reserved the ticket online via the website)

You might also find this sometimes:
webyoyaku1 webyoyaku2

WEBチケット予約 (web chiketto yoyaku) = online ticket reservation, which is with the band directly. This usually will not happen for big bands/musicians, but is very common for smaller bands and especially indie bands. Fill in the online form or send them an email with your name, the live, and number of tickets. On the day itself, queue up to enter the venue, state your name and pay for your ticket at the door.

Also, for indie/smaller bands, another thing you can do is check the website of the livehouses themselves, which sometimes also have ticket reservations or sell tickets at their office (some fans in order to ensure a spot at the front buy a ticket direct from the livehouse as those enter before conbini/reserved tickets. But you can only do that if you’re actually in Japan).

Or, you can go to any of the ticketing sites and enter the artist name in the search box. All ticket listings will appear like so:

ABC Search results

2. How to buy tickets: Applying for them

Now that you know where and how the tickets are being sold, what to do? You CAN buy or apply for tickets while overseas but you will need a Japanese address and phone number (or you can use a service).

Applying/entering the ballot will look something like this:
(public sale online application will look slightly different, but the steps are the same)


A typical search results page will turn out something like this. I’m using the Lawson ticket site as an example, and these are screen caps I made to guide a friend through the process a while back.

You do NOT need to make an account for these sites but if you don’t, you will need to enter personal details everytime. This is where you put in a Japanese address and phone number (please remember the phone number as you’ll need it when accessing the machine at the conbini).


After choosing the desired date of the concert and checking the details, you would come to a page like this. For VAMPS as they were playing some two weeks or so in Osaka you could make choices. This happens if the ticket sales are not for individual dates but for multiple dates (usually in the same area).


Usually in the red text (boxed in red) are things you have to take note of, for example, each person can only ballot once per concert listing and only up to 2 tickets per ballot.


For payment option (支払い方法 shiharai houhou) choose Credit Card (クレジットカード) and then collection option you can choose to post it to the Japanese address you entered, or to do collection at conbini.

If it’s a ballot, the results (結果 kekka) will be emailed to you after the application period is over. The email title will look something like this:

抽選結果のお知らせ chuusen kekka no oshirase (Information about ballot result)

And you will either succeed, 当選 (tousen)

successful ballot 2

or fail, which they’re ever polite about and write it as
残念ながら、お申し込みいただいた公演のチケットはお取りすることができませんでした。which are both just long winded and formal ways of saying “We are very sorry but we could not prepare/get tickets for you for this show.” so just look out for 残念 (zannen, unfortunately…).

failed application

*refer to Fanclub section for more screenshot examples.

Now that you’ve successfully attained tickets through a ballot, now it’s time to pay! If you chose to pay via credit card then it will just be charged automatically. If not, you can pay at a conbini anywhere in Japan! Payment information will be included in the email as a link.

payment details
The underlined part is red in the payment code they give you, followed by instructions on how to use the machine. Please note you can only pay at certain convenience stores that correspond to the site you used.

L-tike = LAWSON, Ticket Pia = 7-11, Circle K Sunkus, e-plus = all conbini but usually Family Mart/7-11

conbini tix

Conbini-bought tickets

Usually, if tickets are sold months in advance for a concert, ticket collection (発券) will start sometime a week or so before the show. So you can pay for your ticket with a credit card (most major cards such as Visa and Mastercard are accepted) and then collect it with your collection code when you are physically in Japan itself.

I am not sure if this is applicable to ALL concerts so the safest bet is to post the tickets to a friend in Japan, and have them pass or mail it to you.

Please refer to the videos linked above on how to use the Loppi/Pia machines or you can also find a few on YouTube.

Note: Japanese mobile phone number also needed for collection of tickets/payment (should be the same one you used for the online application)

3. Fanclub Tickets

Most bands have a Fan club and Fan club always has priority in buying of tickets, and sometimes is the only way you can get a ticket (for groups with behemoth followings like Arashi, for example). The basic premise is that tickets are sold to fanclub first and the remainder goes to public sales. The public sales are either done like in AAA’s example with pre-balloting or only opens once, where it’s then free for all fastest fingers first.

Fanclub ballots are usually held on the fanclub webpage itself, and details are sent out to FC members via email or mail. Sometimes, it is on an external ticketing site but you will require a special code to access the ballot, details of which will also be sent to FC members. Ballot results are sent at a later date, or can be checked on the FC webpage.

successful ballot 1

Look out for 当選 tousen (successful ballot) and 落選 rakusen (failed ballot, or 残念 zannen [unfortunately…]). If you get the tickets, it’s time to pay (if you chose Credit Card payment, it will be automatically deducted) and details will be included such as the code number etc.

After payment, tickets are then posted to the FC address you’re signed up with on the site so make sure that is updated!! Or, depending on the FC, you collect tickets at a convenience store (grr GACKT is it too much to ask for pretty FC tickets instead of always having ugly conbini printed ones!?). The code will be listed which you take and enter into the machine at the store.


Fanclub Tickets

However, when I said joining a Fanclub is the only way of getting a ticket, it’s because fanclub tickets are usually all sold out and in the slim chance of some tickets left, they’re also very quickly snapped up. So it’s best to join the fanclub via a service or if you have a friend in Japan who is willing to let you use their address to join.

4. Other ways to buy tickets

On the day itself, or, 当日券 toujitsuken. This may or may not be possible depending on the artist, but if there are tickets left on sale, there will usually be details posted on the band’s site or twitter/FB etc a few days before the concert. For smaller lives, usually unless it is explicitly stated SOLD OUT (売り切れ) then you can buy tickets at the door, but usually for a slightly higher price.

For the following ways, I DO NOT ADVISE IT FOR FAN CLUB TICKETS unless you are going with the FC member who got the tickets in the ballot. In the event they check for FC ID or crack down on illegal sales of FC tickets you will be barred entry.

Buy a ticket online:
If you’re a member of online communities for an artist, more often than not other fans may be selling their tickets, or looking for someone to buy their extra ticket off them (eg. they got 2 FC tickets in the ballot and are looking for someone to take the 2nd ticket). Livejournal, tumblr, Facebook Groups are good places to ask.

Yahoo auctions: Many people take to Yahoo auctions to sell their tickets, usually at a much higher price.

Shops: Some stores in Japan sell tickets, not just to concerts but to sports events etc. Some (?) of these tickets are scalped so buy at your own risk.

From scalpers: Usually outside a concert venue, there will be people touting and selling tickets for sometimes ridiculous amounts of money. Again, buy at your own risk.

Beg: I’m not kidding. Some fans are so desperate for tickets they BEG for them outside the venues with signs asking for tickets and more often than not sitting next to or on top of their suitcases. I have no idea if it actually works though.

Use a Ticket Purchasing service: People who live in Japan may offer to purchase tickets for you, one of which is Kairai, which my friend used before. PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY USUALLY CHARGE COMMISSION FEES.

5. Ticket sales for overseas fans

I realised I overlooked and completely forgot about this when I first published the post but some bands DO sell tickets for overseas fans exclusively. VAMPS and LUNA SEA did so, posting the links on their FB pages which only non-Japanese IPs could access. I believe the site VAMPS used was NEXUS Web (correct me if I’m wrong) which also ships band merchandise internationally.

There’s also been an increasing trend of bands shifting focus to or realising the importance of overseas fanbases and catering to them, so I believe special ticket sales for overseas fans will continue to increase soon. I’ll update this section when the time comes.


Wow, finally we’ve come to the end of this humongous long-winded post which I hope has answered most of your questions! There are also other “special tickets” or events (such as in-store lives) held in Japan which I didn’t address at all but that’s for another post.

If I’ve missed anything or made a mistake or you just have anything you want to ask me, leave me a comment or drop me an email at

Thank you for reading!!


  1. Nurul says:

    Hi Bernie, I came across your blog while I was googling “How to purchase Japan’s concert tickets for overseas fans”. I’m a Singaporean and I’m planning to go Japan in November 2015 to catch Big Bang(Korean-pop group) performing. I am clueless on how I can purchase the tickets online as everything is in Japanese. Do you mind explaining the criteria/information that is stated on the website and how I can purchase it?
    Thank you for your help and have a great day! 🙂 n_n;

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      Hi Nurul!
      Sorry for the late reply. So the Yahoo website was for balloting. The first round is over, but via you can still ballot till 15 June, so hurry!!

      Chose your 1st to 14th choice of performance date, seats, and number of tickets then I think you will be brought to the sign up page.

      This is usually where you input your particulars such as name, address etc, So you might need a Japanese address. There is also fanclub balloting but you’ll need to be a member of the official fanclub (in Japan).

      If you need help, get someone who knows Chinese to help you (since Japanese kanji and Chinese characters are quite similar) or google translate/use a website so you know what you’re filling in. Or a website like to input the Japanese kanji and translate it.

      I hope that helps 🙂

      (if not you can try fan communities, online auction sites after balloting has ended or hopefully public sales if there are any)

  2. Eunice says:

    hello Nurul,

    May I ask how can I get the women volleyball world cup tickets that in held in japan on 22nd August 2015? Which website can I buy from? Thanks alots for your help.

  3. Dumdidum says:


    I am currently in Japan without a Japanese phone number (and I am hesitant to ask my friend/fellow countryman to use it for me).

    What do you mean by this? “you will need a Japanese address and phone number (or you can use a service).”

    Aside from renting a phone (which is a bit too late now for my case), are you telling me that there’s a service that allows me to use their Japanese phone number? If so, can you direct them to me?

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      No I mean use a service to buy the tickets. You will need a phone number when purchasing tickets at the conbini though.

      Buying tickets online via the reservation services need BOTH the address and telephone number.

      I’m sure if you explain that you just need it to buy a ticket your friend won’t mind 🙂

      If you really don’t want to use a number you can try buying directly from the venue/on the day itself but I don’t recommend this unless it’s a small show and the tickets 100% won’t sell out.

  4. Faith says:


    I am intending to put my name in the draw for tickets but there are only 2 payment options. セブン-イレブン支払 or ペイジー. I’m not sure how ペイジー works…does it mean I have to be in Japan to pay using either option? Please help >.< Thank you.

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      Hi Faith,
      That is Pay Easy which allows you to do payment via bank or ATM.
      Unfortunately it seems that they only allow payment via conbini or pay easy and not by credit card so it seems you have to be in Japan to pay for these tickets :/

  5. Kai says:

    Hello, first off thanks for making this very useful post! Just a question, I bought the artist’s CD and there’s a lottery application code inside, but I need to register as an e+ member. If I don’t have any japanese phone and address, is there any other way to register?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. haru says:

    Hello 🙂 i was searching for a solution to buy tickets from Lawson online but i can’t find anything about this. Heard that foreigner will not be able to buy the tickets through Lawson online. Would you know about this?

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      Hi, you need a Japanese address and phone number to order online. If you can find the L code use that at the conbini to buy it immediately (you’ll just need to key in a Japanese mobile number) and then pay at the cashier

  7. Flora says:

    Hi Bernie!
    I came across your post on concert tickets in Japan. I will be going for a concert in dec and have entered the lottery through a third party service which won tickets. They will be giving me an e-voucher to exchange for tickets at a convenience store when I’m in Japan. Would like to know if this is how it’s done in Japan? I am afraid that the e-voucher might not be valid. Hope to get some advice from you!
    Thank you!!

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      Hi Flora,
      This is done in Japan, usually when the ticket is sold much in advance before the concert date. You pay for it at the combini and they provide you a number/code and the time period when you can collect the ticket (eg maybe could be 2 weeks before concert date)

      So you take it there and exchange. Usually the number/code is sent to you by the place that sells it (eg l-tike online then you exchange at LAWSON) so I think you can check for details like that.

      Hope that helps!! 🙂

      • Flora says:

        Thanks for the quick reply!
        I’m actually supposed to pay the full amount first before I get the e-voucher. So does this mean I wouldn’t have to pay at the convenience store? I will only be in Japan maybe like 5/6 days before the concert day. Am I still able to pick up the tickets then? Thank you!!

  8. Hannah says:

    Hi Bernie!

    I am currently hoping to ballot for tickets as a FC member, but I’m not too sure about the payment methods. The site says this:


    If I’m not wrong, in the first part, they are saying they will send the tickets to the registered address 14 days before the show – but the second part, are they saying that the only way to pay is to use a Loppi machine (i.e. physically be in Japan)? Or can I pay with credit card online as well? Please help!

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      Hi Hannah,

      Yes you are right about them sending the tickets to the registered address. In addition, yes too, they are asking for you to pay via Lawson or Mini Stop Loppi Machines.

      Unfortunately this might mean they need you to pay physically. Is there anything else the site says?

      I’ve tried to ballot before and chosen the Credit Card option WHEN applying (because it was included) but sometimes, depending on the company, they might not have this option.

      I hope this helps!

      • Hannah says:

        Hi Bernie! Thanks so much for your reply! 🙂

        And yeah you were right! Only 店頭決済 was available for payment options when I submitted my ballot (but luckily for me, I managed to find a friend in Japan to pay for me OTL)! Now to cross my fingers and wait for the results :S

        Actually, one more question too >.< is the phone number inputted important? I think I might have keyed it in in the wrong format… (i.e. 70xxxxxxxx instead of 070xxxxxxxx D:)

        Once again, thanks for writing this post and replying to my query, it was really helpful!

  9. Eric says:

    Hi Bernie,

    If I were to use two different accounts for lottery, and IF 2 accounts were to win the tickets, can I drop 1 of them?

  10. Ed23 says:

    Hi Bernie,
    I just purchased a concert ticket at the Lawson convenience store, the ticket I was given says Copy at the very top. It’s that ok, still valid or did they gave me the wrong ticket? The ticket looks valid except for that part.

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      Hi! Usually there are two portions to the ticket given at Lawson, one which is a copy of the receipt of purchase and one is the actual ticket! So there should be a perforated line in the center separating the two cause you keep one and use the other 🙂
      Hope that helps!!

  11. kwankwan12 says:

    Hi Bernie,
    Sorry to trouble you but I’m trying to buy tickets from overseas and I don’t have any friends in Japan. So when i apply for the tickets do i just enter a fake number and address, so i can just pay for and get my ticket at the cobini? And is this just for ballots? Like there is no guarantee that you’ll get one?
    Sorry if these are stupid questions! i’m just a bit confused!
    Thanks for your help!

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      Hi! It is not just for ballots – even for guaranteed tickets (eg during public sales etc), when you buy on the website you need a number and address so I guess you can use a fake one, then pay via card or at conbini (usually within maybe a few days or less? After confirmation online) 🙂

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:

      For ballots it is not guaranteed you will get the ticket so they will email you ballot results 🙂 then you pay. But, info etc is all filled in when you ballot. Payment method as well – so for those that accept credit card they will directly charge you, if not they will send details for conbini payment etc

  12. arnoryou says:

    Nice article. Thanks!

    For lawson ticket ローチケHMV can I provide a fake phone number and enter the same fake one when I’m physically in Japan to retrieve my tickets? Because I don’t have a Japan phone number but I want to prebook via credit card

  13. arnoryou says:

    Hi! Nice article!

    I’m gonna make a fake number during credit card prebook and enter it at Lawson Ticket Machine to retrieve my tickets, Does this work ? Im not at Japan now so I can’t have a phone number. Does this work ? Thanks!

  14. Dorothea says:

    Hi Bernie!

    I’m looking to buy and pay for a ticket on Ticket Pia online, and then collect it at the conbini the day before the concert. First time buying tickets for a Japanese concert so… Should I ask the conbini staff for the tickets or is there a separate machine I need to know how to use? Would you happen to be able to lead me through a rough guide of what to expect? Thanks!

  15. xin says:

    Hello Bernie! Thanks so much for this super helpful post! There’s this concert I’m aiming for in April, and the tickets will be by lottery. I’ve created an e+ account successfully (using our hotel address and number) but then I realised there’s this clause in the payment options page saying “海外発行クレジットカードはご利用いただけません” (which I only got google translate to help me figure it out, saying about overseas credit cards are not accepted or something?). I only have a visa/mastercard debit card, but does this work for the credit card option in e+?

    I’ve considered checking quotes from 3rd party forwarders but their fees can be pretty steep ><

    • Bernie Low (beanmylife) says:


      Unfortunately that means you can’t use overseas credit cards to pay, so your MasterCard/visa might not work….I’m not sure if this is only eplus because I remember paying via my Singapore MasterCard debit when reserving tickets online before.

  16. Tina says:

    Hi Bernie,

    Thank you for your detailed post. I am wondering if you ever purchased through Yahoo Auctions or another reseller site before? I’m going to Japan in a week and I haven’t been able to get tickets to Gackt’s concert (because they were sold out a long time ago). I found a listing on Yahoo auctions but I feel like I need some help. Do you have experience with Yahoo auctions or any other reseller service or sites to buy concert tickets? Thank you so much.

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi I have never purchased from there but there are services you can use to buy from them. sells G tickets but it is only in Japanese. You can try asking in fan groups such as ohgacktyoudidnt or FB groups if anyone has an extra ticket.

  17. Synthia says:

    Hi Bernie!
    I wanna ask about a ballot. If I applied with 2 different accounts, to increase the chance to win the ticket. And if it turns out that both of them are successfully attain the tickets, do I need to pay for both of them? Or can I just pay only for one of them? Thanks in advance!

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Synthia!
      You can just pay for only one of them. If you don’t pay for the other, the tickets will go to either the next round of balloting, if there is one, or to general sales 🙂

      • Synthia says:

        Thanks Bernie! But one more question 😉 Is it okay to use fake name, address, and phone number to make the account? Will they check our id when we pay later?

        • Bernie Low says:

          Most of the time they do not check names on the tickets UNLESS it was a Fanclub ballot for Fanclub only tickets.

          You need to remember the phone number you used if collecting at a conbini (you will be asked to key it in at the machine). The address is more for the option of having the tickets mailed to your residential address (at extra cost).

    • Bernie Low says:

      Oh yes, sorry I forgot to add on, the name can be your own name though! I’ve put my name in katakana on the machines/online so you dont need a fake name

      • Synthia says:

        Thanks again Bernie! But unfortunately I didn’t win the ballot 🙁
        And I’m planning to buy it from secondary market. Is it possible to buy the ticket from Fan club ballot? How about the name written in the ticket?

        • Bernie Low says:

          They might check and ask for your Fan Club card or something, sometimes they don’t. Usually the FC tickets they will say you need to enter with the member. I’ve never had my tickets checked though :/

          • Synthia says:

            Then do you think it’s safe to buy the fan club ticket from secondary market? Bcs I’m not Japanese so I’m afraid that they will check my name and id card. And worst case is that they don’t allow me to enter the concert lol

            Thank you so much for ur help 🙂

  18. Margentina says:

    Hi Bernie,
    Firstly, thanks for putting this information online! I’ll be in Tokyo in October and have been trying to set up an account with but (and I might be being very stupid here!) I can’t actually get past the personal info bit as it doesn’t seem to accept the information I put in, it seems to want my English name in Kanji for one thing! Google translate doesn’t help too much either and in the end I’ve got the ticket through an agency but it’s frustrating and just wondered if you know a way round this? Thanks.

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Margentina,
      The site assumes everyone applying is Japanese thus it doesn’t allow English characters. Signing up with a name in full Katakana is fine, though!

      The Japanese keyboard also has “full size” and “half size” font and most of these forms require “half size” unless otherwise specified. It’s quite confusing sometimes so don’t feel beat up about it XD

  19. Jiaying says:

    May I ask you a question? I won the lottery in fan club to buy BigBnag dome tour tickets. However my friend took my email to Lawson to pay, it asked her to put the name. I was registered my English name(全角) at fan club. But loppi machine at Lawson does not allow English input for name. What could I do now? Help!!!

  20. Liz says:

    Hi! Thanks for this blog. I have a friend in Japan who is applying for the lottery for the upcoming BigBang concert in November for me as I live overseas. Reading your previous comments, it’s safe to apply for multiple dates. However, I wanted to verify since when she applied for the 1st one, it asked for her credit card info. If we are lucky & win both, will they charge her card? Or what is the process if lottery is won? Im curious on why they asked for the credit card info & want to be sure before asking her to apply for another lottery. Appreciate your help!

    • Bernie Low says:

      Usually they ask for credit card info so they will charge you if you win the lottery, sometimes immediately. I’m not too sure if she can choose to pay at conbini or they directly charge her card upon successful ballot.

      I’ve done it both ways before – eg you win both lotteries but only pay for one eg via conbini so the other win they don’t charge you and it goes to the next round of ballots or public sales

  21. Ruby says:

    Hi Bernie! Firstly, thank you for the very informative post!

    I have a question on balloting for Johnny’s FC tickets though.. I am in KKK fanclub and am hoping to ballot for their upcoming dome concerts.
    Understand that the max. no. of tickets I can ballot is 4 tix/show and I can rank my top 3 choices in terms of show preferences.

    1. Does the no. of tickets I am balloting for affect my chances of striking the ticket? For eg. a ballot form requesting for 1 ticket will stand better chances of a ballot form requesting for 3 tickets? If I ballot for 3 tickets, will they still assign me maybe just 1 ticket in the event of high demand (which is usually the case)?

    2. Will submitting more forms in different shoe permutations up my chances of winning the ballot?

    Please kindly advise! Thank you so much~


    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Ruby!

      Sorry for the late reply.

      1. It might affect your chances because an odd number of tickets might be more difficult to assign than an even number. The standard people ballot for seems to be 2.

      2. If you put a venue that is the most difficult as first choice it is likely you might not get it unless you are lucky. Supposedly if you put an unpopular venue (eg Sapporo) it is easier to win since less people ballot for the area. You could also opt for their “anywhere is ok” option as well.

      Hope that helps!

  22. aileen says:

    hi bernice. first your blog were super informative. for the general sale ticket purchased, it is not required for a FC ID right? since it doesnt contain any name? thank u so much in advance for your help.

  23. Mei says:

    Hi Bernie! Your blog is such a great help! Been trying to figure out how to get tickets in Japan but I’m so confused about this lottery thing, plus I’ve heard that online purchases require you to pay with a credit card issued in Japan.

    So in buying from L-tike, I don’t need to register and just need to provide Japanese phone number and address (even fake ones) right? And I can pay through credit card/pick up at conbini?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Mei!
      Yes you can choose to pay via credit card and then pick up at conbini. Some services now require you to use a Japan issued credit card while some accept foreign credit cards (or at least when I tried my card worked, though I can’t say for sure now).

      They will make you sign up for an account or fill in your details if you don’t want to make an account. I tried logging into my old account I made when I was living in Japan but they blocked my foreign IP. Another commenter did try making an account from her home country though.

      The lottery is just selling the tickets in batches, sometimes with fanclub or website members getting the first chance to (though it does not guarantee them tickets).

      Hope that helps!

  24. Julie says:

    Hi Bernie!
    I’m from Australia and i just bought resale tickets on Viagogo for Big Bang’s concert at Osaka Dome. I’m starting to worry, do they have the initial buyer’s name on the ticket? How likely are they going to ask for ID at the venue and refuse my entry? What should i do? I don’t want to waste all that time and money to be refused entry 🙁

    Thank you!

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Julie,

      tbh I’ve never once been carded or seen any ID checks at any big concerts I’ve been to. It’s not that high a chance they check for the name since that would hold up the crowd entering.

      If they do check, it’s usually only for eg VIP Fanclub area. One GACKT concert I went to they checked only for those 10 rows because those seats were sold via some special system and only exclusive for Fanclub members.

      If not they didn’t check.

      Hope that helps!

    • Jiaying Wang says:

      No worries. I went to Bigbang concert in Japan several times now. I have sold and bought tickets via viagogo. No ID will be asked. Paticular, this time year’s dome tour does not have VIP seating, only VIP seating needed ID picture and member card. I just cam back from Tokyo
      shows, and will be back to Osaka for the encore. You are fine with your tickets.

  25. Talia says:

    Hi! I’m worried because I have just purchased Coldplay tickets for this year’s concert on viagogo. I’ve seen many reviews of customers being scammed but these tickets don’t come from Japan. I just wanted to know if there’s a chance that the tickets will not be accepted due to name on ticket (if there is) or if there’s a chance they will be fake? Your help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi I’m not sure about viagogo but sometimes it depends if the organizers themselves want to crack down on resale tickets. I’m not sure if there will be a name on the ticket (the Coldplay tix for SG do but sometimes in Japan there aren’t any).

      I don’t have any experience with viagogo so it might be better to try looking for someone who has as they could give u better advice. So sorry for not being able to help much 🙁

      • Talia says:

        Hi Bernie! Thanks for your reply 🙂 it settles me a bit to think that tickets sold there don’t have name reservations that much.

        • hangga says:

          just trying to help, viagogo is a legit place when it comes to ticket. i bought my summer sonic tics from viagogo last summer and they even directly send the ticket to the address i want (which was my friend’s hostel). the ticket i bought doesn’t have any name on it btw.

          i hope that helps.

    • Jade says:

      Hey, I was wondering if you were able to get into the concert as i have gotten tickets from them also and am worried.

  26. Sharrah Mae Tan says:

    Hi! I’m from the Philippines and I’ve been dying to get Colplay tickets. I couldnt get from SG so I’m doing my best to score a ticket for Tokyo. I did my research and apparently, they have these lotteries for foreign buyers but I have to sign up first on on the pia ticketing website. It required me to enter a Japanese address and a PIA membership ID which I do not have. How do I solve this problem? I hope you can help me with this! Thank you so much!

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Sharrah!
      You’ll need a Japanese address and phone number (you could just use one from the internet or from one of those PO box forwarding services places). Do make sure you remember the phone number you signed up with.

      Usually they lotteries are just pre-sale ballots, and if they needed a Japanese address then it’s not for foreigners but just for people in Japan in general. You could try to look for a different site’s pre-sale and try there.

      Hope that helps!

      • Sharrah Tan says:

        Thanks so much for the reply! I appreciate it! I have another question regarding the overseas lottery. Do I need a PIA account for that? 🙂

          • Sharrah Mae Tan says:

            Ahhh! Thank you so much for your help!!! 🙂 They just opened the presale application for overseas customers today and all my friends want to apply in order to get better chances of winning. My question though is If ever we win in the lottery, will they automatically charge our credit cards? or do we still have an option to not push through with the purchase?

  27. Sarah says:

    hi Bernie! thank you for posting this, it’s extremely helpful!

    i stumbled on this post as i’m gearing up to try for a lottery for a concert in May. i have a friend in Tokyo who i’ll be reaching out to submit a ballot on my behalf with her address and phone number, so i was hoping this would help me avoid proxy service fees.

    my biggest concern is that i’m hearing they will check IDs. I saw in a few comments above that this rarely happens. For my own knowledge, do you happen to know of any scenario where someone gets a ticket, has their name printed in katakana on the ticket, gets asked for an ID, but shows a passport with all details a roman alphabet and without a matching address. Would they get turned away? How important is the address when arriving at the arena, or is the name the most important detail?

    someone else had referred me to a proxy service to avoid this situation, but i’m very confused how using a service vs. relying on a person i know would be a better option.

  28. Deborah says:

    Hi Bernie! Seriously thank you so much for this super informative post and answering everyone’s questions. I’m planning on going to Tokyo in February to see Seventeen’s concert. I’m trying to get the tickets through the fanclub ballots, but the problem is that I would need to pay for the ticket through a physical Loppi machine and I’m not Japan at the moment. Do you know any people or online services that could do this for me? Kairai? Thank you so much 🙂

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Deborah!
      Yes you could try contacting Kairai about that. If I do find out about other services that do this I will let you know 🙂
      Or if you knew anyone in Japan even on holiday etc you could try asking them

  29. elle says:

    Hi Bernie.
    i am struggling in buying an upcoming coldplay ticket on 19 april. I have missed the lottery and trying to buy it on general sale which is on January 28th.
    but i tried few times, i still cant create a pia membership because i dont have a Japanese Katakana name, adress and phone number.
    you stated above that we dont need to register to their website, is that correct?
    i intended to purchase online and pay it through credit card. if i do so, do i really need a japanese phone number to buy the tickets? what do u mean by “expired” number?

    Thank u so much Bernie.

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Elle,
      Usually for general sales you can buy it in person or via their site. They allow you to make a “guest” account when purchasing it. You can try using a Japanese phone number which is currently no longer in service (do remember what it is if you are physically collecting tickets from the conbini).

      You will need the number to input into the conbini machine, unless you are getting it via mail.

      To make an account on pia, unfortunately, you would need an address. Just use your name in katakana and an address.

      Then choose credit card for payment.

      Hope that helps!

  30. glenn says:

    Hi Bernie,

    My friend joined the raffle for me and my gf as he understands Japanese and luckily he won, however, we are unsure if its possible to provide an authorization letter to us so we can pick it up. would you know how it works? Its a VIP ticket for coldplay via PIA. Thanks!

    • Bernie Low says:

      Collection is usually at convenience store or directly mailed to a mailing address, depending on what option was chosen when applying for the ticket.

      You will need the collection/ticket number given to you and the mobile phone number used during balloting to pick up the ticket at a convenience store machine.

      There has been no need for any authorization letters, that I know of, unless Pia has since changed their collection method.

      Hope that helps!

      • glenn says:

        Hi Bernie, thanks for the reply, all we got was an email telling my friend to bring his ID and credit card used to purchase the tickets at the said event on concert day in Tokyo Dome. I am not sure if they would allow me to pick up on his behalf if I will bring the requirements along with me.

  31. sarah says:

    Hi Bernie!

    I have a question about Fan Club tickets – I hear some fan clubs print your name on the tickets to discourage resale. Do you happen to know how strict this process is? I only ask because my name on the fan club page is spelled wrong and I can’t change it for some reason, but my name on my membership card and ID match. Thanks!

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Sarah!

      They usually check if it’s a fanclub only event or show by checking with your fc ID. If the ID number is also printed on the ticket and it matches then it should be fine imo?

      So far I haven’t gotten checked that strictly, they just look if i have my fanclub ID with me, but don’t check the name itself.

      Hope that helps!

      • sarah says:

        thank you, Bernie, your answer did help, i appreciate it!

        I’m back with a second question. do you know how strict they are when the name on the ticket is in katakana and but the photo ID will be in English? I rushed through an application on e+ and the tickets strictly say your name must match the name on the ticket or you will be denied entry. Do you think it would be obvious that my name would be foreign and they would be willing to make the exception?

        Thanks again!

  32. Chris says:

    Hey Bernie! I just got general sale tickets from l-tike and they said I have to pick up the ticket by the 28th (I’m not going to be in Japan until May) does that mean I’m not gonna be able to get the tickets?

  33. Chris says:

    Hey Bernie! I just got general tickets from l-tike and it says that I have to pick them up by February 28th and I won’t be in Japan until May. Is there anything I can do at this point?
    Also sorry if this is posted twice I tried commenting before but didn’t see my comment in the comment section so I’m trying again

    • Bernie Low says:

      Oh man, this is probably way too late – it got put into spam by mistake.
      Unfortunately if you need to pick them up by Feb that’s usually the date you need to stick to or they’ll sell the ticket to someone else.
      So sorry!

  34. Lisa says:

    Hi Bernie

    I have a few questions to ask ;_; My friend and I wanted to attend a fan meet but for Ticket Pia, I tried all my singapore debit/credit cards but they don’t work.
    When I tried to register at Lawson, it says お客様のご利用環境では
    Have the ticketing sites become more strict?
    What should I do? :’D

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Lisa,
      It could be that the sites are now only accepting in Japan credit cards. It seems they are also blocking IP addresses that are not in Japan…..

      Oh man, this could be a side effect of trying to clamp down on scalpers.

      Do you know anyone in Japan you could ask to help? If not you might need to use a ticketing service….

  35. Leo says:

    Hi Bernie. Would like to ask if you know what is the foreign credit card policy for Pia. I’ve managed to create an account and registered my credit card details without much issue, but I’m not sure if the transaction can go through when it comes to actually purchasing the tickets. I don’t think e+ and Lawson will work based on what I tried, so Pia is probably the only option. Thanks in advance.

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Leo,
      So far you’ll only find out if payment goes through when they try and charge your card for the ticket (if that is the option you chose). If it fails they should contact you about it to do payment via another method.

      I hope that helps!

  36. Intan says:

    Hi Bernie!

    Are you aware of any GOT7 events? (sorry, if this is bothering you – to have someone asking about particular event). But, I’m planning to buy GOT7 showcase ticket 2017 in Namba from the reselling agency service.

    Do you have any information if there is any resell ticket holder who is not granting any entry (in particular for GOT7 past events)?

    Thank you before for your response.

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Intan,
      So far I’ve only heard of very few and rare cases where tickets for fanclub events were checked to make sure the person going in did not buy a resale ticket. This was for GACKT concert and very premium VIP fanclub only seats (first few rows). But the rest they did not check so it should be alright!

      Hope that helps 🙂

  37. Katie says:

    I have a question if it’s ok. I managed to get the concert tickets to see the two shows I will be seeing and I am trying to find out what is usually the process once you get to the venue because I am unsure. Could you help me please?

    I will be arriving in Japan in May to see a Diaura concert and the Kansai Rock Summit so I am just trying to make sure I don’t get turned around. ^_^

  38. ivan vincent says:

    hi, Bernie. I saw your post on how to buy concert ticket is japan if your a residing to a different country. may I ask if this site is a legitimate site. since they claim that they can buy you tickets on a specific concert with an additional cost. this is the website I am planning to watch ed sheeran concert in japan.

  39. Chiara says:

    Hello Bernie!
    First of all I want to say thank you for making this post – it’s so helpful, I swear.
    But, I still have some doubts about my concert! I want to apply for Harry Styles’s concert in Japan (Tokyo, 7/8 december 2017) and I can do it only with the lottery – applying opens tomorrow.
    I want to know, I’ve put the address and the phone of my brother, who lives and works in Japan, I have to take him to the concert with me just because I don’t live in Japan and he does?
    I’m so confused about it! Because the ticket is nominal, so I have to put my name on it and his, if it’s necessary. I can’t understand if, since I don’t live in Japan, I can or can’t take there tickets. Can you help me? The site is e+:
    Oh and for the payment I’ve put ATM, so does he has to pay at a bancomat, right? If I’ll win, obv!
    I really can’t understand if it’s possibile for me to take the tickets without taking my brother (with his residence license) to the concert or not.
    Thank you very much and I really hope I was clear!
    Have a nice day,
    Chiara xx

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Chiara!
      Replied to your email, but replying here again for the benefit of anyone else who might be in the same situation.
      Just register with YOUR OWN NAME on the site when applying. You can still use his address as it will mainly be for delivery.
      However if payment is via ATM/convenience store, he will have to pay for it there on your behalf before it is mailed to his address.
      You may also collect it yourself from convenience store when you are in Japan, but for convenience sake you may prefer it to be mailed to his address.
      You do not need to bring him to the concert with you.


  40. Nadira says:

    Hi Bernie!
    Thanks for sharing

    But I have one question. If the artist has 2 days show in the same city, can I ballot for both of the days?

    Thank youu

    • Bernie Low says:

      It depends on the ballot mechanics. Some allow you to put 1st and 2nd choice (or more) ticket choices. Some only allow you to ballot for one specific date.
      Usually it’s a per venue ballot. So you can ballot for multiple venues but not multiple dates in one venue.
      Hope that helps!

  41. Hana says:

    Thanks for the super useful post! ]
    I just have something to add which may or may not help others. If a band says on their website they sell via tickebo (, go to the site, click English and register (you can register in Japanese but that doesn’t make a difference). Now, go back to the band website and click the tickebo link. It will be in Japanese. DO NOT TRY CHANGE IT TO ENGLISH, IT WON’T WORK BUT THEY WILL STILL ACCEPT FOREIGN CARDS. So it is Japanese but super easy. When you pay, you can either have the tickets mailed to a friend or collect at a conbini (ALWAYS has to be Family Mart). They accept your foreign card to pay then you collect from Family Mart machine once you are physically in Japan, they are available a week before, sometimes less but they will email when you can collect and give all the codes etc. Go to the ticket machine, enter the codes and get your receipt, take it to the counter, since you already paid by credit card, they will just print and give you it. You don’t need to have the same card or passport or anything with you but I always do just in case.
    (side note: not all but some tickets are mobile but they can use any number not just Japanese and still any credit card).
    I know not all bands use this site but I have bought for SuG 7 times off here so it definitely works 🙂

      • yf says:


        I am trying to ballot a concert ticket through ticketbo, however it is an e-ticket and i will need a japan number to download the ticket.
        If this is the case, do i really need to have a legit japan number? There doesn’t seems to be a way for me to choose the way to collect the tickets at the combini.
        Following is the original Japanese content.


        Can someone help me here? 🙁

  42. Kenji says:

    Hi Bernie,

    I am so much wanted to get the Ed Sheeran Ticket from the ticket pia website. And now is drawing period.

    My question are,

    1. do i really need a japan phone number and address to purchase the ticket online at ticket pia website?

    2. Since this is the drawing period, the result would be announced on 23/6, but what is i am not successful to get the ticket, will they refund the money?

    3. I know there are one japan concert ticket to help us to get the ticket from ticket pia , some sort like the agent. But it is reliable?


    Best Regards,
    Kenji – from Malaysia

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Kenji,

      1. You will probably need it
      2. You will not be charged unless ticket ballot is successful.

      Sorry for the late reply, hope you manage to get tickets!


  43. Cami says:

    Hi Bernie! My name is Camila, I’m from Argentina and I found this infomation SOOOO much helpful!! I’m willing to go to Kalafina 10 year anniversary in January, and now I’m a little scared since I don’t have a japanese phone number and adress, also I checked on Tenso’s website (one of the few proxy services I heard good reviews) and they don’t send tickets overseas D: Do you have any idea how could I still get the chance to buy a ticket?

    • Bernie Low says:

      You can try using a ticketing service other than Tenso (I believe I linked one which my friend uses).
      Or you can tell Tenso to ship to the address of your hotel when you are staying in Japan?

      Hope that helps!

  44. don says:

    Just wanted to chime in for international fans of J-Pop, both Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki have international FC’s for buying concert tickets, worked to perfection and with ease beyond belief, even think Intl. fans get priority seating too. my seats at NHK Hall in April for Koda Kumi (2 nights) were perfect.
    Namie Amuro and Leo Ierei also have FC websites for buying tickets with a little more effort

  45. Kelle says:

    Hi Bernie!

    Thank you so much for your incredibly detailed post – it is so much help I wish I could convey how grateful I am! /)v(\

    If it’s okay, may I ask a couple of lil questions? I’m looking for Playguide resale tickets for KAT-TUN’s Kame’s solo con but I’m stumped by what 全席指定 means ;; I’m guessing it means “all seats assigned” but the listing doesn’t say the general seating areas at all. I’e also noticed it’s only in listings with 2~4 tickets (while the only 1-ticket Playguide ticket does specify that it’s on the third floor).

    Thank you so much for reading! Researching through blog posts on how to buy tickets is so mind boggling because info could be outdated, so I’m really grateful to have stumbled upon you. Thank you! ; o ;

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Kelle,
      I think it just means that it is all seating and not all standing.
      Does it list a venue? Sometimes the venue is a sports center that specially gets turned into a concert venue and gets seats made.
      If you have a link to the details I could take a look 🙂


      • Kelle says:

        Hi Bernie,

        Thank you so much for your reply! ;v;

        It’s in Osaka Festival Hall so it’s a little theatre, and I have it’s link here:

        Here is the link for the single ticket, too!

        It has a general area of the third floor but not the gate etc. Would you happen to know how specific do tickets with known seating usually get? ;;

        Thank you for offering to help me and taking a look at them, you’re too kind and I’m so grateful and touched! ;v;

        • Bernie Low says:

          Ticketcamp doesn’t reveal full details of the ticket just the general area (I guess to protect the person selling the ticket? I’m not too sure, but generally people don’t reveal the exact seat number).

          Here is a seat layout guide of the menu:
          Third floor is 3階席 so the seats would be that general area.

          The actual ticket itself will definitely have the floor, door gate etc. It’s probably just the seller isn’t disclosing all the details.
          Details avail: 指定席 連番 安心の紙チケット 名義なし
          Seated, the seats are consecutive and next to each other, it’s a physical printed/paper ticket, no names are on the ticket (aka it’s not tied to any one specific person)

          Hope that helps!


  46. Ham says:

    Hello Bernie,

    Thanks so much for your very informative post. It really helped me to understand the ticket selling system in Japan, which was really confusing for me at first glance.

    I have a question concerning e-tickets. I actually never purchased any e-tickets so I don’t know anything about it. ;;

    The event I want to attend (2nd August) only delivers e-tickets through l-tike ( ) and I will only be in Japan starting from the 29th July. I have a friend not fluent in Japanese, living in Japan, who succeeded in buying one for me through general sales at a Lawson recently. So she got a detailed receipt of the transaction on a A4-sized paper with instructions on how to issue the e-tickets but I still don’t get how it should be done. There’s something involving the use of an application to get the ticket if I am not wrong… but I don’t know what and how to explain to my friend who doesn’t understand Japanese very well.

    And another thing, if I may. Even if it is stated that it is prohibited to send the e-ticket to another phone that does not match the phone number used to book the ticket, would I still be able to use the ticket? Could it be ok if I try to explain that I got it as a present from a friend? Or would I be better off by pretending not to understand Japanese? I mean, it should be easy to check if the e-ticket is already used or not, though… ;;

    I’m sorry for such a long message but thank you for reading. I’d be so glad if you could share any experience or tips regarding e-tickets for concerts in Japan. I’m kind of lost and feel nervous, afraid of the possibility that my access to the venue might be denied for such reasons although I purchased a ticket in a legal way.

    Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Bernie Low says:

      Basically the A4 size paper has the ticket code and you input that code into the machine in a Lawson (google how to get ticket from Loppi/lawson machine on Youtube for step by step guide).
      Unfortunately I cannot say for sure if that is 100% the case since I cannot read the paper’s instructions but most likely that is so.
      As long as you get the ticket (from the machine) with the phone number used to register/purchase it, it doesn’t matter on the day itself whose phone number you are using because you already have the ticket.


  47. Cany says:

    Hello! Came across this post while I was checking about buying from middle man website (TicketCamp in my case). The seller included this detail on the listing: 安心の名義記載無し. Does that mean that there is no name on the ticket? I don’t have to worry about inconsistencies if they do check IDs at the venue? Thank you!

  48. Chloe khoo says:

    Hello,thanks for such a long and informative post. I’m from Malaysia ,interested to go Tohoshinki Begin Tour concert in Tokyo dome this coming December. However, I’m looking for more secure way to purchase the ticket since tickets for FC &yahoo premium had closed yesterday. Do you have any advice for this or when usually the public will go for sale? Does public sale also in lottery form?

    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Chloe,
      Usually the sales website will state when the public sales will start, if not usually a week or so after the fc/premium tix results are out I assume.
      It might be difficult to get a ticket for the show as I believe they are popular and it will likely sell out.
      Public sales are generally first come first serve, but it depends on the concert – some sell a few rounds of public sales, but for bands like this where the FC round usually close to sells out all the tickets…perhaps just one first come first serve public sales round.

      If not, you may have to try purchasing from resellers if it sells out.

      Hope that helps!


  49. Snowyhugs says:

    Hi bernie. For id check, do they check address? I uses my jp friend address to register as fc member. I won the vip ticket to Tohoshinki concert this dec

  50. Huiling says:

    Hi Bernie,
    I came across by searching how to purchase Japan concert tickets online. I am planning a trip to Japan this December, but the concert tickets starts 18/11 for morning musume’17 and I don’t have luck in finding a person who stays in Tokyo Japan. So I am wondering if you have any Japanese friends who are willing to help me by lending their address and phone number?


    • Bernie Low says:

      Hi Huiling,

      Unfortunately no, I do not Japanese friends who will lend you their address and phone number. It’s really not something anyone would do for a stranger on the internet, sorry. Please consider using a ticketing service or purchasing second hand.

      Best regards,

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