T-minus 3 days to JLPT

I’m taking part in Vlogmas this year, and also my body decided the best time to fall sick is THREE DAYS BEFORE THE JLPT. Thanks. I’m taking meds and vitamins and hoping that I’ll get more sleep.

In this anxious time, here are some essentials you will need for the test, and some final tips! Watch in video form or scroll down for text!

1. Don’t forget your Test Voucher 

It contains all the details of where your exam venue is and the rules so it’s a good idea to at least read it once. You’ll also need it for visual verification that you’re the person who registered.

2. Have a working wristwatch

Because the invigilators will not give you updates on the time and there may not be a wall clock in the venue (which I personally think is ridiculous). Last year I didn’t have a watch so I rushed my way through the entire paper. It was fine, but it’s less stressful to know how much time you have left and have the ability to plan your time.

3. Bring pencils (and a good eraser)

This seems like a no-brainer but just in case. The machine that marks the answer sheets can’t read pen ink! Mechanical or not, as long as it’s a pencil it’s fine. No lead specifications so HB, 2B whatever B, bring some extra. Of course you’ll need a good eraser to get rid of pencil marks in the answer sheet!  


  • Do a mock paper to familiarize yourself with the test format
  • Go to the exam venue early in case you get lost
  • Pack your bag the night before
  • Bring mints/something to help you focus (eat before the exam/during the break)
  • Get lots of sleep

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