Updates: JLPT, GaijinPot, Vlogs

Sorry for not updating in a while – it’s been rather busy lately with friends coming to visit Osaka and general school things. So quick updates! In vlog form if you’d rather hear me talk than read, hah!

1. JLPT is in 2 weeks, eek!

Guess who hasn’t been studying as much as she should be? I’m waving my hands furiously right now. My test venue is Kobe University. Hope I don’t get lost on the way…

2. I am now a writer at GaijinPot!

I only have 2 articles so far but they’re both very personal and dear to me, the second one especially, which address my personal struggle with being overweight in Japan. It’s gotten a lot of comments/discussion on FB and I’m quite overwhelmed by the response given it was only just recently posted! I’ll be working hard on writing more and improving.

3. Vlogging!

I’m working on vlogging too and getting more involved in the community – being more active etc. There’s a Kobe meetup this Saturday and I’m thinking of heading over! Everyone looks really fun and nice.

If you’re bored and looking for something to pass the time, feel free to read my archives on the blog, or my Cute-Pop articles or watch some of my vlogs! It’d be great if you subscribed to my channel too.

If anything, I update twitter the most frequently/respond the fastest there. If you ever need to ask something, drop me a tweet @bloopbloooop. Exciting things will be happening…I hope, ahah! Finally going to see one of my favourite bands, H”palty!! It’s been like 4 or so months since I last caught them live. Super excited to get their new singles too!

Alright. Time to end this pointless quick update.

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