11/11 = Pocky Day! + Vlog Updates

So Nov 11 was Pocky Day in Japan! And I guess…singles day everywhere else? (Since I’m both single and also had Pocky I celebrated both lol)

I wrote a post about Pocky Day over at Cute~Pop so check it out, and also vlogged about it!

In which I try some expired Pocky (!?), Sugar & Nuts Pretz and Cheese Mentaiko Jagabee!

So yes – I vlog now! Or at least try to. It’s nothing great, just silly videos about life in Japan and Japanese culture. I have a backlog of videos and posts to write about which I somehow keep procrastinating and pushing later and later but what’s new?

Plus the JLPT in under a month…which I also vlogged about.

tl;dw in which I am worried about the JLPT

Actually, I was supposed to sleep after I gave up on work earlier but noooo, I ended up editing an upcoming vlog instead. And now it is 3am. I have class tomorrow later at 11:10am and a long day ahead with work in the evening and more homework to do for Friday. Hah!

Why do I always put myself in these situations? But I do have a pretty awesome weekend to look forward to. River Party on Friday night, Sunday with a friend who’s visiting Osaka and USJ on Monday!

So till I next update this blog you can follow me on my other social media platforms (YAY)
Twitter: @bloopbloooop
Youtube: beanmylife
Instagram: bearybernie 


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