Small Things

Small things that bring bursts of happiness to each day. Small pockets of reprieve from life’s melancholy and stress.

Waking up to see an email you were waiting for, messages that continue a conversation from the night before seamlessly.
Finding a simple ‘Thank You’ text, appreciation for being who you are. ‘You’re the best!’
A smile from a friend, a quick high-five in the hall, short conversations that end in laughter.
The ‘ting!’ of a notification, a ‘like’ on your Facebook, a simple ‘♥’ comment.
Watching a short video while waiting for the train, holding back a laugh, accidentally letting it out. Oops.
Taking a silly photo. Finding something you forgot you had. Reading old letters, recalling memories you cherish.
Buying something at a sale. 50% off but double, no, triple the happiness. An old dress you fit better in now.
A postcard from far away, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’ in hurried but loving scrawl.
Hearing ‘I miss you’ from friends, family, a loved one. Not hearing it, but simply knowing.
The end of the rain, walking home watching the sunlight reflected on a puddle’s surface. Sunshine on your face.
Light peeking through curtains, lazy waking on a weekend. Stretching, rolling back under the covers.
No alarms. Gentle chirping. The smell of breakfast, sounds of bacon sizzling, water boiling.
Cuddling up to a plush toy, snuggling against pillows. The smell of fresh laundry, shampoo.
A hot shower, a long bath. Sweet scented bath salts, closing your eyes and letting out a breath.
Breathing, fresh air on a walk. Humming a song with each footstep, alone but not lonely.
White breath on a cold day, warm pockets. Snow on your nose.
Hot chocolate, warm food. Ice cream richness on your tongue, delicious.
Food shared with friends, trying new places together. Smiles.

Small things that go a long away, big ripples in a small pond.


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