Day 2 – 1 Oct (Wed)

The realisation that I’m taking the N1 in December is still sinking in. Friends in school ask me about it and encourage me with cries of がんばって!(ganbatte!) and they’re right – I’m going to have to really がんばります (ganbarimasu) for the next two months if I want to have even a shot at remotely passing this.

Passing criteria for N1:

100/180 marks overall, minimum 19 marks in each section.

I hear the Listening is crazy tricky for N1, way more difficult than N2. Should probably look into getting some Listening practice done. Being away from Japan for 3 months due to Summer Holidays doesn’t help me.

Day 3 – 2 Oct (Thurs)

Did my Vocab homework and messed around with some lyrics translating. Translating lyrics is frustrating because I can never find a proper way to express what the lyrics are saying in Japanese in English. I can feel the emotion in the song but can’t translate it into words. Hah, see what I did there?

Vocab homework starts making sense in the sense that I understand better how some phrases I’d found in the lyrics are used. Don’t particularly have the vocab memorized though.

Progress: 15min, 3 sheets of vocab homework

Day 4 – 3 Oct (Fri)

JLPT tweets 1

Pretty much how I feel towards the N1 summed up in this tweet. We had class today, and I did well on the vocab worksheets! Only two mistakes! Doing the reading comprehension is another thing though…the passages are pretty dry and having to read 4 or so in a row is really taxing. Also a fight against falling asleep.

Sensei says she’ll print different exercises for me to do in between the reading. I wonder how I will have the mental stamina to take on such a grueling paper. I don’t remember N2 being this tiring.

Progress: ~90min
Due Tuesday: 3 sheets of Vocab homework.

Day 5 – 4 Oct (Sat)

Clocked 0 progress today unless buying myself games in Japanese and playing them counts. (It doesn’t)

Day 6 – 5 Oct (Sun)

Does watching a rather copious amount of Japanese television count as listening practice? It was mainly variety shows and personal favourites like 逃走中 run for money which can train your ears to get used to fast Japanese speech but in terms of complicated terms or vocab learning besides slang you won’t learn much.

I did feel proud of myself for solving a mini puzzle on 逃走中! What is  “ヘサホ” ? Hint: it’s a colour, think in terms of kanji!



(Answer at the end of the post)

Day 7 – 6 Oct (Mon)

I’m not the most motivated at self-study but I did manage to get my vocab homework done and watch more Japanese TV. I did watch some news programs about the typhoon that hit and of course, some more variety shows. Late night Japanese TV is weird. I learnt some random facts which I’d have been better off not knowing.

Progress: 15 min, 3 sheets of vocab homework

Day 8 – 7 Oct (Tues)

Japanese class today! Did more reading comprehension and grammar exercises. I haven’t revised most of my vocabulary since I last had proper lessons

I should probably also get some self-study done…

Progress: ~90min
Due Friday: 3 sheets of Vocab homework

Day 9, 10, 11 – 8, 9, 10 Oct (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

More days spent focusing on other subjects more than Japanese, and I don’t even get any Vocab homework done. Class on Friday is especially bad because I am too tired to think or focus. I do learn that the Japanese term for euthanasia is 安楽死 (anrakushi) which literally means “peaceful, easy death”. The passages about euthanasia are, however, not very easy at all.


Somehow guess my way through getting 20 to 30% of the questions correct for kanji. It’s not great but it’s a slow start. I’m more than ready to welcome the weekend though.

Progress: ~70min

Due Tuesday: 3 (or more) sheets of Vocab homework

Day 12 & 13 – (Sat, Sun)

The weekend means…time to relax! Which also means I’m neglecting any intensive Japanese practice whatsoever. Unless you count impromptu translating I have to do for a friend at the dentist and helping translate messages from Japanese to English and vice versa on LINE. And watching some Japanese Youtube Channels. I did eat some pretty awesome tantan-men and play some video games.



Day 14 – 13 Oct (Mon)

Typhoon 19 aka Vongfong hit Japan and Kansai today so it was pretty much just rain, rain, rain and more rain. Classes were cancelled in school and the JR trains stopped running. I stayed home all day, reading online articles (sadly not related to Japanese) and watching some Quiz Shows on Japanese TV as well as keeping up with news coverage of the typhoon. It’s headed over to Kanto now.

I think I’m being too laid back and not studying enough.


Due Tuesday: 3 (or more) sheets of Vocab Homework


Answer: 茶 (did you get it?)

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