Black & White Photo Challenge

I was tagged by a friend on Facebook to do the “Black and White Photo Challenge” where you post a black & white photo each day on FB for 5 days. I’ve consolidated the photos in this post together with my thoughts on each of them.

All photos below are taken with an iPhone 5S. Edited using apps VSCOcam and Afterlight.


Day 1: 帰り道 (kaerimichi/the way home)

Taken, well, on the way home from school. This photo turned out much better than I thought it would. I took a few shots before this photo, and took it with an app that cuts down the shutter sound for a more candid series of shots. In Japan you can’t turn off the camera shutter sound unless you use an app, but it decreases the quality of the photo. It still turned out pretty good, and I gave it a bit of a fade for that nostalgic effect.


Day 2: 盛り上がろう (moriagarou/Alive)

I took this photo at a live a while back and figured that stuff with cool lighting in colour would translate nicely to black and white. It features Daiki (left) and ma-ki- (right) of H”palty. I had pondered about using a few other shots from that night but decided on this one because the blurred faces show more motion than still shots do. I also felt it was a more accurate representation of the energy I felt during their set.


Day 3: Revered

This photo was taken at the Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Paris, hence the title. I had to hurry to get this shot because the three teenagers were perfectly walking alongside each other. In the second shot I got they had got up to some silly stuff and it didn’t look as nice. I really liked the huge, majestic trees lining the road and if you look closely at the edges, you’ll see the graves along the sides as well.

It’s a beautiful place to take photographs but it makes you wonder if you’re trespassing on the peace of the dead.

Alternate title: 崇める (agameru)

kokoro no tobira

Day 4: 心の扉 (kokoro no tobira/heart’s door)

But first, let me post a selfie. This challenge won’t be complete without a selfie especially since it’s the type of photograph I take the most (oops) but I tried to make this less of a run-of-the-mill selfie. It features the lovely key pendant I got for Christmas from a friend and my one gripe is that the pendant isn’t facing the front.

Fun fact: I took about 40 or so shots before I got one I was satisfied with.


Day 5: 光ってる (hikatteru/illuminated)

Think “lights will guide you home” a la Coldplay’s Fix You because they literally are in this photo. It took me forever to find/take the last photo and I got a few shots while on a night walk and realised that yeah, this one is pretty cool. Mainly because I was happy I managed to get the arrows clearly in the shot.


 Honorable Mentions:

bw hm 1

bw hm 3

bw hm 4

bw hm 2



I had a lot of fun with the challenge and really like looking at all the photos friends have posted. It’s very different taking pictures in black and white because you take different things into consideration as compared to taking things in colour! I’m glad some of my photos got good feedback and even though all I’ve got to work with is my phone, that’s no excuse for bad photos! (Though the camera on my previous smart photo was quite bad – if there’s one thing to like about the iPhone it’s that the camera is pretty awesome and the apps for editing are really good too. Can’t beat a DSLR in the right hands but good enough for me!)

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