N1に向かう日記!Attempting JLPT N1

Sounds crazy, I know, but instead of waiting till July and having at least half a year of prep, I decided to take the N1 in December instead. This is scary. The JLPT is expensive (5500yen), especially if one has to take it a few times. My first encounter with the JLPT was also an impulsive decision to follow my friend and take the N2, which I wrote about here, and managed to pass.

So why not try not to go insane by making logs of the study process? N1に向かう日記!レッツゴー

Day 1 – 30 Sept 2014

Attend first Japanese class. It’s JLPT preparations so we’re given worksheets/practice papers to work on. We do the reading comprehension in class, have the teacher check our answers then go through parts we don’t know.

I’ve come to realise the gap between N1 and N2 is very great. In N2 you can get by with a somewhat fleeting knowledge of vocabulary (and grammar) but the N1 is unforgiving. The reading section tests your vocabulary skills in the answer options by using synonyms. I feel stupid not choosing the correct options because it’s so obvious once the teacher starts leading me through them. Oh yeah, knowing the formal writing format/words is now a necessity.

My brain is tired. I’m supposed to take 3min to read the short passage and answer the question. The amount of vocabulary and phrases I don’t know is demoralizing. Teacher says it too: やっぱり問題は語彙ですね (Ah, it seems the problem is with vocabulary)

(Passage was MEAN and wrote とたん in kanji. 途端 )

Wonder when the deadline to sign up is. Should I just go for it?

Panics and checks the website. It’s 1 Oct, 17:00. Panics some more. Am I even ready to attempt this?

Posts status on FB, messages friends frantically. “Should I just try the N1 in Dec?”

Reasons that I have a teacher and Japanese class twice a week, with homework. Compared to self study it’s probably more than I can be trusted to do on my own. And what if I forgot everything over winter break? Would I study before the next test in July? And well, in the event I fail in December at least I’d know by how much and could then retake in July anyway. My goal of course is to get N1 before or at least by the time I graduate.

Alright. Time to sign up then.
So I do. That’s that –

I’m taking the N1 in December.


Study progress:

90 minutes, mainly reading comprehension. Attempted some vocabulary, don’t remember anything.

Distracted by catching up with friends.

At least I know to work on my vocab. So far the passages I understand, but the vocab trips me up. Making sure I do consistent studying is going to be the main problem seeing as I’m not even up to speed with school, don’t know my full schedule and oh did I mention my best friend is Procrastination?

Time to get things in order.

Due Friday: 3 sheets of Vocab homework.


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