Best Japanese Youtube Comedy Channels

aka my list of the best channels to “Watch Japanese Youtubers Do Stupid Things And Laugh At Them”. Previously, I posted a list of 10 Japanese Youtube Channels I recommend, which includes diverse channels such as makeup/beauty, food and music, but this one is purely comedy. Most of these channels don’t have English subtitles. Warning: some are NSFW.

In no particular order, (though you may remember 1 – 4 from the previous list):

1. はじめしゃちょー (hajime)


Ah, Hajimesyacho, the beginning of my spiraling addiction to the world of Japanese Youtube. He wasn’t the first Japanese Youtube Channel I watched (that was Hikakin) but he definitely welcomed me to this side and corner of Youtube. The video that started my obsession was probably him eating super spicy yakisoba, but comic gold has to be his Cola & Mentos video and taking it one step further, Cola & Mentos Bath.

And, you’ll come to realise the Japanese Youtube Community is pretty damn close knit with everyone collaborating/appearing in each other’s videos at some point or other and HIP HIP HOORAY for that. If not, we’d never see this Youtuber Camping Trip, pranks, pranks and more pranks, and just plain WTAF (I’ll save this one for when I talk about Tokai On Air).



MAHOTO gets up to pretty damn stupid things all by himself like cooking instant ramen in a freaking washing machine, ???, eating bugs like they’re candy and making a mess at home.

But put MAHOTO in a collaboration with another Youtuber and you get twice or more of the insanity. Like really, what were you thinking when making desserts in sex toys, torturing innocent (!?) nipples (again), making things out of edible lotion instead of water and eating stuff meant for bugs.

The best part? He makes a prettier girl than I am.

3. PDSkabushikigaisha (PDS株式会社 aka Dante)


HELLO MY NAME IS DANTE!! and you’ll definitely remember the youngest of the Pain siblings for all the mishaps he gets up to. Where does he get all these ideas? From the Cafe Au Lait bath, Drinking 100 Bottles of Yakult, singing about his Panty Obsession, waxing his leg with glue!? and pretty much failing at speaking English. He has an adorable cat called Pop and gets up to mischief playing pranks on his elder brother, Duncan.

4. PDR さん & BaCouple vs Japan


Look, it’s the eldest of the Pain siblings on Youtube, Duncan (wait, isn’t his name Yoshida Pheonix??)! Or better known as his witty, sarcastic Youtube personality, PDR. Watch him mouth off and spoof all the other Youtubers, be unabashedly blunt about his dislikes and attempt stupid things while making fun of himself. I especially love his conbini series. And when you’ve decided you want even more of PDR’s antics, you can watch him play pranks on Dante and Mimei, and then scoot over to his and Mimei’s channel where they do even sillier things together as a couple.



Tomikku is well…he’s pretty loud and blunt and gets up to of a lot of…questionable stuff. Somehow it’s become sort of a ~thing~ for guys to crossdress in Japan and there are two ways to do it: hilariously wrong or scarily right. Tomikku falls into the first category with his alter-ego JK (joshikousei aka High School Girl) Busuyama Kimoko which he uses to trick people on Saitou-san (think of it as a Japanese version of Chat Roulette) multiple times (P.S. NSFW).

And look who’s the guest in the Saitou-san videos? None other than the next channel on the list….

6. Taipon


Following on the ~train of thought~ from Tomikku’s videos, Taipon’s channel is filled with erotic humour (I suppose you can call it that)? It’s pretty well known how sexualized things in Japan can be and Taipon seems to have taken it upon himself (with the help of friends too, though) to try out or educate his Youtube audience with just what you can find in Japan. There’s something for everyone, it seems, Boyfriend curry, Girlfriend ramen, special exercise tools, weird apps and the list goes on and on.

He cross dresses too and does a better job than Tomikku.

7. Tokai On Air 東海オンエア


Oh god, don’t get me started on Tokai On Air. They’re a group of…you guessed it, guys who do silly things and seem to have waaay too much time on their hands and sometimes they take silly to a whole new level of what the actual fuck!?!? Their leader is Tetsuya and you’ll see him and Shibayu the most in their videos. I’ve already mentioned above how some channels like to include sexual elements/things in their videos and yes, you guessed it again, they do too!! Except sometimes you end up wondering when is it too much when there is stuff like Tetsuya experimenting if helium affects the sound farts make (Youtube removed it ;A;), Green Screen Purikura Antics, AN*L TUG OF WAR (feat. MAHOTO and Hajime), a blow up doll and…I’ll let you discover the rest.

But there’s plenty of the good ol’ “normal” silly stuff (prank involving live cockroach eugh) to watch and if you’re interested, Shibayu also posts to Vine rather frequently.

P.S. if you’re wondering what the Japanese term for “dirty joke” is, it’s 下ネタ (shimoneta).

Honorable Mentions 

(aka stuff I don’t watch much/channels that don’t focus on humor etc)

8. Amusing Megwin TV

A new video everyday!!! Megwin does get up to some pretty silly things. I guess he has to live up to the channel name of being amusing, right? I do love his BEGIRAGONS channel with is an online Japanese game show like thing. Together with Falcon and Bandy as well as some other guest stars, they play gruelling games such as the Tokyo Sushi Game where they have to order the most popular sushi set (even if it ends up being a 48 pc party pack) and EAT ALL OF IT.

9. KisaMake

You’ll also remember him from the previous list under “Makeup Tutorials” but his Q&A corner videos just make me crack up. He throws in name drops, spoofs, lots of random hilarious responses and have you also seen him go on omegle to scare people? BONUS: I appeared in one of his omegle videos!!!

10. デラックス(DX Apach)

His channel is a bit different from the others. As the channel name, Deluxe, implies, he well, makes giant versions of food and eats them. Kind of like Epic Meal Time but sadly without the glorious amounts of bacon. He also Vlogs about everyday life, random videos with other Youtubers and cooks food from One Piece. Not the greatest laugh fest but he’s cute to watch – oh, go watch him guest star in Hajime’s video where they try to eat 100 burgers.

11. SeikinTV/HikakinTV

I’ve lumped the brothers together because while they don’t focus on making humorous videos, they do post some once in while and get up to some reaaaaally silly things (more often than not it’s a collaboration with a Youtuber on this list; Hikakin & MAHOTO cross dressing, Hikakin x MAHOTO x PDS Cinnamon Challenge, Seikin making Giant Foods). They’re pretty entertaining when eating spicy food/trying cool stuff out so while not explosive laughter you will get a chuckle or two out of watching them.

12. MasuoTV

Similar to Hikakin and Seikin, Masuo doesn’t exactly focus on being a silly comedian like those other channels I’ve listed but he does do some interesting things like play with dry ice and try stuff out. Oh, and of course, collaborations (which you can tell are my favourite part of Youtube) such as the one where he got up to pretty batshit crazy stuff with Hikakin at the beach.

13. EggYazawa エッグ矢沢

So, this is the Youtube channel of someone who makes a living out of being a comedian. Now you’d expect him to be funnier than the amateurs I’ve already listed but… I’ll let you judge for yourself (you can thank PDR again for my bias). Also, you’ll find the third Pain sibling (Mikhail/PMS??) in his videos. I suppose I’m there to see if Mikhail really is as deadpan as he was in that video with PDR. There are some pretty funny videos, I suppose, though I find myself cringing half the time….

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