When you reach the point when talking to someone feels like regret you know you have to stop. Except it’s poison, a drug you can’t get enough of and even though the bitter tang of shame lingers it’s exactly what brings you back for more. 

Why do we love the things that hurt us?

Why do we do the wrong things over again? Cling to what destroys us on the inside? Refuse to cut ties and set ourselves free?

Why do we hold onto the hope that this time it will be different. That we will learn from our mistakes and not let ourselves be hurt.

But we are. Damaged again, and the pain burns twice over.

Even though all the advice you’ve got is telling you to run far, far away. But you can’t, something is holding you back. You want to risk being hurt again. You think you’re not going to be – you deny yourself from the truth.

You think it’s the only option – you believe it’s the only option. But it’s not. And you know it’s not, yet somehow you just can’t bring yourself to say no.

In the end the one who is causing the damage is yourself.

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