My 10 favourite Japanese Youtube Channels!

I spend way too much time on Youtube. I’ve also recently switched to watching more Japanese Youtube channels. There’s a rather distinct difference in Japanese humor which is reflected in the types of Japanese channels there are. The following list is just my personal favourites in no particular order:

1. Hajime syacho はじめしゃちょー

I don’t even remember anymore how I found Hajime’s channel but it was through a video of him doing something stupid which is pretty much what most of the videos are. He eats a lot of super spicy Japanese food and there’s just something about his videos and sense of humor that I can’t get enough of.

2. PDSKabushikiGaisha (PDS株式会社)

You’ll see a trend in the types of channels I like – Dante also posts really hilarious videos of himself doing silly things or singing silly songs like that one about his panty obsession (what!?). The best part is that he likes to take his shirt off and has an adorable cat. Oh, and when he tries really hard to speak English but can’t.

(The second video is from PDR’s channel but features mainly Dante failing at English so…enjoy!)

3. PDRさん

PDR, or Duncan, is Dante’s brother and they appear on each other’s channels a lot. He’s British-Japanese and has an extremely sarcastic sense of humor – which is the entire reason why I like his channel. He has an “English You Won’t Learn In School” series going on and if you’re sick of reading English subtitles, also vlogs in English as well.


Also known as Sashiman, he posts…yup, you guessed it, videos of himself doing silly things. My favourite part is probably when the Japanese Youtubers just all get together and feature on each other’s channels and all do silly things together. It’s how I found his channel!

5. Hikakin

Hikakin is Japan’s top Youtuber, making beatboxing covers, gaming playthroughs and vlogs with reviews on food and just everyday silly things in Japan. He does much less of the whole torture-humor thing Japan seems to love but gets up to his own silly entertaining things.

6. Cooking With Dog

I heard about this channel ages ago from friends who found it adorable. I like watching cooking channels and take inspiration from all their recipes when I cook for myself at home.

7. ochikeron

Another cooking channel, I like her recipes because they’re very simple to make. I first found it when I was looking for bento box tutorials and stumbled across her Rilakkuma bento tutorial.

8. Rachel & Jun

Of the many ‘About Japan’ channels by foreigners living in Japan, my favourite is Rachel & Jun. They’re beyond adorable together in videos and answer some pressing questions people have about Japan. My favourites are their videos asking Japanese people questions or when they visit thrift stores/cook.

9. KisaMake

This channel is probably my one-stop Halloween make-up guide. I was really really impressed by how amazing the end results are and Kisa puts make up on like a complete BAMF.

10. sasakiasahi

Another makeup channel, Asahi posts everyday makeup tutorials, halloween tutorials as well as vlogs. I like her simple, practical tips and she’s always so bubbly and cheerful in her videos!


It’s pretty obvious I really like to get a good laugh out of watching videos and thanks to Japanese humor it’s usually at the expense of someone else making a fool of themselves in the process. There are a lot more Japanese Youtube channels out there which I haven’t discovered yet, but if you’re interested to start watching Japanese Youtubers this list is a good start!

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