Music Festival Tips

I admit I am a music festival noob. Well actually I’m a noob regarding metal/punk/anything other than the stuff I’ve attended. My first encounter with moshing and mosh pits was in November 2012 at and I was horribly unprepared. And last week’s COMIN’ KOBE was only the third time I’ve ever tried moshing.

So I’ve done stupid things that you should probably never do at a festival/live provided you want to survive. Thought I’d just make a list, even if it maybe is common sense (I wish it had been for me then).

1. Wear contacts 

Please for the love of your spectacles do NOT wear them to a festival where there will be moshing. I stupidly did because I rushed out of the house in the naive assumption I wouldn’t mosh. You won’t enjoy yourself as much if you have to protect your spectacles or untangle them from the messes of someone else’s hair while moshing. I saw a pair trampled on the floor and pretty much destroyed – ouch.

2. Only the bare minimum 

Accessories especially and the things you have with you. DO NOT WEAR ACCESSORIES THAT CAN EASY BREAK OR GET TORN OFF YOU. I feared for my helix piercing just in case but nothing happened. Then again I wasn’t in the thick of the moshing. Usually earrings are okay – studs preferable. Bracelets and wristbands are okay, quite a few people were wearing the rubber band/event wristbands. Things with catches or latches that may potentially fall off you shouldn’t wear.

Keep a small pouch with a strap maybe or ideally pants with a zip so you can keep your essentials in it. You don’t want heavy bags or straps and things weighing you down. If you need water, try to get a strap on the bottle and hang it round your neck (most people don’t bother, though – how are you gonna head bang with that?)

Oh yeah, makeup too. Or use waterproof makeup. Those falsies can stay in their box at home though.

3. Comfortable shoes & clothes

Preferably shoes that fit you snugly and can withstand some heavy damage. I wore sneakers but the right side kept getting stepped on and slipped off my foot so there I was mosh mosh mosh CLINGING to my shoe with my toes and constantly hoping for a short break in-between songs to put it back on. I saw some girls in white wedge sneakers that were covered in mud and sand at the end of the day and my heart broke because…that used to be a nice, clean pair of shoes.

Try to wear a comfy, non-embellished t-shirt that you don’t mind getting all sweaty and dirty, and please, girls, no skirts!!! Especially not if you’re going to try and mosh!?

4. Tie your hair up 

Unless you don’t mind tangles in abundance after, which was a nightmare for me to brush out. Though headbanging isn’t as fun without your hair going wild as you throw it forward and in every direction. (Unless there is a magical way to keep the tangles out??? I guess moshing is the one that gets your hair all messed up, though)

5. Stay away from tall, bigger people 

Unless you know what you’re doing, or are one of the tall and bigger people. I’m a noob plus I’m short and get caught up in the throng of things which can be very dangerous. Smaller people can get sucked into the midst of the pit and swallowed into it so unless you know what you’re doing or you can take it…I suggest steer clear. The outer edges of the pit are still just as fun and safer! You can join the wall of death as the trailing ranks and while you might not feel the impact of it, your body won’ t too and it will thank you for that.

6. A towel

Or at least a sweatband. If you’re going to be caught in a throng of people at least have something to wipe your and their sweat off you. Tie it around your neck or into your shirt. For girls, a sweet trick is to put it under your bra strap.

7. Brace yourself for the Aftermath

Have some bruise ointment or creams or anything to help alleviate the aches and pains you will feel. Taking the escalator as much as possible and just not moving helped.

8. Have fun

At least try moshing once, and if it’s not your thing you can get out of the pit. The rest is self explanatory!




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