Pre COMIN’ KOBE 2014

COMIN’ KOBE 2014 is on Tuesday!!

I wrote a guide in English for some of the exchange students in school who are going but I might as well post it here too.

To everyone who’s got their e-tickets you need to exchange them for a wristband on the day itself. This is done at the venues: 神戸国際展示場 and 神戸夙川学院大学, and starts at 10AM.

How to bring your e-ticket/exchange for wristband:


1. Download the free app アプチケ from either andriod/apple store.
2. Login with the details you used to get the e-ticket (email/password or FB or twitter etc)
3. It should immediately bring you to “My Ticket” page and the COMIN’ KOBE ticket should be there.
4. Show this to the staff to get your wristband.


1. Login to the アプチケ page
2. Choose “My Ticket” on the menu page, and the COMIN’ KOBE ticket should appear.
3. Click “チケットの内容を見る” then, “QRコードを表示する” then “QRコードを自分の携帯に送る” to send the QR code to your phone.
4. OR print the QR code and bring it with you.
Note: Each QR code can only be used once

How to get there:

From JR Sannomiya Station -> change to the Portliner (follow the signs) and take it to 「市民広場」(Shiminhiroba) Station.
From there, you can walk to the various venues (they’re all walking distance from the station).
Full guidelines/how to get there:

Bands I want to see:

MY FIRST STORY @ 国際展示場2号館 ESP 10th Stage (12:45~)

fade @ 国際展示場2号館 BASS ON TOP Stage (16:55~)

CROSSFAITH @ 国際展示場2号館 ESP 10th Stage (17:20~)

Other recommendations: KNOCK OUT MONKEY, 快進のICHIGEKI, coldrain, BUZZ THE BEARS

Full timetable here:

It’ll be my first big scale festival so I’m really excited!

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