Kansai Indie Bands: An September

19 April 2014, AKKUN’S Live Music & Cafe Diner, Kyoto.

I was there to watch H”palty but the opening act of the night, An September, piqued my interest. To sum them up in a few words: Spunky and fresh. The all-girl band is made up of Yumina (Vo/Gt), Shiho (Ba/Vo) and Misaki (Dr), and if I’m not wrong they’ve just graduated high school (making them only 18 or 19)!

Check out 15 seconds of their set I recorded on Instagram.

Setlist: (Thank you @AnSeptember!)
Anyone has wings
(Untitled Song)
Endless pages

The young, spunky girls were visibly nervous and lacked the practiced motions of the more senior bands who played, but they more than made up for it with their enthusiasm. I especially liked the last track, “であいのうた” (Deai no uta; ‘The song of [how we] met’) which was written as a graduation song, a hugely popular genre in Japan.  What I also really liked was their choruses, which really showcased what they could do – Yumina and Shiho harmonizing well on vocals and Misaki’s superb beats made it extremely energetic. Their songs are upbeat and just full of the freshness of youth.

I love free demo CDs – I think it’s a clever way to get people to listen to your music. Most of the time you find out about new bands by attending combined lives, and there are usually 5 or 6 a night. Usually you don’t pay as much attention to any other band besides the one you were there to watch in the first time.

Plus there’s just this thrill of listening to new music and the possibility of finding new tracks to jam to. So when An September said they had free CDs to give out, I gladly partook and brought one home.

AnSept 'Hypocrite'

The CD contains the track “Hypocrite”, which sounds much better live than recorded. Vocalist Yumina is pitchy, trying to belt powerful high notes but unfortunately falling short. Though when they played this live on the 19th, it was more pleasing to the ears.

I’d prefer songs in a key more comfortable for Yumina so she doesn’t have to strain her voice to hit those high notes, but I’m sure they will grow into their own in time and find their personal brand of sound.

I didn’t talk very much to the girls after, unfortunately, but they thanked me for taking their CD when they spotted it in my hand. Yumina did most of the talking but they’re all such sweet young girls. Made me feel a tad old, ahaha!

Seniors H”palty remarked their first original song wasn’t as good as what the girls came up with, which only just makes me more excited to watch them grow. Ah, to be young again.

You can find AnSeptember on Twitter and Youtube.

All photos in this post were taken from their twitter.

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