The Denise and Bernie Show

Denise brought up one day that we should have our own little show featuring all the silly things we do and talk about. We’ve got similar interests, and pretty much stuff she recommends to me I like.

Which brings me to Top Chef, Season 5 and the magnificent Fabio. 

Oh, his accent. HIS ACCENT. And his personality! And all his quotes. Oh mama mia perfection. 

“This is top chef not top scallops!” 

Moving off onto a completely different tangent, Nise and I discuss boys and talk about our own silly love songs, and all our romanticist fantasies. I like reformed bad boys. And of course a boy who can cook would be lovely. Or at least tries to cook or helps out when I decide to cook him an embarrassingly mushy and lovey bento. (Complete with carrots shaped like hearts or food arranged like a heart.)

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