Fuck Yeah

I experienced what moshing really is like today (yesterday 3rd Nov actually). It was at a free School Festival Concert but the line up was nothing short of amazing: AIR SWELL, fade, MIYAVI (in that order; how they managed to get MIYAVI to play a FREE concert will forever amaze me).

AIR SWELL’s mosh crowd was very very mild. So I totally didn’t expect it when things got CRAZY during fade’s set. Guys were literally PUSHING and JUMPING against people and packing us like sardines. The effect was that everyone was smooshed much closer to the front and I got much better views of fade. But, I was also pushed side to side, got knocked on the head (and everywhere else) multiple times and had body surfing people rest on my head/flail their limbs about and attack me. And my bracelet and necklace broke, and my earring (it was a stud too, wtf) disappeared.

Then during MIYAVI’s set it got even worse. I was smashed right up against other people, and guys poked into my ribs, and I was squashed left, right and center. Did I mention you also eat hair? And my feet were stomped on multiple times. Plus I couldn’t even see Miyavi because all the people in front (mostly guys who pushed their way in) were blocking my view. All I saw was hair, backs and arms. Oh and Miyavi’s hand and a tuft of hair. So I moved back a few rows. Much better view! Could actually see Miyavi! And jump and mosh normally. But I was still getting knocked against and stepped on and I was already exhausted and drained (stupid me didn’t eat lunch first) so I had to leave for fresh air.

I was sweaty, sticky, tired, aching, and messy. And hungry. I tried hanging around at the back with the stoning crowd but that wasn’t any fun. And it was too much to take for me. So I left, bought food and drinks, then found my friend and we left for home. Took a much needed nap on the train. Still exhausted.

Would I mosh again? Only if I had to, because it seems the only way to get close to the bands. Though, each concert/LIVE is very different. I’d never experienced crazy moshing like this before, there was moshing and jumping but because the audience was mainly females no crazy shit like shoving and stomping and grabbing took place. Much better. You can enjoy your band and the music without feeling like you’ll be squashed to death.

That said, fade was fucking amazing.

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