Lalalala~ Let’s trick or treat!


My friends and I dressed up today (well some of us), and I was Totoro. I’d brought two pairs of cat ears and my Totoro hat over from Singapore so I brought them to school to share.

It was my first, and my best halloween memories. I’ve never celebrated halloween, ever. I thought it was cute, but costumes were too much of an effort. Plus my mom never approved. I do like dressing up, and costumes, and cosplay, but I never did any of it (nothing “proper”) because 1) costumes are expensive/require a lot of effort to make 2) I’m not skinny enough to cosplay anything and not screw up.

That’s why I think cosplayers who don’t give a rat’s ass about the naysayers and dress up as their favourite characters, even if they’re the wrong ethnicity/race/body type etc. That’s called having confidence. Being brave.

Next year, we want to dress up on a larger scale. Next year, I want to do a proper cosplay, wig and all. (Or even if not cosplay, something much cooler/shows more effort than throwing on a Totoro snuggie.) And we’ll go trick or treating proper.

(And I also hope to be more confident, maybe lose more weight by next year’s halloween. I don’t like the whole halloween = excuse to slut up. I can’t cause I’m fat, even though I do wanna look good and feel confident about myself.) Next year.

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