I was asked by a friend about why I haven’t been updating my blog(s) recently.

I used to update at least three times a week, she said. I told her that I use twitter as my medium of blogging. It’s faster and more convenient. I don’t usually have the luxury of typing long posts, and get lazy because I’ve probably already tweeted.

I also get easily distracted when talking to people online, and forget about what I would have wanted to blog about. But I do like blogs. I’ve always used them to pen down thoughts I realise are much easier to convey in writing than through speech.

I guess I will try to post more often. I get caught up in things, or push studying to the last minute and then panic. Like now. 2 chapters, Japanese homework and more readings to complete cause I didn’t do it during the weekend.

And club stuff, oh gawd, club. That is something for a gigantic post. Another time.

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