Love Yourself

There are so many days when I look at myself and hate it. I feel fat and ugly (as usual) and I really really wish there was an instant way to zap all the fats away and look good. I know there are so many campaigns about how you should accept yourself for who you are and how I’m always writing about the press and images and how bad they are and THEY ARE NOT REAL. But there are so many days when I look at myself and think: Being skinny makes life so much easier.

It just feels like the world likes skinny people more.

And then I think I will do something to change me. I’ll work towards a better me! I’ll exercise! I’ll watch what I’m eating!  A minute later, that plan’s gone down the drain and I’m eating something.

I hate it. And the more I hate it, the more I eat. Funny huh. I’m not disciplined like all the people on TV. I don’t think I’ll ever be skinny skinny.

Some days, I wish I am. As if your size determines how happy you are, you can be. Sometimes I think that’s the rule.

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