brains can be used for thinking. I believed mine was a bean all along.

Planet’s posts got me thinking. They have such a sombre, melancholic feel to them; they make you tear up when you read them, you know? Or you want to curl up into a small ball and sip a hot cup of tea or cocoa. They also make you think and reflect. What do I think? What do I believe in? What do I want?

I don’t think I’m the kind of person who can set resolutions and keep to them. Sometimes even the goals I set never get achieved. I forget and them move on to chase a different rainbow. But I think the only thing I know how to talk about is myself in the present, who I am right now, as I live each day. I’m most sure about talking about myself – it’s the only time I feel that I can be semi-coherent. Though I am pretty sure I’m not even coherent when trying to explain myself or my thoughts most of the time. I can’t even understand myself sometimes.

The only resolution I’ve set and kept is the resolve that I want to get married at 26 or by 26. Hopefully that will work out.

I guess I’ll make a separate post for the next rambly thing I want to blog about. Idea completely stolen from Planet, of course.

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